Mar 26 2007

Libs Confounded By Iranian Blunder

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What are all the liberals going to do now that Iran has clearly escalated a confrontation with the UK by an act of war in the kidnapping of British Sailors? The story line was always about Bush bringing on a conflict with Iran. But Iran’s Mad Mullahs and Self-proclaimed Prophet Guide President have proven once again these madmen are dangerous. Iran has done an amazing thing here. Now any conflict will be due to THEIR kidnapping of UK citizens, and the US is just in it to support our top ally. Whodathunkit!

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  1. semperfiaz says:

    The libs, along with their pals in the media, are simply going to do more and more of what they’re doing as we speak; place more and more doubt on the Brits story and motivations, while presenting the Iranians in more of a victim role, and absolving the Iranians of any responsibility because this is “possibly the act of rogue elements acting without the permission and authority of the Iranian government”.
    That pretty much cover it, pally?
    Keep up the great work, AJ. Gotta run, but I’ll check in later.

  2. DaleinAtlanta says:

    Ah, AJ: if you go to the front page of the BBC news site:

    You’d never even know that the British Soldier’s had been kidnapped!

    I’ve been watching it intently since the kidnapping, and finally, late last night, a small link appears in the upper right, that says “Iran says British Soldiers okay!”

    That is the FIRST appearance, of any news, related to the whole event, the whole weekend, on the Newservice of “record” for the British people!

    Tell me where their sympathies lie?

  3. Soothsayer says:

    Tell me where their sympathies lie?

    Perhaps they are just not particulary eager to become part of the alarmist neocon sttucture which wants to hyper-accentuate a situation in which as yet no one has been injured – and turn it into a casus belli.

    The seized Brits are as far as we know being fed and clothed – and have not as yet received any Rumsfeldian water-boarding . . . so if the Brits stay cool and their troops are returned unharmed, I guess the Strataspherista war machine will be disappointed.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    Silly question.

    Want a quick answer, though? Jimmuh Carter.

    Jimmuh discovered “the secret well of Saudi money.” And, what he did was BECOME RICH! He’s so rich, now. And, he fears that if he’s buried in Arlington Cemetary, his grave will be desecrated with urine;

    That he’s advised his estate to build him a “sanctuary” down in Plains, Georgia. Where they make very big deals out of peanuts.

    As to what Tony Baloney Blair does, is which he could throw this problem on Bush. But he can’t. Bush had enough with “that” visit to Tin Lizzy. And, the royals. Where they’re still complaining about the ripped up flower beds, done for security reasons.

    I don’t think Bush cares all that much.

    The bigger laugh?

    Well this commander Woods, as soon as the rubber rafts were “attacked,” and the men, plus one woman, taken … Do you know what this highly trained maroon did? He wired home for instructions!

    While the ship, the Cornwall, if it just turned tail, would have provided a wake to sink the bastards; and then we’d be talking about a rescue at sea.

    Instead? A bunch of powder puffs are in charge, in England.

    In Iraq? Well, the Brits are HATED.

    The Iraqis actually hate and seeth as a religious experience.

    But what it does? Well, it means the Brits are probably MORE hated than the Saudis. ANd, the Sauds aren’t “loved.”

    It’s like watching inaction inside a roach motel. Designed to work better, though.

    While admirals in the US navy will get to learn what happens when you put an incompetent in charge of a big vessel.

    I also heard that the french have sent the DeGaulle.

    Ships acting like they’re the UN on parade.

    While the media has something “else” to focus on, now. Instead of Gonzales. Given that Bush doesn’t talk, much. But the “cowboy” not only dug in his heels, he’s used his spurs for a better grip.

    And, he’s still the Realtor for the House of Saud.

    On the other hand? He was once the man who was supposed to bail out Ken Lay. And, you know what happened to him, huh? (Lots of ENRON people, by the way, have been absorbed into Bush’s white house.) So in a sense working IN Bush’s white house will have a cancellation date on this subscription, come January 2009.

    How will it end? Very politely. Bush will be in a suit and tie. And, his affirmative action hires, together with the crap from Enron, will talk about how they “almost took over.”

    But go see on top. Jimmuh Carter found the well to wealth. And, these blokes can go to Dubai. For all it’s worth.

    The upside? We could be talking about these fifteen prisoners for lots of months, ahead. Maybe, but who knows?

    You just can’t use linear thinking when you try to progress your guesses into the future.

    At a better time? Well, we can remember General Patton, huh?

    As to the “ships at sea,” I’m sure at least a few admirals are now looking at what they can do should the iranians pull another stunt.

    I guess the Brits? It’s like looking at a high wire act that went wrong. And, there’s no safety net. For Barnum? That’s the reason he invented the clown acts. So the children could be entertained. And, not made afraid.

    Nothing to do now, but watch this crap playing out.

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:

    I guess the Strataspherista war machine will be disappointed.

    Left by Soothsayer on March 26th, 2007

    More blatherings from the Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi Nutbags….

    Gotta love it…

  6. For Enforcement says:

    More blatherings from the Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi Nutbags….

    formerly known as Ken.

  7. Good Captain says:

    I guess Soothsayer provided AJ w/an answer to his question. Not surprising, even so it is disappointing.

