May 10 2007

11 House Members A “Crumble” Does Not Make

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Ed Morrissey, who I admire immensely, is out with bit of an exaggeration today. His post claims GOP support for Bush is “starting to crumble”. Why? 11 moderates went to the White House to stomp their feet. now 11 members out of over 100 is around 10%. And none of the names are big conservative names, in fact many are weak conservatives (Davis of VA comes to mind). Sorry, but 10% of the GOP – all left of center at times – does not make a “crumble”. And with the news coming out of Iraq (which has to be filtered to remove the doom & gloom haze the SurrenderMedia puts on everything) is quite promising. There are a lot of people who will shift their support if success begins to peak out of Iraq. And those who committed themselves to our defeat will not be able to claim they were for winning before they became dedicated to losing. The war has a few more acts to play out.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    It’s early yet, AJ. And the crumble has to start someplace. Think back to the Johnstown flood of ’89, when the rain kept falling: first a trickle, then a stream, then the South Fork Dam crumbled allowing allowing 20 million tons of Lake Conemaugh to cascade down in a wall of water 60 feet high traveling 40 miles per hour.

    For the Bush Administration, every day is filled with rain: death in Iraq, new troubles in Afghanistan, new revelations of incompetence, new scandals in the Justice Department, new subpoenas, new oversight, new embarrassments from a fatally flawed CinC and his evil puppeteer, Darth Cheney:

    How popular do you figure Bush is in Kansas, where clean-up efforts are delayed because Guard equipment is broken down outside Baghdad?

    Ooops – here comes summer hurricane season – tropical storm-like gusts of 50-plus mph winds were recorded with a rogue low-pressure system that could strengthen into the season’s first named storm later this week; reports from a buoy off the Carolina coast recorded winds of 43 mph with gusts of 54 mph as it moved south to the Florida coast.

    Watch out! Here comes $4.00 a gallon gasoline just in time for the summer driving season.

    The “moderates” are concerned that if the First Imbecile continues with his blinkers on approach to foreign AND domestic policy, the Warpublican Party will so decimated in 2008 it may never recover.

    What happens if a hard-right candidate appears and runs to the right of the Warpublicans?

    Perhaps it doesn’t matter, as chances a Warpublican gets elected President in ’08 are the fraternal twins, Slim and None. However, if continued erosion in the House and Senate continues – the Democrats may wind up with a functional super-majority, and the ability to ignore filibuster threats.

    Bush’s approval ratings in some areas of presently Warpublican districts are now at 5%(!!!!) according to Warpublican Rep. Tom Davis. And the worse is yet to come.

    What you’re doing here is called whistling past the graveyard, and its never been a very good strategy. Keep up the whistling and Don’t Bogart the Kool-Ade.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    The Herman Option and Galula plans are proving that this is working!

    The Kool-Aid is going to belong to the copperheads before long!

    AJStrata, keep up with these posts. They are more positive than the copperheads’ posts.

    I knew last summer that we would see 4.00 gas by this summer or worse. This has nothing to do with whomever is in the Oval Office. Don’t blame Bush on this one.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Oh, That stupid governor of Kansas backtracked on her comments and the popularity of Bush appears to be high in Kansas.

  4. Soothsayer says:

    Whistle, whistle, whistle . . . the sound of desperation.

  5. wiley says:

    more like the sound of air moving briskly thru an empty head that is permanently locked in a leftward bent.

  6. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid…

    Apparently, loyalty is a one way virtue within the Republican party and if one does not sing the hymn of “War without end-amen!”-the only correct response is to immediately abandon one’s fellow republicans. It does not matter how much work these sam…