Feb 28 2007

Hint On Libby Deliberations

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An interesting glimpse into the Libby trial deliberations has come out as the essence of the jury’s aborted question to Judge Walton has been made public:

Jurors seemed to want to know whether the charge hinges on whether Libby’s version of the conversation is true or whether what he told Cooper was true. As Walton and attorneys tried to parse that question, jurors apparently resolved it for themselves.

Clearly the answer is the first case, partially. What is at the heart of the charge is what Libby told the FBI. Whether Libby told Cooper a lie or his best belief is irrelevant. But even more so, it is simply a question of whether Libby believed what he said, not whether what he said was accurate. Hopefully the jury got it right. But clearly they are a bit lost, if just for a moment. The longer this goes on the more I think the jury will hang. But I may be wrong, it could simply be they are being thorough. I would think the guilty verdict would come easily.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    the prosecution would put on such a house of cards of poor and differing recall witnesses and seemingly failed to show intent or materiality of perjury charges

    I believe when the verdicts come in, you will find that this was not at all the viewpoint from the jury box. The defense – it its entirety – was:

    my dog ate my homework

    Jurors know that this does not work in the 3rd grade, nor will it work in Federal court.

    Fitzgerald’s prosecution – from opening statement to closing arguments – was laser focused and well-organized.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Regardless of whether Libby was guilty of one or all counts, Fitz’s arguments were deplorable and failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt, materiality, and intent of Libby’s charges.

    If Libby is found guilty, the appeals process looks good for him.

    We haven’t seen Wilson on the air much. Why? Because Wilson is a pathological liar. The SCCI report proved that he is. The Senate hearings proved that he is. Congress called him a liar.

    There are so many obvious incidents of the Libby case that occurred before and during the court hearings that are grounds for appeal. This is a case of a missing crime. No materiality. No intent. No motive. No opportunity. Plame was not covert. This is a case of “He said, he said”, which does not establish reasonable doubt.

  3. Soothsayer says:

    Fitz’s arguments were deplorable and failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt, materiality, and intent of Libby’s charges.

    Deplorable how?

    With respect to beyond reasonable doubt – have you read a transcript of the proceedings – cause I haven’t seen one yet? Or are you relying upon the hearsay commentary of others in prejudging the case Fitzgerald presented?

    The trier of fact will determine whether the threshholds of reasonable doubt, materiality and intent were met.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    Here’s a gamble.


    The jurors saw it. And, tried to diagram it with arrows. But all they got for their efforts were flying paper airplanes around the jury room.

    NO. They didn’t want the judge to “un-garble” it. All they needed was a good night’s sleep.

    If you haven’t seen the 127 “draft” version of this toilet paper … Ooops. Or make that poops. The jury instructions … You’ll see how this judge is an IGNOR-AMOS. His cookies crumbled a long time ago.

    But the jurors are still hard at work. And, some day, when they come out, again, I think they’ll acquit. Oddly enough.

  5. Carol_Herman says:

    By the way, courts usually have a DRESS CODE. When you get into the jury room, waiting for your “call” … you’ll be told you shouldn’t wear sneakers or jeans. TO court. But to “dress appropriately.”

    Inside the jury room? Heck, they may even be bringing in food, now. To offset the crap the government serves? You’ll just never know, until you hear it from the jurors, themselves.

    As to “what to wear,” they could, of course, have “nice clothes,” hanging inside the jury room, already? Brought previously. And, hung neatly.

    Again, the rules aren’t the jurors. The belong to the judge.

    And, one really neat way to get out of a jury summons is to show up looking like the bag lady. OR? Carrying a Bible, to read. Or, failing that? Hanging a large cross around your neck. One that’s visible from a distance.

    In other words? You’ll only lose one day if you know how to game the summons.

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    By the way, if you can handle them, the best way to get out of jury duty is to go sock-less, and where flip-flops.

    In order to show that you need them, run an ace bandage from mid-foot up your ankle. And, say you’ve got a snakebite, or something. Well, okay. A giant ‘miss-keeta’ bit yer heel. If your flip-flops are noisy enough, you’ll be out-da there as soon as the first day is over. Sure. You may have to call in for a week? But so what? You can always claim you got lost, or shuffled. Showing up on time is also a disgrace. Be late. Be late. Keep going back to the end of the line where they wand you in. Anything NOT to show you’re an efficient sheeple.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    Yes, we have read the blogs of the people that attended the court hearings. Both the lefties and the right-wingers. Lance of that maine website and Matt Apuzzo appear to be the best bloggers of these court hearings. Many of the leftwing bloggers that attended the court hearings have been wrong more than once.

    Yes, Fitz’s arguments have been absolutely deplorable. His investigation was very incomplete. He failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt, beyond motive, beyond intent, beyond opportunity.

  8. ivehadit says:

    Carol, that’s Washington and Lee University and they have “Fancy Dress” every year…big party. Lots of fun!

  9. Bikerken says:

    It should be obvious to all now that this jury has gone off the deep end. Not good for Libby. I think they have bought the concept that “Inconsistencies = guilt”.

  10. lurker9876 says:

    What’s happening in the Libby Trial? by Clarice Feldman, who also blogged at the court hearings twice.

  11. lurker9876 says:

    The mainstream American media is in trouble, big trouble. , by bookworm.

    Why? Because they lost credibility with us.

    All of their reportings about Libby and the war in Iraq against Global Jihadism have been baseless. And you, sooth-copperhead still believe in the MSM reportings.

  12. Soothsayer says:

    Less than insightful reporting from Clarice.

    Let me go out on a limb: the jury is methodically working thru the proofs that Libby is guilty of at least 3 counts. They’re taking this very seriously. We’ll have a verdict by Tuesday – maybe Monday.