Apr 27 2007

Harry The Zero

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I received this from an Iraq War veteran who couldn’t help but notice the difference between Harry the Surrenderer and a recent American Hero:

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    This comment speaks well for itself.

  2. Carol J says:

    ZERO. Thanks for the post. I have a link to add, that you might like to check out.

    Really hate what the Dems have done to the war effort? Join the White Feather Postcard Campaign over at Gateway Pundit:


    We’re putting the Dems on notice that they cannot HIDE behind their votes any longer. Letters, e-mails, and phone calls haven’t worked (at least in my experience)…postcards sent to not only the “offending” congressperson, but also the press and others MIGHT at least tell them how we feel in a more public way. There is a graphic (postcard size) for download over at Gateway’s site, then just fill in the name and mail to whomever you feel needs to know what this run-away Congress is doing to lose this war!!

    I am also working on posters and other ways to get this message out. Any suggestions welcome.

    Carol J

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    A quote from the transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s show Friday.

    USA Today has a story today. Jim Moran, who’s about as radical a Democrat as you can find, said, “I think we’re ultimately going to lose this battle, although I think it will be a pyrrhic victory for the White House because they’re going to lose the war for public opinion.” Representative Jim Cooper, a conservative Democrat from Tennessee, said, “Look, the money is going to flow because the troops always come first. This is really just a battle for the mind of the public.”

    All this shows a public admission this is purely political gamesmanship with the pawns being the ones who deserve our full support.

    Poll numbers are more important than the troops or our war effort.

    Must suck to be them.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    I will never understand how the liberals can close their minds to the danger of the jihadist movement. It’s like they have all been brain washed to just blow it away. Is their hatred for Bush so strong that they cannot, will not see the danger? Is it somehow giving Bush an advantage for them to accept it? Were all the incidents leading up to 911 not enough to alert them to their danger? Was 911 not horrible enough to convince them? Do they think Al Quaeda is not in the US right now? Anytime these questions are brought up to liberals they say there is no danger. There is no Al Quaeda not only not in the US but not in Iraq. There is no jihadist movement, only individuals who break the law.

    They give no credit that we haven’t been hit again like 911. That would give credit to George Bush and they cannot bear to do that. It must really suck to hate so much you ignore not only your own safety but that of your children also. The media will not show videos of 911 for one reason alone and that reason is not because it is too horrible for our squeamish minds. It is to make us forget the horror and forget the war on terror.

    With the dim politicians this is all politics. They don’t support the troops or even the electorate. They don’t support anybody but themselves. We are all bubba to them until the elections. I despise the career politicians. We need term limits and will never get them through legislature. The only way we can get them is through elections and neither side wants to put an unknown candidate up because of fear of defeat.