May 08 2007

al Qaeda Sends Desperate Warnings

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Are the wheels falling off al Qaeda’s efforts in Iraq? Let’s just say I am not seeing confidence in the rampant killing of Muslims that al Qaeda is embarking on. Like all fascists, the Islamo Fascists come down hard and violently when they feel their power being threatened. And the bombings in Anbar (Ramadi) and Diyala Province the last few days was clearly to send a signal al Qaeda was still around. However, they have made decrees that make it clear this is not confidence, it is an flailing attempt to regain momentum:

Suicide bombers killed 13 people in a pair of attacks Monday around the Sunni Arab city of Ramadi in what local officials said was part of a power struggle between al-Qaida and tribes that have broken with the terror network.

In all, at least 68 people were killed or found dead nationwide Monday, police said. They included the bodies of 30 men found with gunshot wounds in Baghdad, likely victims of sectarian death squads.

In a Web statement Monday, an al-Qaida front organization, the Islamic State of Iraq, warned Sunnis against joining the government security forces — a move supported by the Salvation Council.

Actually, I doubt there is much sectarian violence anymore. It looks like Fascists attacking the moderates allied with the US and Iraq government. But the web statement is the kicker. al Qaeda is losing its grip on the Arab street, primarily because the blood flowing down the Arab street is from al Qaeda – not the US. And the fact a something like 13 out of 18 tribes in Anbar are now fighting al Qaeda clearly shows how receptive the Iraqis are to al Qaeda.

And al Qaeda is now trying to insight the Shiia-Sunni civil war the SurrenderMedia claims is out there by attacking a Shiite area this morning.

Baghdad – A car bomb blast in the Iraqi city of Kufa, around 170 kilometres south of Baghdad, Tuesday killed 45 and wounded more than 80, police said. The suicide attacker blew up his explosives-laden car in a market district near a school in the predominantly Shiite city.

Kufa is home to many loyalists of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

The problem with this strategy is the terrorists are fighting a three front war hoping the US media will come to their rescue. Sadr is still in hiding in Iran, but his hot head militia could take the bait – heck, they want this as much as al Qaeda. But it is the people of Iraq who will decide. All the press in the US will not change the dynamic in Iraq. The Surge is in its final month or so of action (from there it moves into the ‘hold’ formation). The reason we are to see an uptick in violence is we are going to clear out the major pockets of the Islamo Fascists and they will fight back as best they can. Sadly they can only do what they are doing now – kill Muslims.

Independent news agency Voices of Iraq citing police sources reported that the pair were tied up and shot dead in front of pupils and colleagues in the Monday morning incident in Khalis, north of Baghdad.

And just as sadly there is little we can do to stop this. But once Baghdad, Anbar and Diyala are under better control we will let the Iraqis take over and the Arab street deal with the fascists. Arab culture is quite clear on the response required to those who kill without regard or honor. Compare that story of the executed couple in Diyala with this story from Anbar:

early every day, the sheik stops by the villa that was once his home, but is now an American garrison. Sometimes he comes with tips about the insurgency, or with news of political developments in this rural village near the Euphrates River.

But mostly he comes to ask for his house back.

Most Iraqis, particularly here in the Sunni-dominated Anbar Province, regard the Americans as occupiers who came uninvited to Iraq and who, in their rush to remove Saddam Hussein, may have damaged the country beyond repair.

But the prevailing view is also a deeply conflicted one, because most people here now want the Americans to stay, at least until some semblance of stability is restored.

Even the Iraqis who dislike us disagree with the Democrats. Seems al Qaeda is their only ally in their push to leave Iraq to Bin Laden’s butchers.

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  1. DaleinAtlanta says:

    And AJ, check this out:

    One of the most influential Jihadi Imams currently, Hamad Al-Ali, form Kuwait, recently issued the above Fatwa, calling for the Islamic State of Iraq, to disestablish itself, because it couldn’t accomplish it’s goal, yet, and for other reasons, to lengthly for me to reiterate, but you may want to do a post/analyze!

    BUT, the best part, is here:

    “[However,] know that all [the jihad fighters] have a part in [this achievement], since, even before the Americans occupied Iraq, the [Iraqi] jihad groups were blessed, worthy and well-known as pure-hearted Iraqi da’wa [forces]… They graciously welcomed their brothers [the jihad fighters] who came from outside Iraq to support them, and [benefited from] their assistance… ”

    Did Sheikh Hamad Al-Ali, one of the most currently revered Salafi Jihadi Sheikh’s/Imams in the world today, must ADMIT there were “Jihadi” forces IN IRAQ, BEFORE the “Americans occupied Iraq….”????

    Did he just say that?

    Surely not…??


    I guess he would not count as a creible source to the Democrats and Leftists, would he???????

  2. Fatwa Issued Against Islamic State of Losers in IraqÂ……

    Â…for murdering hundreds of innocent Muslims in support of a reckless, futile and failed goal. The Fatwa was issued by an Islamic Cleric in Kuwait who has been supportive of the Mujahideen. It seems the cleric or Imam accuses Deviants……