Jan 19 2007

Iraq & US Nab al Qaeda Leader In Iraq

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The ‘surge’ continues to show results before it is even in full swing as we find an failry high al Qaeda leader was captured in Iraq:

In a separate incident, Iraqi police captured a Sunni extremist, said to be the leader of several al-Qaeda terrorist cells, during joint operations with coalition advisers, the US military announced Friday.

The suspect was detained Thursday in Samarra, 125 kilometres north of Baghdad, on suspicion of directing several bombings and small-arms attacks against Iraqi security and coalition forces.

The insurgent and his followers are reportedly involved in the continuing indiscriminate violence against civilians, and resulting economic and security instability, in the area, the statement added.

Iraqi forces also detained an additional suspect for questioning and confiscated numerous assault rifles, ammunition and explosive device components during the operation.

Hopefully these al Qaeda leaders follow the lead of others and squeal on their associates, allowing them to be rounded up as well. Wonder how this will all be looking when the ‘surge’ is up and running full bore?

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    If the best the spineless wimps in Congress can do to denounce the “surge” is a non-binding resolution, it could make for some interesting politics down the road, closer to the ’08 election, especially if the “surge” is successful. Chuck Hagel, who is up for reelection in ’08, is vehemently against more troops. I’d love to see him get his pink slip in the Republican primary. Probably wishful thinking, but it would go a long way in restoring my faith in the political process.

    OT, did anyone happen to catch the Tonight Show the other night. Leno was doing his man-on-the-street bit, asking ordinary people to identify pictures of potential 2008 presidential candidates. He showed this one young woman a picture of Obama, and she said “Oh, that’s Tiger Woods — he’s a golfer”. ROTFLMAO!!

  2. crosspatch says:

    The Iraqis got another one in Baghdad too:

    A captures high-level illegal armed group leader Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO

    BAGHDAD – In an Iraqi-led operation, Special Iraqi Army Forces captured a high-level, illegal armed group leader during operations with Coalition advisers Friday in eastern Baghdad.

    Iraqi forces detained him based on credible intelligence that he is the leader of illegal armed group punishment committee activity, involving the organized kidnapping, torture and murder of Iraqi civilians.

    The suspect is also reportedly involved in the assassination of numerous Iraqi Security Forces members and government officials.

    The suspect allegedly leads various illegal armed group operations and is affiliated with illegal armed group cells targeting Iraqi civilians for sectarian attacks and violence.

    He is believed to be affiliated with Abu Dura and other Baghdad death squad commanders.

    The operation occurred in the Baladiat area of Baghdad.

    Two additional suspects were detained by Iraqi forces for further questioning.

  3. ivehadit says:

    I think things had to get to “worse” before they could get to “good” in Iraq. George let the rope out and let the Iraqi’s wrap themselves in it…now they get to see that we really, really mean business…with or without them.

  4. crosspatch says:

    Although this article has nothing to do directly with Iraq, it does help illustrate the power of a Sayyed. The linked article from Michael Totten’s blog discusses a Sayyed in Lebanon who is against Hezbollah. Yet he can do what he wants without harm.

    Moqtada al-Sadr in Iraq is also a Sayyed that that is what makes him such a tough nut to crack. As a direct grandson of Mohammed, for us to attack him directly would result in a cultural explose all across the entire region. That is why we take out the people around him but not him directly.

  5. crosspatch says:

    One thing we could do that I believe could have an enormous impact is to somehow help the Iraqi Army and police with their pay system. One of the problems there is that pay is spotty and the banking system sucks. An Iraqi soldier can’t have their pay automatically deposited into a bank and have his wife access the funds with an ATM card. Instead, he is paid cash and goes on leave to go home and give the money to his family.

    This results in a large number of Iraqi soldiers being on leave at any given time. The lack of regular pay also makes staffing the police difficult and makes them vulnerable to bribery and other corruption. It is hard to stay on the job if you only get paid once every three or four months.

  6. Barbara says:

    If we are not paying the army and police where is the money going? I thought some of the money was to get their infrastructure up and running. I would think the army and police were a vital part of this infrastructure. Is it any wonder they are not learning with this pay system on their backs? Why not just put a target on their backs when they get paid?