May 04 2007

Imposters Of Science

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I really despise imposters and charlatans. I despise the lies and the tricks they pull on innocent people, and I do not care how good their intentions may be. People who pretend to know what they are talking about when they are simply kidding themselves are more than just wrong. And in this category falls the UN Panel on Global Warming which has come out with a stunning claim:

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere can be kept at levels that avoid the worst ravages of global warming by using available technologies and strategies, a United Nations panel said.

Keeping concentrations of gases at levels similar to those in the air today will cost less than 3 percent of world economic output by 2030, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said today in its third report of the year.

First off, these people have yet to prove (at the level of proof that backs up the physics of gravity, the biology of DNA and the chemistry of H2O) that CO2 is the driver in global warming (verses some other natural cycle that has been repeating for billions of years). Right now their theories are more akin to those surrounding gravity waves (proposed but do not exist), embryonic stem cell cures (none exist) and other educated hypothesis. But there is also a downright lie in the statement which cannot be missed. The claim above says all is well if we just keep things were they are today. Is that what they are proposing> Hell no:

“An extremely powerful message in this report is the need for human society as a whole to start looking at changes in lifestyles and consumption patterns,” Pachauri said, adding that people could take simple measures such as turning down the central heating and putting on a cardigan.

To achieve stabilization at that level, emissions must peak by 2015 and then decline by 50 percent to 85 percent by 2050, the panel said, adding that it will shave under 0.12 of a percentage point of world growth a year, leading to a cumulative cost of less than 3 percent of output by 2030.

Somehow we went form Cardigans to massive changes of emissions in 45 years. And don’t buy ANY economic advice from bureacrats and scientists. If they were such economic geniuses they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing. When the GW screamers can actually PREDICT some effects (instead of constantly lowering the bar and pushing out the time we will see effects) then we may listen to them. But not now. Their track record is the longest running failure of scientific proof on record since the Renaissance (I doubt we will ever break the record set for those who thought the Sun orbits around the Earth).

These people have made claims this year about what we will see in 10-15 years. We can establish from these what we should see each year in order to reach these predictions 10-15 years out. If we see indications they may have FINALLY gotten something right we can discuss these ideas. But if, as I suspect, their Chicken Little cries fail to material again (yeah, I know the “crying wolf” analogy is probably better) then they should be fired for wasting public money.

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    AJ, I find it interesting just how much this topic has cooled off (pun intended) in the last few months. Six months ago this post would have generated 30 or 40 comments. Now the discussion has largely been reduced to how many of squares of toilet paper one should use (except, of course, in thos pesky situations where more is required). I think we can thank the fact that the GW movement itself has attracted a wide array of hypocritical kooks as its most visible spokespeople. The average person just looks at Al Gore or Laurie David and rolls his eyes. And, of course, the average member of the “like, I mean, ya know, whatever” generation is, I mean, like, ya know, WHATEVER.