Mar 28 2007

Bill Richardson Thinks He’s God, With A One Track Mind

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Democrats are either really naive or think America is, why else would they make claims that would embarrass anyone else it making. Here is Richardson claiming he can fix the world in 3 days:

In the question-and-answer period after his speech, Richardson laid out the plans for his first days in the White House. The first day, he would get out of Iraq. The second, he would announce a plan to drastically cut U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

On the third day, the issue would be global warming.

I guess he would sit on his laurels for the remaining four years after establishing these miracles. But Richardson suffers from the one-track mind syndrome of all liberals, the core problem they have with walking and chewing gum at the same time:

Richardson worked on securing Russian nuclear weapons when he was energy secretary in the Clinton administration. But he accused the Bush administration of underfunding their programs.

“Meanwhile, we are spending $10 billion a month on Iraq,” he said. “Of the many ways in which the Iraq war has distracted us from our real national security needs, this is the most dangerous.”

Well, there is not an unlimited supply of these materials and if we did our job right it would make sense that we could reduce spending once the lose material is recovered and processes are in place to monitor the new material being produced. Richardson cannot fathom how the feds can spend well over $167 Billion a month in general and not find the money to fund the war and a few other high priority items? What’s worse is if Richardson is claiming this is still and issue it means he did not finish the job when he worked for Clinton. What were THEY doing those 8 years? Groping interns?

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  1. BarbaraS says:

    And how does he propose to cut our dependence on foreign oil. Do a Jimmy Carter and force us to freeze in winter and burn up in summer? Or maybe he will issue a law that all cars, trucks must use vegetable oil and if they will not accommodate said oil the cars would have to be adjusted to do so. Will he abolish SUVs? I think not. Hollywood would be down his throat. Will he abolish private jets? Hollywood again. Heaven forbid that we drill in ANWAR. Or maybe he wants to build new refineries, drill of the coasts, set up wind machines in off Martha’s Vineyard. Nope, none of these things. He wants us to quit driving, heating and cooling our homes, offices and stores and still buy carbon off set credits from Al Gore, his great friend.

  2. Terrye says:

    Man, what an ego.