Mar 26 2007

Here Comes Comprehensive Immigration Bill

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The balanced approach of trough laws, strengthening the boarders, immigrant background checks, paying back dues, etc is coming to Congress. (link 1, link 2)Is it perfect? Hell no – no Bill would be. But it has enough of my minimal list to know it will get passed. When the hard right bottled up comprehensive immigration reform – including the much needed guest worker program – until after the elections in 2006 they sealed the fate of the Bill. Now out of power it is the one area Congress and the President and the vast majority of America agree on. Elections have consequences. We need our immigration population working above board, being monitored, paying taxes, and not based on some arbritrary number pulled out of some Congressman’s hind end to define the proper level of the immigrant worker population. If it passes both houses in its current form it will be signed. And if the Reps get ugly about it, they will lose te Hispanic vote and spend another Congressional session in the minority. Illegal immigration is like driving an illegal car – a car without a valid vehicle license. It is a process crime, not a violent crime. It doesn’t require “vengeance”. It requires a fine and payment of back fees and taxes. The right needs to accept this or continued defeat. Their choice.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    congressman Flake has links to the entire proposed bill, a summary and an overview. The link to the entire bill is missing something but the other two links are working, the summary and overview.

    link to congressman’s site:

  2. Bikerken says:

    Ret Spook, I got a chance to watch that video. WOW. I really can’t say that I’m all that surprised but the demostrations were really done well to give you a visualization of the problem.

    Now I’m damn sure that a lot of the “Let them all in” advocates will not even watch this 14 minute movie let alone have some kind of intelligent rebuttal to it. I’m sure that would say this is all overblown and exaggerated. This is my response to them. I don’t know when this was made but I want to point this out. just about right in the middle of the movie, when he starts flipping the charts up to show the population growth, if you look real close and this year, 2007 and run a line straight up to what the projected population is on the chart, we are already AHEAD of his predictions!

    This is what I’ve been saying all along, it is not the people who are already here who are the biggest problem, although they are indeed a massive problem, it is the numbers we are looking at in the near future that will turn America into a third world nation.