Apr 07 2007

Iraqi Insurgents Call On Bin Laden To Reign In His Dogs

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The stepped up attacks by al Qaeda linked groups in Iraq on Muslims, including the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons (including on Muslim children), has pushed Iraq insurgents to demand Bin Laden reign in the beasts who are killing massive numbers of Muslims in his name (or the name of his movement: al Qaeda).

A Sunni insurgent group in Iraq has called on Osama Bin Laden to exert more control over al-Qaeda members there.
Members of al-Qaeda in Iraq were killing insurgents from other groups which did not support their ideals, said the Islamic Army of Iraq.

In its statement, it called on al-Qaeda to review its behaviour in the country.

Correspondents say the Sunni group’s statement underscores growing tensions between al-Qaeda and domestic Iraqi insurgent groups.

I have been saying for some time that al Qaeda was making a huge strategic error in trying to show the US and West it was serious by killing Iraqi Muslims in massive numbers. The support for al Qaeda linked groups in Iraq shrinks with every dead child resulting from their acts. And the US becomes the one counter force willing to put its people on the line to save other children from the same fate. This kind of face off always works in the defender’s favor and against the butchers. To kill the unarmed and innocent is simple – to protect and risk one’s life for others is the true act of courage. Muslims know this as well as any other culture (excluding liberals). And as I said, the move to chemical bombs against Iraq’s Muslims is only making the civil war on the Muslim streets more accute. Check out this review of the current schism from an anti-American website.

Sunni Arab officials have also urged what they call “the real resistance” to disown al-Qaeda and engage in talks with the government to end violence which has driven the country closer to an all-out civil war.

“We also call … on every Qaeda member in the Land of Mesopotamia to review themselves and their positions … and for those who committed wrongful acts to repent quickly,” the statement said.

It is clear that either al Qaeda win soon and stop killing Muslims, or they will lose support across the heart of Mesapotamia – aka Iraq. Thankfully I think they have no hope of winning soon (the Democrats have failed to stop the war for at least 12-18 months) and I do not think there is anyway for al Qaeda in Iraq to lay down their weapons and stop killing those ready to work with the Maliki government. Checkmate.

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  1. BarbaraS says:

    I know Al Quaeda wants Iraq to start their caliphate, but what if there is another reason. What if they know where WMDs are buried.? What if they want not only their caliphate and the second highest producing oil country but also the WMDs? If they had all three what could stop them? What if the WMDs are buried somewhere in Anbar? Saddam would be more likely to bury them in his own personal territory where he had many followers who could keep the locations a secret. Al Quaeda and the insurgents are certainly fighting to the death in this area.