Apr 30 2007

Concealed Weapons Laws

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Michael Barone has an interesting article out on the dying call for gun control after the VA Tech Massacre. I found this portion of his article particularly intriguing:

Virginia has a concealed-weapons law. But Virginia Tech was, by the decree of its administrators, a “gun-free zone.” Those with concealed-weapons permits were not allowed to take their guns on campus and were disciplined when they did. A bill was introduced in the state House of Delegates to allow permit-holders to carry guns on campus. When it was sidetracked, a Virginia Tech administrator hailed the action and said that students, professors and visitors would now “feel safe” on campus.

Tragically, they weren’t safe. Virginia Tech’s “gun-free zone” was not gun-free.

For those who went to VA Tech (or VPI as it was called in my day) we know that downtown Blacksburg’s busy bar and restaurant district is not very far (and can be walked to from campus). And there, almost any night, is a crush of people packed into establishments – especially on weekend nights. The point is the ‘shooting gallery’ potential is much better in town. But so are the number of concealed weapons in this redneck end of Virginia (I are one – as Foxworthy so eloquently states). Cho Seung-hui would have been annilihated after his first 3-4 shots in town. Apparently he understood this which is why he targetted school buildings and was able to shoot off over 170 rounds unanswered. There is a moral to this story…..

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    If current gun laws had been enforced, Cho Seung-hui, who had been found by a court of competent jursidiction to have been a threat to himself or others – would not have been allowed to purchase a handgun.

    Unfortunately, Virginia has lackadaisical enforcement of gun laws, and is one of the states known to be a source for weapons destined for New York City and other urban areas with stricter gun control laws.

    If Virginia authorities had done their jobs, Cho wouldn’t have had a gun.

  2. Retired Spook says:

    Sooth, interesting (and timely) observation. This was one of the stories headlined on my homepage today.