Apr 07 2007

Media Sliming Our Military

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My only words on this is read it and share it with everyone you know. It is disturbing how the liberal PR media uses our war dead for propaganda.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    When you say “media” do you mean to infer that they are monolithic?

    I think not.

    I think the media is a kid’s nighmare. Showing up to disturb sleep; because the kid’s not ready to go to bed. Parental wishes interferring with a set of realities.

    On the other hand, that the media is glib?

    If you went and asked Ulysses S. Grant’s ghost what the media tried to do to him; he’d give you the perspective of a bunch of cowards, in the back lines. Taking instructions from their nothern editors to slime Grant. Because? The leaders in politics were shilling for McLellan.

    What a loser of a general, this McLellan was!

    Do you know what he learned?

    You could have the press shilling for you. You could even climb into the nominee’s seat, in the 1864 election. And, then? You’d fall out of the story, but good. Because Lincoln won the 1864 race by such a wide margin, that no matter how you counted the 3-way ballot; Lincoln walked away with the win.

    If 1864 was a prize fight, you couldn’t throw the match.

    And, no, Grant was not a drunkard. In spite of all the bad press; of which he got plenty. He comes off in the history books quite well.

    “No,” you say? Then blame your teachers.

    The great stuff is out there! And, in later wars, post the Civil War, Grant’s tactics were adopted by MacArthur and Patton.

    In other words? WW1 was a diplomatic FIASCO. So the history books went and buried Woodwrow Wilson; and Pershing.

    That Pershing actually was thought of well? Yes. By MacArthur. (Who later stole the man’s girl friend, and married her. Causing a breach.)

    Does it matter? We got it about right in WW2.

    The give-away? We went diplomatic, with the UN. And, have seen the mistakes we got in return.

    Someday? We’re gonna have to prove our strengths, again.

    Do-able. Honestly. But not just yet. People, as a general rule, aren’t mad enough.

    Of course, the Israelis are also learning lessons. Great military tactics from 1948, on. But losers when it came to the pressures created by the UN. The whole Disengagement plan was an attempt to throw off the bad press that had collected out of the EU. Where Israel’s main concern was that all their products wouldn’t be able to be exported, without tarrifs.

    True, without Gaza, what had been exported from there (the absolutely miraculous farmed products), is lost. The PA had no interests. If you could imagine!

    While for the europeans it is a learning curve.

    For Bush? He must be crushed. He saw Arik Sharon do a “small force removal of Jews from arab lands.” But he couldn’t get Olmert to kill Assad. And, now? No matter what Olmert says, he doesn’t have the power to move Jews off the board. To appease the Saudis.

    You don’t know it yet; but the Saud’s have made bets that just might not pay off?

    Me? I think Dubai is their Euro-Disney! Shows ya what the super rich can buy. And, the arabs are much to phobic to study Eisner. The idiot who plunked Disney’s fortunes down in Paris. Where he discovered “always having paris” is not the same as it was in Casablanca.

    While Casablanca? Here’s a good story! The movie came out in 1942. Or there-abouts. And, was played at the White House, just as we were revving up to go to war!

    Casablanca! A secret meeting place, where FDR met Winston Churchill. You know about the movie. But, behind the scenes? Imagine Roosevelt watching hollywood’s Casablanca story; while he knew the truth.

    The truth is excellent.