Mar 26 2007

Saddam And 9-11

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As usual, the liberal media’s myopic obssession blinds them to the link between Saddam Hussein and 9-11. There never were strong links to 9-11 between Iraq and al Qaeda (but there were plenty of links regarding communications, coordinating efforts, training, etc) that was never the point of Iraq’s threat. It was not Saddam and the original 9-11, it was the potential for Saddam to back future 9-11s in a clandestine manner. Hussein was infamous for his bloodlust and errors of judgement. Take his wars with Iran and Kuwait and the US as proof positive of that matter.

Al Qaeda provided proof of their efficacy and potency against the US on 9-11. It was the defining moment, a rallying cry for the Islamo Fascists (and just plain Fascists) to have finally experienced success against The Great Satan. Hussein’s connection to 9-11 was he could arm and fund limitless more 9-11s by taking al Qaeda by the hand and giving them resources they could only dream about.

Hussein was one of the prime candidates for the new round of 9-11’s. He clearly liked what al Qaeda did (he made no bones about his celebration of their success). And he had weapons and money to give them endless opportunities for a rampage of death and destruction. It was never how tied to the original 9-11 Saddam was, it was to all about making sure he provided no assistence in future al Qaeda operations. That is why we and the world demanded he come clean on his WMDs. We needed a full accounting and monitoring program to make sure nothing, not one single item, made its way into al Qaeda’s hands and onto a subway station in Europe or here in America. Saddam did have clear linkages to future 9-11’s. His history lined him up nicely with an organization he already had ties to and promises of regional coordination.

The liberals in this country continuously look over their backsides at what has happened and cannot even see, let alone grasp, the potential the future holds. That is why they are obsessed with the Clinton impeachment, the 2000 election and payback instead of plans ahead. That is why they focus on Hussein’s ties to 9-11, instead of exploring his potential for future avoc. Hussein is tied to 9-11 in that he was probably the one insane nutcase dumb enough to plan more 9-11s. Americans get it – the liberals never, ever will.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    This has been my argument with the lefties and they still don’t get it. They refuse to recognize that UN 1441 was the reason we invaded Iraq. Bush kept saying Saddam needs to show us WMDs or inventory of the WMDs and the public believed Bush said that we went to war against Saddam because of those WMDs. They never listen to the “proof of WMD inventory or else clause”.

    Guess people don’t listen very well?

  2. dennisa says:

    I think you’re wrong about this, A.J. Iraqi documents show meetings with Al Qaeda as early as 1995. There’s the curious presence of an Iraqi at the meeting where the “planes operation” was discussed. And there’s the Czech report that Mohammed Atta met with an Iraqi in Prague in April, 2001.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I am not wrong that they had contact – I agree. And I am not wrong we have no hard evidence of a link to 9-11. But the threat of Saddam was never his links to 9-11, it was all about his ability to create many future ones. And I am not wrong about that either!

  4. kathie says:

    ……and the left is so silly to think that if we had only focused on Afghanistan we would have beaten Al Qaeda there. Why would Al Qaeda have stayed put when they could have gone to Iraq? We needed two fronts of active engagement, and having Al Qaeda in Iraq was far more dangerous then in Afghanistan.

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:

    Lurker: plus the fact that situation at the end of the Gulf War, was the same as the end of the Korean War, a CEASEFIRE!

    Under International Law, a “Ceasefire” may be lifted, at anytime, for any reason, by either side, and hostilites may recommence!

    Bush didn’t need approval from the Senate, nor the UN, which he sought anyhow, to immediately declare the ceasefire lifted, and re-initiate hostilities!

    We never signed a Peace Treaty with Iraq, after the Gulf War, just like we never signed a Peace Treaty with North Korea.

    We are still, technically, in a state of war with North Korea, and we were still technically, in a state of war with Iraq, right up until the invasion of March 2003.

    So, it was not an “illegal” war, it was not a “pre-emptive” war, it was a lifting of the Ceasefire, with the additional blessing (not needed!); of the US Senate, and the UN Security Council!

    In addition AJ; I think you’re being too cautious; we know that Saddam supported terrorist movements, and had “indirect” approaches to Al Qaeda throughout the 90’s; Saddam tried to assassinate a US President; the Clinton Administration said that Iraqi scientists were help Al Qaeda in Sudan, build a WMD plant; and the Clinton DOJ talked at length of the ties between Al Qaeda and Iraq, in it’s indicments of Al Qaeda members!

    Additionally, independent, MSM media members, “Followed-the-money”, from the WTC ’93 bombing, from Ramzi Yousef, back to Iraq!

    Ramzi Yousef, as we KNOW, not only started his trip to NYC in Iraq, but there’s good evidence to show, he was most probably originally recruited by the Iraqi Intelligence Services, when they took over Kuwait, and he was there!

    Plus, we know the connection between Ramzi Yousef, his uncle, KSM, and Bin Laden’s recently departed Brother-in-Law, was way deeper, and more involved, than anyone in the MSM now like to admit!

