Apr 17 2007

Proud Of My State, My Govnernor, My President

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The VA Tech Memorial held today was an amazing and uplifting event. My hat goes off to a man who I did not hold in high esteem, until today. Tim Kaine delivered an awesome and inspiring speech today. He discussed the sense of community, the sorrow, the anger and the despair – and he offered wise advice to work through all of this while holding onto that ever important sense of community. The man was simply inspiring. In one critical, clear moment I went from ambivalence towards my Democrat Governor to a state of unmitigated pride. As much as I admire and support George Bush as our President I can now say the same for Governor Tim Kaine. I can only say I am glad to finally know you, Governor.

While the acts which hit this state yesterday were nearly as traumatic as 9-11 was nearly 6 years ago, I also see that side of America (and Virginia) which makes us one, great, historic people that shine through in these trying times. Once again I am humbled by the greatness I am blessed to live around. I am renewed with pride in my State, My Governor and My President – all of who proclaimed clearly the strength and value of the students and citizens of VA Tech and Blacksburg, VA. For it is through the recongnition of the actions of those dealing with the events as they hit that we all find hope in these tragic times. Imperfect beings are we, with great potential and intentions. Our prayers to the victims, their families and their friends. Their loss left an echo of hope for the rest of us.

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  1. smh10 says:

    Well done VT. May those who are grieving know there are many who stand with them.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    I agree with your assessment of the service. All that participated did an admirable job. I did especially like the Gov Kane and Pres Bush messages. They both did an outstanding job. Too bad the country can not be as united as the Va Tech community is right now.
    I have grandchildren in college, away from home, and I can not begin to imagine how dreadful an event such as this might be had it involved any of them.

  3. Terrye says:

    It was nice. That was the first time I had heard Governor Kane speak. The man sounded like an unabashed Christian. Nothing wrong with that. Bush looked like he had been crying. Very sad day.

  4. PA. TONY says:

    AJ, I agree with the above comments along with your feelings about Gov. Kaine and Pres. Bush which were very inspiring. It would be more inspiring for our youth if praise of religious thought can be expressed before such tragedies occur. Note: when Pres. Bush was introduced by the eloquent Gov. Kaine, applause was astounding except for the Muslim religious speaker who withheld his applause.
    That was sad and also told me something. I watched the service on Fox TV. Please let me know if I am wrong (hopefully I am) but!!!!