Feb 26 2007

UK Shifting Forces To Afghanistan

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The liberal western media is a laughing stock of ignorance and fantasy. After wild and irresponsible reports of the UK leaving Iraq (which turned out to be over the period of more than a year and on the condition of successful handover to local authorities) we now find out some of the troop movements are actually a shift in forces. It seems after the initial 1600 UK troops leave Iraq, 1400 UK troops will be heading to Afghanistan. Sounds like your classic troop rotation to me. But then I am a lowly blogger – what do I know compared to the geniuses at CNN and the BBC! Of course, one has to wonder why so many bloggers with day jobs can also monitor and correct the news media in such broad numbers and on so many diverse subjects. It seems having information is not all that is required in reporting. You have to have some realistic inkling what it means.

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  1. kathie says:

    If the Dems and the pundents had been quiet for a second, they would have known what the plan was. It was announced the same day as the draw-down. They just couldn’t help themselves.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    If the Dems and the pundents had been quiet for a second, they would have realized how successful the handover was. Only all they did was to espouse the negativity of the successful handover by pointing out the type of government run in southern Iraq.

    They sure go out of they way to make sure we would lose this war. Copperheads!

    The Surge: It’s Effective… Almost… Too Effective – after two weeks of the surge of one brigade with 3 more coming in.