    Finally, when Zacarias Moussaoui’s computer was finally searched (too late for 9/11); plans for using Crop-duster aircraft in the US, to launch Chem/Bio attacks in the US were found!

    Funny thing about that, when I was in Northern Iraq, back in 1991, we caught the Iraqis trying to do the same thing there; before that, no one had ever heard of it!!???


    And I agree, the meetings with Atta in Prague, and we still don’t know who he met with/saw in Spain; and also meetings in Malaysia, and the convergence of Ramzi Yousef, and Iraqi IC assets in Manila, in the 90’s, have never been completely explained!

  6. Soothsayer says:

    Iraqs may have been in violation of UN 1441 – but the UN did NOT authorize Bush’s criminal use of force. Under your twisted logic, China could invade Israel:

    Israel currently stands in violation of SIXTY EIGHT (68) separate UN resolutions AND they definitely possess WMD’s. I guess China could send 1,000,000 or so troops into Israel and justify it to the Chinese people by whining: Well, they were in violation of a UN resolution!!

  7. DaleinAtlanta says:

    Left by Soothsayer on March 26th, 2007

    Well now, you’re choosing to be intentionally stupid!

    First Iraq was in violation of 13 seperate UN Resolutions, not one!

    Second, your example of Israel – China, is completely ludicrous, and shows what a moron you are!

    There was never any War between Israel – China, like US/Coalition – Iraq, and it was not ended by a Ceasefire (NO Peace Treaty); and thus, China could NOT lift the Ceasefire anytime it wanted too, since one does NOT exist between it and Israel, and thus, it could NOT invade Israel, any time it likes!

    So quit being a complete MORON!

    Additionally, Bush’s use of for WAS NOT, IS NOT, and HAS NEVER been “criminal”!

    Only in your Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi fantasyland, delusional mind, is that reality.

    FACTS: at the end of the Gulf War a Peace Treaty between the US and Iraq was NEVER Signed!

    Hence, as I’ve explained before, even without the additional Resolution by the UN, and the Senate Resolution, all the President had to do, to initiate hostilities against Iraq, was to say “I choose to lift the Ceasefire, that’s been in effect since the end of the Gulf War, and hostilities are to begin immediately”!



    Study your International Law, Buffoon, then come back to talk to the adults!

    “Israel currently stands in violation of SIXTY EIGHT (68) separate UN resolutions AND they definitely possess WMD’s. ”

    I don’t care, I’ve never said on this board, nor any other, that I’m an apologist for Israel, or what it does!

    In fact, just the opposite; I’ve lived in the Middle East, on and off since 1977, I’ve seen the issue from BOTH sides, I’m neither a Supporter of Israel, nor an Antagonist; I’m only too familiar, from the other side, of the egregious violations of many international Norms, laws, and other things that they’ve done!

    However, unlike you, I am an American, I’m not Anti-American, and I’m not Pro-Jihadi, in fact, just the opposite, I’m proud to be an American, and I despise the Jihadis, just as much as I do the excesses of the Israelis.

    The only break I’ll cut the Israelis, is that they are NOT cutting off people’s heads; and they have NO intention of coming over here, and putting us all in Dhimitude, and converting us by the sword!

    “I guess China could send 1,000,000 or so troops into Israel….”; what an ignoramous; China doesn’t have the airlift nor amphibious capability to put 1000 troops into Israel; what a Buffoon!

    Stupid, asinine example!

    ” Well, they were in violation of a UN resolution!! ”

    Another strawman, stupid, illogical example, I never said that we invaded Iraq, because they were in violation of a UN resolution.”

    That was the Administration’s argument; not mine!

    For me, the President didn’t even need to say that; all he had to do was lift the Ceasefire, and attack them!

    Soothsayer, PLEASE, educate yourself, and get past puberty, before you attempt to interact with your intellectual superiors…

  8. Bikerken says:

    The MSM likes to downplay the likelihood that Saddam had anything to do with 911, Heres my question, Why in HELL would he not? Put yourself in his position, he got his ass whooped by the US pretty damned bad! Do you have any idea how that made him look in the eyes of the Arab world. The man who would be Nebbecanezzer gets his ass laid low by a bunch of infidels? He had to strike back but the one thing he couldn’t possibly be caught at it because if he was ever positively connected to it, he knew that not only he would be toast, but that his country would be toast for years. So what does he do, he finds a group that could carry out a mission like 911 but has no real connection to him at all. And what does he do, he provides support, training, financing help and keeps his fingerprints totally off of it. I might remind some of you that there was a terrorists training facility just south of Baghdad called Salman Pak, where they had the fusilage of a jetliner there to train in.

    True, there may well be no conclusive evidence that he was totally responsible for 911, that doesn’t prove anything either way. But you would have to be a complete IDIOT to discount the idea out of hand that he had some involvement in it. The evidence there is both circumstantial and plentiful, but more than anything, it is completely Logical.