Mar 12 2007

Rolling Up al Qaeda In Iraq

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Lots of stories out today on the capture of al Qaeda In Iraq (from top to bottom). Top of the list is the deputy Emir for “al Qaeda In Iraq” (Zarqawi’s old organization reborn under various names). The US and Iraqi forces are definitely closing in on the Emir himself, al-Baghdadi. This report covers the capture of 27 terrorists across Iraq over the weekend. This second report puts the number captured at 61. Someone needs to ask Pelosi and Murtha how were we supposed to do all this with our troops huddled in Okinawa, Japan?

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Another one rides the bus”.

    Baghdad, March 12, (VOI) – A senior figure in al-Qaeda in Iraq armed group was arrested on Monday northeast of Baghdad, the official spokesman of the law-imposing security plan said. “Hussein al-Heyalli, the general mufti of al-Qaeda network in Iraq, was arrested and gave us information that will help to dismantle the group,” Brigadier Qassem Atta al-Mousawi said in news conference. “Since the beginning of March, 241 gunmen and 700 suspected militants have been arrested,” he said in the news conference, which was attended by General William Caldwell, spokesman for the Multi-National forces in Iraq.

  2. crosspatch says:

    And the news just keeps getting better

    BAGHDAD, March 11 (KUNA) — As part of the Baghdad Law Enforcement Plan, the joint Iraqi-US forces killed a suspected terrorist and arrested 75 others in several parts of the Iraqi capital in the last 24 hours.