Feb 13 2007

Whiney Feminists Drifting Into History

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Feminists are so out of vogue it is pathetic. Just look at the Edwards campaign and the firing, hiring, resigning of one of the ‘more popular’ feminists bloggers to get an indication of what is wrong with the now defunct movement. Personally, I had never heard of these folks and when I read some of their posts I realized they were still mesmerized by foul language – just like a teenage boy! Oh the irony.

Feminist tag all men as beneath them, basically employing the same hatred that male chauvenists used to employ against women for centuries. Whatever the value of the feminist movement in the past, it is all gone today. This role reversal is interesting, but also is the death knell of a once valued movement. It seems that only the dregs are left whining about how unfair all those bastards and whores are.

The ‘ladies’ at Pandagon (and boy are they ‘gone’) are lashing out because Amanda Marcotte is learning a real lesson in life – no one admires her outside her little echo chamber. In fact, she is quite the repulsive human being. Oh well, some day she will realize it was all her own doing. But for now she has quit the Edward’s campaign, and the Pandagon’s are out for revenge on Bill Donohue. I guess Marcotte’s relentless insecurity regarding religion was too much for Edwards to take, because clearly she was going to lose the election for him. But ignore all the pretense of this being honorable act of selflessness, and that somehow the Pandagons are all good with their heroic sacrifice. The truth is they are as vindictive as they are repulsive. They are calling for a (useless) campaign to turn Donohue into the IRS because he voiced is opinion. More irony on the reference to Don Quixote, the man tilting at windmills as he remembers a past long gone. Sorry ladies, but voicing your opinion is not against the law and your efforts against Donohue are just one more example of your lack of self control.

The feminist movement is the perfect model for what is happening to the Democrats. Feminists used to want equality, a partnership with men in this country. To have an equal voice and be equal. My mother was one of the real original feminists, going to college in the 1940’s and making a real career at a time when women were deemed more as property than anything else. Thanks to her my field (aerospace) and many others are now completely integrated and much better off for the increased diversity. But this absolutely critical achievement of the past has no bearing on those who have highjacked the movement today. And so it is with the Democrats as well. They are not the valued Democrats of King and Kennedy.

In fact, today’s feminists are less savory than the ‘male pigs’ of yesterday. At least property can be cherished. The feminists of today think of men (and sadly boys) as scum and trash. They delight in their belittlement. Like I said, they have become what they used to fight. Democrats are the same way. They used to be for unity and respect, now their only talent is the glib insult.

It is clear the feminist movement has distilled down to those with some emotional baggage towards men. Not that men are all that great. The stories I hear at times make me embarrassed to be a man some days. But there are good men out there. And if you want to change the paradigm emoting anger and disgust and range only returns the same. No one likes to be attacked and belittled. It’s almost as if the feminists need to perpetuate the barriers in order to have some pathetic purpose to their lives.

All the more to pity them. Because those men and women like myself and my wife and my family and friends really ENJOY each other and our understanding of our differences. We respect each other. There is no hate, no animosity, no insecurity. We can offer and receive needed criticism without cowering behind some fantasy like ‘male dominance’. We are in a wonderful place of equality. Which is why the feminists are so repulsive. There is no way we are giving up our gifts for their sour grapes.

The Democrats are heading in the same direction, if the Republicans can get their act together. If the far right can moderate (not their views, their expectations on the pace of progress) then they can build a coalition of diverse, but mutually respected views. They can join a force to be reckoned with – as we had before the far right revolted against Bush. This would leave some folks out – Like Sen Hagel and Pat Buchanan. But that is the point, leave out those people who cannot find common ground . Countries are built on common purposes, not by focusing in differences and belittling each other over it. The dems focus on differences and belittling, just as the feminists do. If the right can dump the “RINO” stuff (which doesn’t apply to me anyway – I am an independent) then maybe, just maybe, the angry left will drift into history. Otherwise, the country will be treated to the sight of a bunch of supposed adults hurling insults at each other while problems fester.

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  1. Sensible Mom says:

    It’s Always Someone Else’s Fault…

    but her critics only quoted her writing, which beyond being foul is so childish, self-absorbed, bigoted, bitter and illogical.

    Welcome to the real world Marcotte where in order to be respected you need to act like an adult.

  2. Terrye says:

    Most of these feminists would not lift a finger to help a woman in a place like Iran or Afghanistan. In fact they consider the really abysmal treatment a lot of women in those cultures have to suffer as just being a sign of diversity. It is only abuse when they say it is.

  3. lassoingtruth says:

    “. If the far right can moderate (not their views, their expectations on the pace of progress) then they can build a coalition of diverse, but mutually respected views. They can join a force to be reckoned with – as we had before the far right revolted against Bush. This would leave some folks out – Like Sen Hagel and Pat Buchanan.”

    Strata believes those he calls “far rightists” should keep their “views”
    but “build a coalition of diverse views” which if effective will
    merely “moderate the pace of progress” in making the pre-existing “far right” views law. Aerospace expert, yes, logician, no.

    Terrye , do you also presume partners in a troubled marriage
    can devote extraordianry time to counsel a neighbors’ troubled marriage successfully -while strengthening their own rocky contract?
    If so you’re a liberal.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    Both sides of my family are largely matriachial. The men in my family were by no means hen-pecked. They just wanted their wives and children to be happy.

    My sister had an ideal marriage. I told her many times I regarded her as a stand-in for Donna Reed. She would laugh and tell me that she was far from Donna Reed but she did have a wonderful marriage. Her husband was easy going and only put his foot down once or twice a year. When he did she paid attention because he so rarely did.

    It was a real shock to get out into the world and find out how life really was for women in the south. So I became a feminist of sorts. What I wanted was equal pay for the same job and the chance to get those jobs. Back when I was young the good old boys ruled the business world and acted like we were only good for bed, kitchen or in front of a typewriter. Some still do. However, my point is that I became disenchanted by the actual feminist movement long ago. I used to belong to some feminist organizations but quit them when I discovered that they wanted to treat men the same way we have been treated. I didn’t want that. I wanted equality and by and large I have found it. The feminist movement did not rally behind Paula Jones in her sexual harrassment claim and that is when I began to despise them. They did rally around Bill Clinton and I thought this was so hypocritical. They rallied around him because they felt he would likely support their beliefs and he did. They support the people who will do them the most good not the women all over the world who need help.