Mar 04 2007

Seixon Signing In

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Hello all! I’ve been given the privilege of guest blogging here in AJ’s absence, and I hope to make the most of it. Some of you may be familiar with my work, until March 1 of this year I maintained a blog at, most famous for exposing the lies of George Galloway, refutations of the Lancet mortality studies on Iraq, and my various run-ins with Larry Johnson and Jason Leopold. I’ve also been following the Plame investigation very closely, so with the Libby trial (hopefully) coming to a close, I might be posting a bit about it in the coming week. My blog was shut down because I simply did not have the time to maintain it on my own any longer. Guest-blogging is exactly what I was looking to do and I thank AJ for giving me the nod.

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  1. Dc says:

    Give us some dope on Galloway. What a putz!! He’s been rather quiet lately. Were they ever able to defintively prove his invovlement with kickbacks in the Iraq Oil For Food scandal?

  2. ivehadit says:

    And a big welcome to you, Seixon! Looking forward to your posts on the Libby trial..and that socialist, Galloway, of course!

  3. Seixon says:

    It was proven that Galloway’s political organization, the Mariam Appeal, received over $300K through someone acting as a money-launderer, Fawaz Zureikat, who got the funds illicitly through the Saddam Hussein regime under the Oil for Food Program. Galloway’s wife and spokesman were paid directly by Zureikat with funds made from illicit oil deals, Galloway never registered the funds his organization received with the British government, and Galloway hid the fact that he was tied to Zureikat.

    When he went before the Senate in May 2005, he claimed that he had always been forthright about his ties to Zureikat, and that he had always been honest about who Zureikat was and what he meant to his political organization (Zureikat was chairman for a period and was Galloway’s official representative in Iraq). He claimed he had noted all of this on the Mariam Appeal website and in Mariam Appeal literature.

    I showed using the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) that this was false, as the web site as of the spring of 2003 still did not contain any mention of Zureikat as a donor or as the chairman of the organization. It was in April 2003 that members of the press began to find evidence of Galloway’s dealings with Zureikat in Iraq, which led to him finally having to admit publicly that he had received money from this person.

    Conveniently, all the financial records for the Mariam Appeal were “unavailable” when an audit was being done on the organization, the documents having been transferred to Jordan and thus outside the reach of British authorities.

    I don’t think I’ll be writing any posts about Galloway, since all of this has been covered before, and Gallowaya has pretty much dropped off the radar these days.

  4. jforrik says:


    This is great! I was hoping we would see you again soon. So, let’s get to it: do you have any interest in or insight into the Litvenenko story?

  5. Seixon says:

    Honestly I haven’t followed too closely on the Litvenenko story, mostly because I wanted to wait for more facts to develop before I got into it. AJ seems to think it was a smuggling deal gone bad, others think Putin was trying to kill off these guys, who knows, maybe it’s a combination of both somehow. With the recent news of a guy who went on TV just last week alleging that Putin was behind this being shot just four days later, it does make you wonder.

    I certainly wouldn’t put it past the Putin government to be doing such a thing. We already had the murder of a Russian journalist critical of Putin. Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark. And by that I mean Russia.

  6. DaleinAtlanta says:

    Seixon: Hi, welcome back! How long before the morons “anonymous”, Steve-O” and “shaman” find out you are here, and come over to ceaselessly harrass you?

    Their entire raison d’etre for life, is to harrass you! It will be interesting!


  7. stevevvs says:

    Sorry you closed down your blog! I forwarded all Your Larry Johnson, Vip’s stuff to others. It was Very Good. I’ve enjoyed your comments at Just One Minute on the Libby Trial as well.
    I hope you start your Blog up again in the future. I for one, will miss it.

  8. mrmeangenes says:

    Seixon, you are invited to “guest post” on my blog anytime !

    (for a sneak peek: )

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Glad you are back! Looking forward to your posts.