Apr 06 2007

Are The Enviro Chicken Littles Right?

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The only good news coming out of the tsunami of dour predictions eminating from the UN Climate Panel (aka those with an irrational fear of the weather) is we finally have benchmarks to hold them by (and expose their silliness). Take the Australian Priest of Doom and Gloom at the UN:

UP to 300,000 Australians on average may annually be exposed to the dengue virus by 2020, and between 600,000 and 1.4 million by 2050, according to climate change predictions finalised yesterday by global scientists.

The number of heat-related deaths in capital cities likely to rise from 1115 a year at present to up to 2500 by 2020, and up to 6300 by 2050.

These Chicken Littles are trying to push their estimates out so far that no one can hope to impugn them, but these ‘scientists’ are not always the best and brightest (in my humble, egotistical opinion). I am all for predictions and measurements against them. Being a program manager means I predict costs out 2-4 years and measure our progress against it. And now we can do the same here. Heat related deaths will rise by 106 deaths per year based on these predictions. So next year Australia should see around 1221 deaths next year, and 1327 deaths the next year and 1433 the next. We will know in 3 years if ANY of these predictions are accurate. I say project out the yearly indicators we should see on these predictions and watch for 3 years and see if they can be proven out. BTW, all the past predictions by these alarmists never panned out.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    You mean, algore’s walked away from his first title of Inventor of the Internet?

    Seems part of the reason the gore-schmaltz sells; is that to the LEFT, they are without religious beliefs. So it’s easy to buy an idea that puts man at the center of the universe.

    Like texts of old.

    Meanwhile, given that First Word Nations are SMALL in number. And, the total of mankind, into the way-too-many-billions … speaks directly to the puzzle that needs to be solved.

    Either the multiple-billions grab ahold of their problems like china did. And, got really viscious about producing “larger families.” Or? It’s done the african way. Where the most innocent people get slaughtered by the crazies. And, the worst “affirmative action crap” gets into the leadership chair at the UN.

    Want to solve global warming in a hurry?

    Tell the UN to leave Turtle Bay. Leave New York City. Leave any and all properties in the USA. And, leave all American money HERE. In our banks. Not for re-distribution.

    Gee. The solution is easy.

    Implimenting it though? It’s hard to drill out the rot you get from the diplomatic pants dancers; who actually also own haarvard. And, other such wastes-of-time.

    The UN story unfolds in MALTA! Stalin was the first pervert. Got away with counties, whole. (Till? russia went bankcrupt.)

    Maybe? That’s the lesson?

    Belly up can happen to beasts. While we watch.

    And, the elites in American government? When they’re not at the pork-trough, we can watch their hands spin.

    Idealism? Well, we know Prohibition FAILED! So why not the lame-brained idea that you didn’t need quality to rise to the top?

    Seething? This is what makes our media great? Idiots photographic seethers?

    In the age of the Internet!

    Good things happen, even when the present stands on the shoulders of buffoons.

  2. momdear1 says:

    The global warming scare is brought to us by the same people who gave us the “ALar in the Apples” scare. Enough said.

    After their planned Communist revolution in the 60’s failed the left wing Commie nuts regrouped and decided on a new tactic. Canvassers, mostly college students, were paid to go door to door all over the country to find out what was bothering who. people were then sorted out by computer and invited to state, regional and national meetings, conferences, etc, where they could “network” with others with like concerns and receive instructions on how to influence appointed and elected officials. Big names like Ralph Nader, Barry Commoner and the like were brought in to make these meetings appear important. People were then encouraged to start local grass groups groups who would be affiliated with the national organizations which were organized and run by hard core militant activists from the 60’s peace and Civil rights movements. By 1985 The environment was selected as the cause which could rally support from the most people because everyone had some kind of big nasty in their area. So the environmental movement was born big time and has grown into a monster which threatens to undermine our government and our way of living. During the 80’s “environmental” clubs were introduced into the public schools and now faux science is taught in our colleges and universities, while half witted professors with Phds.( because they stayed in school as long as they could in order to qualify to be life time student demonstrators) are in charge of writing the text books, running the schools and teaching our children self loathing, shame, and humiliation. If a parent constantly told a child he was no good, his ancestors were no good, and that he couldn’t do anything right because he was genectically inferrior to every other species, as Our children are being taught in our public schools, they wold be tried and jailed for child abuse. Yet we allow yesterday’s losers, also rans and malcontents to teach this , along with false science, in our schools. It won’t be long before everyone believes that black poeple with wings built the pyramids. Teaching that is on a par with our present man made “Global Warming” science facts.

    I know this to be true because I was there when they did the planning. It is all a hoax dreamed up by people who want to do America in any which way they can.