Mar 28 2007

Looney Left Thankful Iran Took UK Sailors, Not US

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Here’s a bit of twisted liberal logic. This person is grateful that Iran took UK sailors instead of US sailors because US sailors are authorized to fight back:

Does that mean that one of his American boarding teams would have opened fire if it had been them in the two inflatable boats that were surrounded by Iranian Revolutionary Guard fast patrol boats off the coast of Iraq last Friday? “Agreed. Yes.”

Just as well that it was a British boarding team, then. The 15 British sailors and marines who were captured and taken to Tehran for “questioning” last week are undoubtedly having an unpleasant time, but they are alive, and Britain is only involved in two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan. If it had been one of Horner’s boarding teams, they would all be dead, and the United States and Iran would now be at war.

This is ludicrous at so many levels the mind boggles. First off, entering another country and abducting people at gun point IS an act of war. Secondly, if the US forces throw off the attack there is no international crisis of hostages as we have now. And finally, it is probably because the US is KNOWN to have the authority to fight back that caused Iran avoided them in the first place! The fact we will respond is why Iran doesn’t cross the line and cause international calamities. The fact the UK would not respond is probably why we have the crisis now. Iran felt the repercussions would be manageable. Talk about your idiotic theories.

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  1. wiley says:

    The Shah may have been corrupt, but he was harmless compared to the theocratic nutbags running the show presently. Terrye did a good job educating Soothy who has no idea what he’s talking about.

    I’m copying a post I left late yesterday for another thread that seems appropro here. There’s a link to a video talk at bottom. Check it out if you haven’t seen this yet. It’s a brilliant piece on the disease of modern Liberalism, about 45 mins.
    As Rush has stated, the leftist dems and the MSM have invested heavily in defeat, so there is no other option for them.

    Part of it is BDS, but there really is a disease of modern Liberalism, where being indiscriminate is the goal, thereby shunting reason, logic, principle, and traditional values. Why? B/c if one applies reason and principle and actually thinks then they inevitably discriminate (rational thought) — against bad, wrong, evil, dumb, stupid, etc. But to the Libs, to discriminate is bigotry and must be avoided (except by them — Libs are very good at discriminating). It’s an upside-down world where what is right and good and common sense is instead bigoted and wrong and judgmental and therefore evil. Which is why Saddam and his corrupt thugocracy are victims of the bigoted & evil & imperialistic U.S. Which is why we can’t profile at airports or question loud & intimidating imams. Which is why teaching abstinence is bad but hyping promiscuity is fine. Which is why we can’t question the global warming alarmists and that to question their draconian measures is evil. Which is why terrorists are freedom fighters but brave, selfless American soldiers are mercenaries or idiot tools of the imperialistic, evil Mr. Bush and his power-tripping administration. (and it goes on & on …)

    While I believe the above, it was presented really well by Evan Sayet with his talk “How Modern Liberals Think” at the Heritage Foundation. I came across it at Powerline & it’s on YouTube — check it out. It’s excellent.