Apr 22 2007

Hillary: Environment More Important Than Terrorism And Iraq

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Hillary is a truly terrible politician. She is constantly ‘acting’ the part of concerned stateswoman and is really just spouting poll tested issues to target audiences. That is how she gets herself into the ridiculous situation where she says the environment is more important in 2008 than terrorism, the Iraq War, a cure for cancer, educating our kids, etc. While we all enjoy our clean environment (and ours here in America is very clean) it is not the top issue threatening us – or civilization.

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4 Responses to “Hillary: Environment More Important Than Terrorism And Iraq”

  1. Terrye says:

    Not one of these people is willing to make even a single sacrifice in the name of global warming. They will not change their lifestyles, nothing. They will just blow off about this and nothing will change, unless of course they slap a carbon tax on gas and heating oil. People will love that. Remember how they were going to get the price of gas down? Yeah right, now we have Sheryl Crow saying that we need a one square rule on toilet paper. Yep, I’d like to know how they will enforce that little rule.

  2. kathie says:

    Sheryl Crow also said that we should stop discussion, global warming is a fact.

  3. The state of our culture and politics today is truly becoming an Alice Through the Looking Glass experience to any person with a perspective of American history, and a ‘Natural Law’ sense of Right and Wrong vs. a “relativism” that equates sawing off a reporter’s head to jailing a mass murderer in a cell with a prayer rug and Koran.

    We are in serious trouble, friends.

    But at least now I think I understand why Lance left Sheryl Crow behind.

  4. Aitch748 says:

    It’s becoming more and more clear that it’s the rich people in Hollywood and the Democrat Party and the Environmentalist Church who want the rest of us to conserve so that there will be more resources for them to scarf up for themselves.