Mar 14 2007

al Jazeerah Angry At Democrats; Calls For Action

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Al Jazeerah is posting an angry commentary concerning the fact the Dems have not made good on their promise to surrender Iraq to the Islamo Fascists, but are actually contemplating to support funding the war for two more years. And they are not going to stand by and let this happen. What is stunning is not just that al Jazeerah is running this commentary, but that it is authored by a US Democrat Congressman

The Time for Action on Iraq

By Dennis J Kucinich

Al-Jazeerah, March 14, 2007

Democratic leaders are poised to give President Bush another $120 billion to expand the war into Iran

Democratic leaders are poised to give President Bush another $120 billion ($120,000,000,000) for the war, more than enough money to keep out troops in Iraq through the end of his term and enough money to expand the war into Iran. Democratic leaders want to fund the war while saying they oppose the war. They are promising to use the war as a campaign issue against Republicans in 2008.

We do not have time to discern whether the leaders who say they are for peace yet vote for war are motivated by sincerity, self-deception or duplicity.

We need to mobilize now to contact Members of Congress to vote against further funding of the war. If the war is to be brought to an end, then Members of Congress must hear from you. Your efforts will make a difference.

What would Americans think if a US Congressman’s call to surrender to the Nazis in WWII had shown up in the Nazi Daily News? What would Americans think if a US Congressman’s calls to surrender Kuwait to Saddam during the first Gulf War showed up in the Saddam Hussein Daily Press? People think I am being facetious when I say the Dems want to surrender Iraq to the terrorists and the terrorists support the Dems because they promise to surrender Iraq to them. What else do we need to see the suicidal idoicy of the modern “democrat” party? Just review what these people see as political humor to understand how the dogs have lied down with the fleas.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    I think they should change their name to the Soros News Network at times. But that’s just my take on the issue.

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    All this crap reminds me of the American indians.

    How so?

    Well, for hundreds of years they terrorized each other. Their tribal communities were small. And, often very violent. And, then came European settlers. Whom they massacred for “wealth” and whatever they could grab. Their villages put scalps on Totem Poles right at the front gate. Though how they moved this stuff around, I don’t know. For they lived in TENTS.

    Maybe, it’s the TENT DWELLERS. And, their inability to build libraries. Or form schools. Though they do great with rain dancing. Ah. And, then they did great for awhile with rifles. Tools sold to them mostly by the french and english. While the Americans learned to live together. And, form communities.

    What happened next you might ask?

    Well, it seems the wild west got conquered, ya know.

    Small steps.

    First? The hits. And, the people traveling west learning how to form their wagons into circles when they went to sleep at nights. Then? Well, Americans had a propensity to build stuff. And, out west they built forts. And, supplied these forts with food and soldiers.

    Heck, even a mail route was developed. Called the Pony Express.

    And, freedom brought many more settlers.

    Till one day it seems a few events came together. Americans learned how to bore rifles. And, in time indians began dropping like flies.

    Still, this wasn’t enough. It was necessary to go into where the buffalo herds roamed. Food and religion to the indians. And, by the time 1905 rolled around, the only buffalo you saw was on the back of a nickel.

    Not easy to kill those who do you harms. But it does build up.

    For the American indians to go from roaming bands to being kaput? hundreds of years.

    But ya know what? The American movie industry, also getting started in the first decades of the 20th Century; where you could make your living hanging bedsheets up and charging nickels for people to see “action films.” Began filming cowboy and indian stories.


    And, a teaching tool, too. For the people who were coming here from Europe, in droves.

    Then? Well, the way politics works in free countries is that a pendulum swings from here to there. And, Marx got imbedded, somehow, in the minds of labor. Where they thought they wouldn’t work more than four day weeks, and they’d earn about as much as their managers. Instead? Detroit died. Among other things.

    And, attitudes changed.

    While in hollywood, NOT to make money became their mantra. They tried to spread this new religion. But the money? It stopped flowing IN.

    Until you look. Because even in bad times, there’s always someone who figures out to make money. Take an ancient story. Film it without stars in 60 days. And, open “300” to blockbuster audiences. How big are the audiences. PACKED HOUSES. How long did this take? Less than 90 days. What story does “300” tell? It tells how the Spartans beat the living crap out of the Persians. And, saved the day.

    Does history tell this story too? Sure does. But in fact there was also Salamis. Holding the Persians at the pass is only one part of the success that would come down the pike for Western Civilization.

    And, this, too, will come to pass. But it will take the killings of many before law and order “adjusts.” We’ve just haven’t reached the point of being willing to fight, though.

    While there are plenty of perplexed GOP voters, who wonder HOW this BUSH ventured so far off his ranch, that he got lost in the democrapic thicket. And, they don’t like him there, either.

