Mar 26 2007

Islamo Fascists Running Out Of Suicide Bombers

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One can only surmize that the terrorists are not meeting their recruitment goals as well as we Americans are because they seem to have succumbed to invading schools to try and garner recruits:

Police say firing broke out after the militant leader, Ehsan Barqi, threw a grenade at them when they tried to stop him addressing students at the college.

Police say the militants were trying to recruit boys for jihad (holy war).

Officials say the militants who tried to enter the school were all members of the “local Taleban”.

“They wanted to go inside in a bid to convince the students to join them for jihad. Police knew their designs and stopped them,” Tank administration chief Syed Mohsin Shah told the AFP news agency.

Of course if the Taliban had their way they would use forced conscription to staff their suicide bomb squads.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    Apparently the insrugents are replacing suicide bombers with rockets:

    On Friday March 23, a rocket exploded 50 yards from the U.N. secretary-general during a news conference yesterday in Baghdad’s Green Zone, causing him to cringe and duck. Minutes earlier, Iraq’s prime minister had said the visit showed the city was “on the road to stability.”

    Again this morning in Baghdad’s Green Zone, A rocket landed in Baghdad’s heavily fortified international Green Zone, rocking the U.S. embassy.

    A U.S. embassy spokesman would not say exactly where the rocket landed for security reasons but confirmed it had crashed into the sprawling international zone, which also houses the Iraqi government and other foreign embassies.

  2. semperfiaz says:

    Aw,AJ, you’re going to break the media’s hearts. After all, every mention of suicide bombers by the media speaks to their “inexhaustible” supply.Heh,heh.

  3. Bikerken says:

    Funny thing about blowing yourself up, you can only do that once!

    This is why the Japanese Admiralty was dead set against the Kamikazes. They wanted to keep the pilots to fight again. Blowing yourself up is kinda……well…..self destructive!