Feb 01 2007

NY Times’ Greed For Fame & Fortune Knows No Bounds

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Gateway Pundit and others are rightfully outraged by the NY Times’ use a video of a dying soldier to beef up their traffic and get their ad revenues back and possibly more Pulitzers. These vultures think nothing of the pain and suffering of the family as the NY Times uses their fallen son to make a buck. It is horrific that the material is still up on the NY Times website. This is how the media makes its money – by getting eyeballs on their stories. No eyeballs no revenues no big checks and posh NY City offices. It is incredible the media, which makes wild accusations about George Bush using our military for supposed oil profits (show me one dollar Bush has made in oil profits) when in reality the media uses images of dead and dying people to make every penny they earn. They expose our national defenses so they can make a buck. The video tape a dying soldier to make a buck. Their whole existence is to make money of tragedy and conflict. If the world was primarily harmonious and joined in good ventures of general good these bottom feeders wouldn’t make squat. Who are the ones exploiting the war? The left and the media. They are turning it into a money generating enterprise of ad dollars and political donations. Well our people did not die to line their pockets. Someone needs to take action. And I think a year of boycotting the NY Times would be a fair and just punishment for this act of greed.

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6 Responses to “NY Times’ Greed For Fame & Fortune Knows No Bounds”

  1. jewells45 says:

    I was disgusted when I heard about this yesterday.

  2. BarbaraS says:

    I think putting them out of business totally would be even fairer.

  3. kathie says:

    Let’s do it!

  4. rodeoclown51528 says:

    What is there to do when you’ve already been boycotting these asshats? I’m all for everyone else getting on the wagon though, I’m all for that particular business to fail. When everyone’s finished with them we can move on to the WaPo.

  5. mervb says:

    I think there is another agenda at work. They are using the suffering of the troops as a prop for their anti war agenda. It is similar to the phony row of crosses planted by the Cindy Sheehan followers. They want to use their sacrifice to undercut the troops mission. The story is really about the undercutting the war on the home front. Check what Bill Keller said in response to the complaints by the military.

  6. crosspatch says:

    According to Rasmussen President Bush’s approval ratings are starting to inch upward again. Expect a coordinated effort across the media in the coming days to get those numbers back down. They will probably even pull Katrina back out of their back of gloom.

    Did anyone notice the story on Drudge yesterday that the NYT reported a loss of over a half a BILLION dollars? Desperate times call for desperate measures.