    About time a pendulum came and struck that moron where it hurts.

    Any questions? Need a decoder ring? North or South Dakota? (Da’coder.)

  3. lurker9876 says:

    ” HR 1234 is the plan that will end the occupation, close the bases, bring the troops home, make Halliburton and all contractors come home and stabilize Iraq with an international peace-keeping and security force. HR 1234 will restore Iraq’s sovereignty over its oil, control its food and energy prices and protect its financial integrity by ensuring Iraq will not be the target of World Bank and IMF structural adjustment policies.”

    Dennis’s resolution is asking for an International Peace-keeping and security forces? Run by the most corrupted organization called “United Nations”.

    What means will guarantee that Iraq not be a target of World Bank and IMF? Bet he has none.

    He mentioned having meetings with citizen activists….Code Pinko women? A.N.S.W.E.R people?

    At the bottom of his article is a 50 million dollar pledge to elect a president…him.

    His resolution is doomed right from the beginning. Even if it is passed, still doomed.

  4. retire05 says:

    Carol_Herman, you pose a difficult question to me:
    are you a total moron or just a biggoted b!tch when you compare American Indians to the terrorists?

    Sorry, AJ, I just couldn’t let her spew her vitriol without calling her down on it. It was those neanderthal TENT dwellers that helped win WWII. They were called “Code Talkers” and for someone to show their total ignorance just burns my tail feathers.

  5. legaleagle says:

    Ahhh, it’s always good to see that special combination of vicious bigotry and mind-numbing ignorance that characterizes the Republican base! Undoubtedly, the babbling doggerel of Carol Herman would win the prize of the day on that count. Beyond the sneering racist condescension that is the stock in trade of the true believer in Republicanism, she brings the qualities of pretentiousness and evidence of a severe case of logorrhea. And as an added bonus, we get a brand-spanking new insult that Republican bubbleheads everywhere can be proud of: “democrapic.” Democrapic!! Oh God, that is rich; really, really rich. Just great, funny stuff! What a wit, bubbles!

    And of course, we also get the benefit of that old Republican chestnut, “Democrats are traitors and want the terrorists to win!” Just like the 70% of the public that wants out o the war. Yea, I sure hope Republicans give up on that one soon, because I’m sure it’s gonna catch on with the electorate ANY MINUTE NOW. Even more than it did when we kicked the teeth right down the Republican Party’s throats in the midterms.

  6. For Enforcement says:

    legal, for the record, Carol H has zip to do with the Republican base.
    Her base has more to do with fruit cakes. That’s the proper place for anyone that refers to the Pres as a moron.

  7. The Macker says:

    You need a larger sample of Republican opinion than one commenter.

    And how do you characterize appeasment, if not surrender in slow motion?

    The “racism” charge more fittingly describes the anti-semitic Left.

  8. legaleagle says:

    “Her base has more to do with fruit cakes. That’s the proper place for anyone that refers to the Pres as a moron. ”

    That’s pretty funny, given that the single clue she’s in touch with reality is acknowleding that Bush is, indeed, an imbecile of comic proportions. I love the fact that Republicans are placing their credibility on the line on the basis of the proposition that Bush isn’t the stupid half-wit everyone recognizes him to be. The man is a humiliating embarassment to the image of Americans all over the world; in fact, the new media almost never show him grunting like a savage as he tries to form a coherent sentence for more than 10 seconds at a time, because they’d be accused of bias just for showing him in his natural habitat. If you prefer to pretend that your leader isn’t the village idiot we all know him to be, then I hope it makes you feel better. The rest of the world would rather stick with reality. There’s a story about this topic you may want to consult; it’s called “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The Republican base can continue to tell each other, “oooohhhh, look how wise and resolute and insightful our great president is.” The rest of just snicker when the moron walks around buck naked.

    “The “racism” charge more fittingly describes the anti-semitic Left.”

    Ahh, another loony accusation the base pulls out of its ass in the hopes that someone might pay attention. But at least they use to be somewhat palusible (though never actually true); now they don’t even bear any resemblance to reality. Yes, the Left obviously must be a cover for rabid anti-Semitism; after all, what else could account for the fact that the proportion of Jews voting for the Democratic Party has fallen all the way down to EIGHTY-SEVEN PERCENT!! LOL. But you geniuses keep right on humping that “The Left are Jew-haters” story as hard as you can; maybe next election, you’ll get the percentage all the way to 85%.

  9. For Enforcement says:

    legaleagle, just one event tells me what kind of man Pres Bush is. When he was on a trip to S. America a couple of years ago the police of the country or city or whatever tried to separate a Secret Service agent from the pres. The President pushed and shoved the police away, grabbled hold of the SS agent and basically rescued him. I’ve never seen any other Pres do anything similar. That’s a real man, in my opinion.