May 10 2007

“NASA” Said No Such Thing

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Drudge has a headline claiming NASA is all on-board the Human-Global-Warming is pure fantasy. NASA is not predicting 110 degree temps in 2080. What is being reported is one person’s fairly fanatical opinions and yet to be reviewed research. The Goddard Institute is not even really a NASA center like the Goddard Space Flight Center (were the Queen visited on Tuesday) or Johnson Spaceflight Center or Kennedy Space Center. The institute is some offshoot set up by some someone in Congress to house the miscontents it seems. In my 2 decades plus of work I have never once visited the institute or met a single soul from the institute. The “NASA” monicker is as lose as one gets. It’s just another PR stunt.

The “Goddard Institute of Space Studies” is located in liberal downtown Manhatten NYC. It is in fact not part of “NASA” as a whole but associated with the Earth-Sun Exploration division – those trying to find the connection between the earth and sun, as the name implies. Most of the work to date in this area of NASA shows little to no connection to human-global-warming. So whoever this person is is clearly cherry-picking data. The Goddard Spaceflight Center – in Greenbelt, MD outside of DC – is a real NASA center and hosts the missions, the Earth and Space science community and all the science data. It is a common trick to use the ‘Goddard’ name to make it sound like this is a center-wide view. It is not.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    How do we contact Drudge to get that off his site or challenge it?

    He has been on this bandwagon alot lately. It infuriates me.

  2. phaedruscj says:

    The release says NASA Goddard Space Flight Center at the top of the page even though the body of the release refers to the institute.

    Public release date: 9-May-2007
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    Contact: Leslie McCarthy
    NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

    NASA study suggests extreme summer warming in the future

  3. owl says:

    Glad AJ pointed at this one because you are also right again, Ivehadit. I picked up on it a good while ago. Either Drudge has developed that contagious BDS or he has hired a pure liberal to now write his leads.

    Between O’Reilly slipping and sliding on his 2-faced (popularity) fence and what Drudge has been doing for at least 6 months, both have slipped several notches with me. Drudge use to give a fair shot at news without running a campaign but not any more. They can write it, shape it, promote it and even believe it, but it does not make a bit of difference with me. Many years ago I quit CNN because they could not open their mouths (even on their ‘news’) without quietly telling me how to understand their ‘news’. Pure propaganda. I see it a lot on shows like ABC’s GMA when they do their ‘news’ segments (after all Dianne had a fun time in Syria and Iran). Either Drudge has turned or he has a slew of liberals now on board.