Apr 27 2007

I Wonder Who Was Home?

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Clearly we have sent a message to an al Qaeda or Taliban leader residing on the Afghan-Pak border:

SignOnSanDiego.com > News > World — Missiles hit Pakistani home near Afghan border.

Habib Ullah, the owner of the house, said five missiles hit the building and two empty religious schools nearby. He said the rockets killed four of his guests and brought down the roof of the house.

Other officials claim it was a bomb-making effort gone wrong. Wonder if it was anyone important?

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  1. jimbo1 says:

    Some background… Saidgi was the site of a AQ training camp for Bin Laden’s personal bodyguards….it was attacked last year….by unknown forces …who killed 45 during the raid. The attack today was on a house and religious schools owned by the man who protects Zawahiri.. ….his name is Maulana Noor Mohammad…who also just happened to own the compound hit by a missile strike in Jan of ’06 in a place called Damadola. AJ—–watch this one closely….I have this hunch someone was hunting a HVT….its only a hunch…I have no inside info.

  2. DubiousD says:

    Task Force 145 strikes again! (This was the same special ops group that nailed al-Zarqawi.)

    More info here:


  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    Jim & DD

    Two thoughtful posts.

    AJ’s original shows the shallow stuff the media plays rather than tell the whole story.