  8. Carol_Herman says:

    Heh. Jimmy Carter made a bundle from the Saudis, playing this fiddle.

    The real deal?

    The Cornwall was loaded for bear. Do you know, though, what Commander Woods did? As soon as the rubber rafts were “attacked,” he wired England “for further instructions.”

    I guess the ship didn’t come with a manual?

    On the other hand? Commander Woods may discover that his career got a bump, or a slide?

    While American admirals must be discussing, among themselves, what they’ll do, IF the iranians try to pull the same trick, again.

    On the other hand? Maybe, that’s not what’s at play?

    I’d bet money that Jimmy Carter; the Clinton’s; and James Baker. All growing rich by playing with the saudis, isn’t much interested in “showing military might” where piracy is concerned.

    Heck, I’d bet that money is the greatest temptation.

    And, Bush isn’t gonna be counting on Tony Blair being a “player” in the waters off of Iraq. That’s just the way it is. While, the french have sent in their big ship, the DeGaulle. So if you need information on what’s up? It’s probably all about surveilance, these days.

    And, the media? Well, they’re weighing headlines. And, if the ship’s news gets the front cover? Then Condi’s just wasting time, now, in the mideast.

    And, Gonzales? Who knows? Bush doesn’t have all that many republican friends left in congress.

    One stinking story after another. Until it ends on January 20, 2009.

    Of course, it should be interesting to see how Commander Woods “moves” to keep his commission?

    We’re NOT at Dunkirk! Different president, FDR, was. Different philosophies. And, Winston Churchill understood the need to drop the french fleet, so that the german’s wouldn’t get the arsenal.

    Now? Plenty of arsenals to go around. But not really lots of scientists. And, it’s just another day for the guardians to palaver around in their moving ships at sea. I gave up hope that we’d do better until Bush is out of office. And, Tony Blair’s been replaced.

  9. dennisa says:

    The libs I’ve read on the internet think it’s Bush and Blair’s fault, and they believe anything Iran says. It’s not so much confusion as continuing delusion.

    And the Revolutionary Guard probably had standing orders to grab American and British military if the opportunity presented itself. This was no accident.

  10. crosspatch says:

    The BBC are trying to play it down because inflaming the situation plays into Iran’s hand by further inflating oil markets which is probably the real reason Iran has done this. They can sit on those hostages for weeks and every time an inflamitory news headling comes out, the price of oil goes up and Iran pockets more money.

    But maybe you should be reading the Telegraph instead.

  11. BarbaraS says:

    Whatever happened to the Israeli soldiers that were kidnapped last year? I haven’t seen anything about their fate. Weren’t there three of them?

  12. owl says:

    Oh, let me…let me….it’s an easy one.

    What will the Libs do with Iran’s blunder? Why turn those lemons… If you watch the Dems in Congress, they actually do very little except fire the first bullets and shovel a little official sounding fuel. So the correct question is what will their MSM Army do with this blunder?

    Ever hear of The Silence? It will be in effect until they perfect the Blame Bush Plan. Didn’t you know he caused it when he went into Iraq? Yep, it’s scary.

  13. Aitch748 says:

    What will the libs do?

    Let me guess…add this to the list of particulars for which Hagel and friends will soon impeach the President?

  14. Terrye says:

    I think crosspatch maybe on to something here. The price of oil whent up two bucks a barrel as soon as the news was out. Sometimes I wonder if these people want to keep things tense, just to keep up that price. Ever notice how everytime the price starts to drop something happens in the ME or Nigeria or some such place.

  15. crosspatch says:

    Another article in the Telegraph.

    If the price of oil has gone up $2 … then Iran is pocketing about $5 million dollars per day (or about $2 BILLION a year) as a result. I hear they paid the Russians today.

    It is in Iran’s economic interests to continue doing this stuff every time it needs a little burst of extra cash.

  16. luc says:

    “The seized Brits are as far as we know being fed and clothed –and have not as yet received any Rumsfeldian water-boarding . . . so if the Brits stay cool and their troops are returned unharmed, I guess the Strataspherista war machine will be disappointed. “
    Left by Soothsayer on March 26th, 2007

    So if you or your family were picked up, fed and clothed and held for some time –and not receive any Rumsfeldian water-boarding…. it would be OK according to your reasoning.
    If a member of my family reasoned that way, I would call him a moron and an SOB to his face!

  17. crosspatch says:

    The point is that you can not allow one country (Iran in this case) to cross into another country’s territory (Iraq in this case) and snatch the service members of a third country.

    I can not understand how anyone can justify it. Imagine if we snatched a German crew from Canadian waters. Some of these comments are simply contortions meant to somehow rationalize what the Iranians have done. It is kidnapping plain and simple. The only people offering any justification are American liberals. Even France (yeah, EVEN France) has said the Brits were never in Iranian territory. The EU is behind the UK and I would imagine that if this goes more than a few more hours, there will be an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council and I can imagine nothing less than unanimous support for the UK.

    If Iran wants their spies back that were captured insider Iraq, that’s fine. This isn’t how it is done. There are other ways of getting that done as has often been done throughout history. Even in this kind of a shadowy game there are rules. Again, Iran continues to act like a spoiled child.

  18. kathie says:

    Everyone and AJ—-read Money cut off to Iran is going great, everyone is participating, Europe and Asia.