Feb 01 2007

What To Do About Iran

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One thing is for sure the way to deal with Iran is not to listen to a Congress full of presidential wannabes wringing their hands in a massive display showing why America rarely looks to Congress for strong leaders anymore. The noise out of that place has me thinking we need to restrict Congress with some constitutional changes. Not because I want to restrict the people’s representatives – we just need much better representatives and I am worried about the harm the ones we have now will do to us all.

But what to do about Iran. First off, we should make it clear to them that coordinated attacks by their forces on us in Iraq is an act of war. Whether our military or support personnel were in Germany, Japan, Australia or the US we would consider state coordinated attacks on us an act of war. That cannot change no matter how much it pains Grandma Hagel in the Senate. She can weep and handwring all she wants, but Grandma Chuckles’ fears are the wrong answer to Iran and the Islamo Fascists. They smell fear they will come for blood. If they see hesitation they will open the floodgates. The best way to avoid a war is to tell them one is coming and they will be the first to leave this plane of existence.

The second thing to do is strengthen the border. It was reported in Israeli papers that plans were being discussed to put some serious eyes on muscles on the Iran-Iraq border (to keep more Iranians out and those in country causing trouble from getting away). And if a trail leads to a coordination center just across the border from which Iranians are operating in Iraq then so be it – destroy it. My feeling is the ‘act of war’ trigger has already been tripped. The point to be made now is we are serious.

And serious does mean taking our time, getting it right and making the case against Iran solid. I find it actually quite heartening the administration is making all efforts not to produce poor quality intelligence and reports on this matter, unlike the CIA products that came out for Iraq.

The entire Libby trial that is ongoing is the result of a myriad of CIA screw ups and rogue elements trying to tip a US election. Kerry’s boy Wilson tried to smear a President AFTER we went to war. He had the evidence before hand, but he waited until our troops were in control of Baghdad before he and is CIA wife went to the media with their lies (and they were all lies). If, as Judith Miller testified yesterday (per the blogging from Firedog Lake), Wilson’s 2002 trip was a mission to debunk his 1999 trip (also at the behest of Valerie) then we have something truly sinister going on within our CIA. We have people planning long in advance to establish a manufactured crisis of confidence in our President at a time when our troops are in harms way. We have a case of power lust so strong the lives of Americans are not an issue to get in the way.

So a word of caution to Grandma Hagel and her shrill buddies in Congress. The oath you took was to protect America and Americans. It was not to play with their lives. If Iran is targetting our people and killing them only one response is needed or wanted from you. We don’t need any messages muddled by your personal ambitions or emotional constipation with all things Bush. Either focus on the danger in front of us or resign. The board of directors of America are getting fed up with the childish name calling and all the inside the beltway navel gazing by Pols and the media lapdogs. If Iran is threatening us do not send out another roque attack team from the bowels of the CIA to launch a media lie. Fool me once, shame on you. Try to fool me twice and shame will look down right glorious in comparison.

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  1. TomAnon says:

    President Bush will lead. Congress will whine and wail. Note the job approval numbers of President Bush are rising and Congress is plummeting. President Bush moves to ensure our security. Congress moves to add earmarks to a minimum wage increase that should have been a slam dunk and has now taken three weeks to pass.

  2. TomAnon says:

    Oh yeah and let me add that while the President is conducting a war, successfully Ms. Pelosi worries about getting her, her family and her staff US Military flight privileges. In case your wondering, the military flight privileges are not a web seat on a C130. This is in the Special Air Wing out of Andrew’s that operates Air Force 1. The privileges she want to have at her beconing call are more expensive and cozier than flying Virgin Atlantic.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    If we can’t have term limits then we need to make changes during the primaries. The only reason these dweebs keep getting nominated is their incumbant status at the election. I’ll bet a dollar these people think we all approve of their antics.

    Congress will never vote in term limits. They were perfectly willing to do so for the presidency but not for them. Such hypocrites.

    All these people are doing is covering their butts in case of defeat. Then they can point out that they were against the war (after they were for it, of course) and against the so-called surge also.

    We now have a congress that is driven by self gratification and the country’s best interests can go hang.

  4. TomAnon says:

    Let me clarify that it is appropriate for the Speaker of the House to have this privilege for security reasons when conducting the business of the House. It is a huge reach to extend this perq. to staff, family and the rest of the California delegation to be used at any time.

  5. Nelle says:

    If I want power to influence national and international policy, I’ll become a pollster. Polls to a politician are like the ring in a bull’s nose. Doesn’t matter how big and tough he thinks he is, one good yank and he’s trotting off in a new direction.
    But how can we make polls off-limits to politicians?

