Apr 20 2007

Calls For Impeachment Finally Coming

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I did not think it would take long for the looney far left to call out for Impeachment. After 3.5 months of absolutely nothing out of the inept Congress, the only way to produce ‘a result’ was to go to their only trick – trumped up charges and partisan witch hunts. It’s all the far left is really good at, since progressing issues of the nation is out of their grasp. Here is the Impeachment call, which will get very loud once the Dems cave on the troop funding for Iraq:

But the Republic’s citizenry has not been so inclined. And now, with the Administration’s troubles mounting, they’re preparing to tell Pelosi that America and the world cannot wait until January 20, 2009, to put an end to Bush’s reign of error. When Pelosi arrives at the California Democratic Convention in San Diego on April 28–the same day that activists nationwide will rally for presidential accountability–she’ll find on the agenda a resolution that declares that the actions of President Bush and Vice President Cheney “warrant impeachment and trial, and removal from office.” Delegates are expected to endorse the measure.

Talk about living in an echo chamber! These people are truly ‘out there’. I would wager if polled America would reject the idea 85-15. But this is consistent with what I said last year Dems wanted to do in their Contract With Al Qaeda. In the post below I note item 7: the surrender of Iraq. But just as important to al Qaeda’s dreams is the impeachment of the man who has been pounding them for coming on 6 years. Here is item 9 that I predicted would be a prime focus of a Democrat Congress:

NINE, we promise to immediately begin impeachment of Al Qaeda’s most dangerous enemy, the Imperial President W Bush, and we will promise to not stop our efforts until we have removed this thorn in Al Qaeda’s side – even if we have to make up scandals to get it done.

The Dems are anything if not boorishly predictable.

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  1. Earl g says:

    The Democrat ‘Surge.’ A ‘surge’ of psychological and emotional support for the efforts of our enemies worldwide. It is without question the clearest, most unambiguous of messages, ‘al-Qaeda, Iran, Islamofascist’s worldwide, your winning! Keep up the good work. Together we will defeat President Bush and the armed forces of the US.’

    And we think we’ve got problems now.

  2. kathie says:

    A few bombs earn a defeat. Oh boy, are my children in for a terrifying world.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:


    Fenton Communications has the press releases at the ready. They have all the hand up their skirts media puppets getting ready to do their song and dance. They will trot out the stable of clients they have to all the talking head shows who will point out all the “grassroots” support of their cause. Yet no one will see exactly who these “show guests” are or even begin to consider the backgrounds or make the links between them.