May 07 2007

Embryos For Profit

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One needs to only look at today’s so called claim of ESCR success (one which is well behind similar results in heart patients from ASCR therapies) to understand why embryos are the desired sources for spare parts:

“We have developed for the first time a simple and highly scalable source of human hemangioblasts,” stated Shi-Jiang Lu, Ph.D., Director of Differentiation at ACT and first author of the paper. “These proprietary cells represent a new and distinctly different population of cells that can be differentiated into vascular structures and multiple hematopoietic cell types.

Emphasis mine. The fact is you cannot patent human beings, including their DNA and ‘parts’. But since embryo’s are not yet (and I emphasize ‘yet’) legally considered human beings, their parts and pieces are not covered. The reason ESCR is the haven of snake oil salesmen is the patent rights. But of course, we can change the laws so that no one company can patent human beings at any stage. We can go to court and prove, using the DNA tests now ubiquitous in courts across the land, the human embryo is not part of the mother but a separate human being. The DNA tests are clear on this as in any murder or rape case. And since the courts now recognize these tests as fact, their results cannot be spun.

Anyway, the ASCR therapies have shown similar if not identical results – with the patient’s cells and genes. So why pay these people more? They are proudly claiming their ‘proprietary’ control of this supposed break through. Now they are just going to rake in the money.

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  1. The Macker says:

    This, like the global warming scam, is driven by money, politics and ideology. Science is distorted, ethics is inverted and people are fooled.

    Stay on it, AJ.

  2. wiley says:

    I second the Macker — keep up the good fight, AJ.

    More so than global warming, a vast segment are misinformed or ignorant to the facts and realities of ESCR vs ASCR. But we know why — b/c the MSM is either too lazy or uninterested in seeking and reporting truth when it does not align with their agenda. AJ has been all over ESCR/ASCR from the start, and continues to offer the most cogent summaries and insight of all the blogs.