  6. sbd says:

    In an article written by Dagny D’Anconia titled “TURKMENISTAN’S NUKES AND IRAN’S MESSIAH” and published on ToThePointNews.com, D’Anconia speculates that the death of Turkmenbashi could be linked to Iran and that Iran might have obtained a nuclear weapon left by the USSR.

    The president of Turkmenistan (Turkmenbashi) supposedly died of a “heart attack” on Dec. 21st. He was pretty fat, so it would be plausible. Of course it is also possible to induce a heart attack with small external of well known poison.

    The chairman of the legislature or Majlis, Ovezgeldy Atayev, was supposed to take control after Turkmenbashi’s death, but instead he was suddenly the subject of an criminal investigation. The deputy prime minister took the top position instead. Thus the death appears to be under somewhat suspicious circumstances. Little information is available from the obsessively secretive Turkmenistan government.

    While the Russians said that all nuclear materials were removed by 1992, it is likely that Turkmenistan still had tactical nukes left over from the USSR on premises. With the personality of Turkmenbashi, and the friction with Russian leaders, it seems unlikely Turkmenbashi would have simply turned them over to the Russians. There was bad blood there, and the megalomaniacal personality of Turkmenbashi, like that of Kim Jong Il, naturally leads to the hoarding of nuclear weapons, not giving them up.

    The visit between Iranian President and Turkmenbashi during the Lebanese war last July.

    Back in late July last year, Turkmenbashi had a visit from his neighbor to the south: Ahmadinejad of Iran. The visit was during the height of the recent Lebanon war. Publicly the two kooky leaders were talking trade and cooperation – including a gas pipeline that would bypass the Russians. However, the conversation probably also involved the urgent issues of the Lebanon war and Iran’s desperate search for nuclear weapons.

    The day after Turkmenbashi dies, Iran declared themselves a nuclear power.

    When Turkmenbashi died, the world had an additional surprise: the very next day, Dec. 22, Ahmadinejad made a major speech saying “Iran is now a nuclear power”. It was out of the blue and unexpected at the time. Nuclear authorities were focusing on the Iranian centrifuges, and estimating the day of reckoning with a “nuclear power” as months to years away.

    Last month, Iranian radio began broadcasting a series of programs to prepare the people for the return of the hidden iman which included taking back the holy cities in Iraq.

    Official Iranian radio recently broadcast a series entitled The World Toward Illumination to prepare people for the return of the Mahdi. One sign of his return is the seizure of the holy cities of Kufa and Najaf by the “Sofyani,” descendants of Mohammed’s enemy Abu Sofyan. Somehow, we Americans are these Sofyani, and the Mahdi will surely come to the rescue of these holy places.

    This series was completed around the 26th of January. Thus the people of Iran have just now been prepared for the imminent return of the Mahdi.

    Perhaps it is no coincidence that the next day, January 27th, there was heavy fighting in Najaf, and in nearby Kufa. Hundreds of members of the Soldiers of Heaven were well armed including Russian rockets. In two days 600 to 700 of them planned to massacre Shiites at the Ashoura, which is the most holy Shiite celebration of the year.

    The announcement of a satellite launch to show everyone in the region Iran could strike at any of them.

    That same day, January 27th, Aviation Week & Space Technology announced that Iran was preparing to launch a satellite into orbit. Experts noted that this missile may be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and “could strike anywhere in Israel, Saudi Arabia, the entire Persian Gulf region.” That includes Jerusalem. This peaceful “satellite” launch would be allowed to lift off, and only after the trajectory curved over toward Israel would it become apparent that there was more malign mission.

    February 1-11 of 2007 will mark the Iran’s sucess in becoming a nuclear state.

    GlobalSecurity.org has quoted Ahmadinejad as saying that the Iranians have big plans, starting today (February 1st):

    On 14 November 2006 President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that two major technological achievements of the government will be made public during the Ten-Day Dawn (February 1-11) of 2007. He said this year’s Ten-Day Dawn will the ten-day celebration of Iranian nation for its nuclear and technological achievements.

    “This year’s Ten-Day Dawn period will mark the Iranian nation’s success in mastering fuel cycle as well as its achievements in other fields,” Ahmadinejad said. He said Iran possesses the “full nuclear fuel cycle and time is completely running in our favor in terms of diplomacy.”

    On 18 December 2006 Government Spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham said that Iran will be announced as an established nuclear state during the 2007 Ten Day Dawn ceremonies.