Jan 17 2007

Al Qaeda Moving Out Of Baghdad – Now We See Them!

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Not much time to blog this but Powerline has a story up that claims US Intel is seeing Al Qaeda flee Baghdad on orders from their regional commander. This is excellent news. It means Al Qaeda has blown their covers, we see them moving and most likely know where they came frome. Red targets all around! That is the easiest way to get the bad guys to stand out from the population they are hiding in. The Surge is seeing on positive results already.

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  1. Sue says:

    I have to go re-read the constitution. Somewhere along the way someone changed it on me. If anyone knows where it says that senators and representatives are allowed to make decisions on troop deployment, will you point me to it? The only thing I am aware of them being able to control is the purse string. If they want to cut the funds, cut the damn funds. Otherwise, the man voted into office as president and as such the CiC should be allowed to move the military around as the CiC sees fit. I can’t figure out why if they (congress) are so sure of their convictions, they don’t just have the vote and cut the funds. They are going to **bleep** talk us to death.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    Sue, you don’t need to check the constitution, you got it right.

    “The only thing I am aware of them being able to control is the purse string. If they want to cut the funds, ”

    But this is the same as all laws the congress passes. Pres can approve or veto. If they vote to cut and he veto’s then they have to override if they have enuf votes. If they don’t they can’t cut funds.

    Let them vote and see who carries the day.

  3. Terrye says:

    I heard this is a non binding resolution which means it is worthless.

    And I think Bush already has what he needs to do this. If they want to cut the money and try to force retreat, that could backfire.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    Drudge (1/17), is running a headline (on the right side of his page). Where he says Maliki was interviewed by a “few” journalists; and was quoted as saying “nasty things about Bush.”

    Also included in this report, is Maliki’s desire that Bush leave him the guns, and has the Americans exit.

    Of course, Maliki is not charmed by Bush. And, vice versa.

    Among Bush’s statements, were references to Maliki actually having to take action; and not just use bullshit. Which is a difficult thing for any arab to do.

    On the other hand? “Something,” came along and caused both the sunni and shi’a terrorists to FLEE Baghdad. So what would Maliki use a gun-gift for, now?

    It’s very possible that as time moves on, Maliki is the guy Bush would like to see “leave Iraq.” This is probably do-able. Maliki didn’t live in Iraq during Saddam’s run. Maliki lived in fears of his own; either in Damascus or Tehran. (He used to switch between them. Rich enough, to own two homes.)

    What’s ahead?

    The Iraqi people were turned into fodder by both sides. Since arabs prefer firing at innocent women and children; or just civilians driving to work; you gotta give Bush credit for causing Maliki to lose his Sadr militia. Since, OBVIOUSLY, “to run” means they got scared out of their pants. Put on disguises. And, headed for the hills.

    While in Lebanon, things don’t look so good, either.

    But if this is “war” it sure looks strange. Tehran is “fighting” in Beirut. By hosting nasrallah’s tents. And, the french? They’re in Southern Lebanon. Still walking on two feet. And, guzzling wine they buy from a local grocer. (Pictured on Totten’s blog.) Hmm? Southern Lebanon was supposed to be a moon scape. Then, it was supposed to be full of at least a million bomblets, dropped by the Israelis this past summer. Yet, there ya go. Michael Totten “toured the valley.” Went in on two feet. And, came out the same way.

    So the “news” we get leaves lots to be desired.

    Probably, if you were to paint up some banners (which is really the arts and crafts part of arabs “going to war”) you’d have to buy a paint that could survive years and years of exposure. As the arabs, looking unemployed, hang around in groups, sucking on their hookahs.

    There’s no action being taken to clear the streets of Beirut, either.

    And, if we’re fool enough to run, then the democraps are gaining ground. While, I just don’t think so. (Pelosi smacked up that brand new car that she drove out of the showroom.) If I were an insurance agent, I wouldn’t insure that woman, who seems to lack rudimentary driving skills, at all. Gee? If she drives to New Hampshire, will that mean she’s a candidate for the presidency? (The ONION does better headlines than the New York Post.)

  5. Dennis says:

    The President had to brief Congressional members on both sides of the aisle. In the current political melieu, I think he was aware that anything the Democrats knew would be used against him and his plans and, therefore, he put out the information that he did. The fact that the coalition forces took down the Iranian “consulate” the same day as his speech informs me that the operation was well underway prior to the speech (ditto the arrival of the carrier task group in the Persion Gulf).
    He (the Pres.) has replaced all of the operational team fighting the war (including especially the Iraq theater) from the SecDef down with very smart, very agressive men with established records of success.
    He is following a new strategy developed and recommended by his primary commander on site and a number of private and former military experts.
    I think the new push stands a very good chance of success if only the liberal faction in this country will either get out ofthe road or can be beaten. It’s a tough deal to fight a hot war overseas as well as a fifth column at home.
    Success depends on a confident, agressive posture, The President has it; the military has it; I have my doubts about the rest of us.

  6. crosspatch says:

    There is still only one carrier group in the gulf. There is another enroute (Stennis, I believe) that has left Washington and is headed toward San Diego to pick up its air wing but won’t be in the gulf for at least another 2 weeks.

  7. For Enforcement says:

    Also it was said the Ronald Reagan would be going that way also.

  8. Carol_Herman says:

    Ho-hum. During Vietnam, our American soldiers were WARNED not to trust the kids! The kids would come at them with “offers” … “Do you want to meet my sistah?”

    But if they went they were killed. Sometimes by the kids, themselves. Who’d lop off the ears, and get $15 bucks from the Viet Cong. While all the media attention dribbled away what victories we really had on the ground.

    But in a sense? Vietnam gave the democraps Kerry. And, if you can’t get constipated on realizing they haven’t crapped him out yet, then you’re just a person who gets upset when the news plays Jaws as background music.

    Bush knows what he’s dealing with in iraq. And, he knows more about maliki than he even knows about pelosi. And, pelosi is just an old broad with face lifts, trying to pass herself off as “younger than springtime.”

    Doubt the donks are successful.

    While in Bush’s pants pocket is the VETO PEN!

    As to “3 weeks from now,” I don’t buy that anyone of you has a lock on FATE. Fate has a way of upsetting lots of applecarts. While “she” can also make those who bet on lottery tickets, also poorer.

    While up ahead? I get my kicks at Little Green Footballs. And, from there it looks like the TV show, “24” is finally getting the arabs to feel like indians, in the old cowboy movies. (To those who need a hint, the indians didn’t win.)

    And, in 3 weeks we’ll be “3 weeks’ later in iraq.” maliki will still be trying to hold onto his “base” … While Sadr won’t be any smarter, either.

    But it would be foolish NOT to stick around iraq! Because unlike the chinese, when things get going gangbusters in iraq, it’s gonna be the “dudes on the ground” who can walk away with lots of business. Since it isn’t “free” when you build infrastructure.

    You think iraq doesn’t go anywhere?

    Then, don’t buy stock.

    But who even knew back in the 1970’s that MacDonald’s could’a made ya rich? Or IBM would get it wrong about personal computers?

    I think what we see from the media. And, the donks. Are there because DESPERATION has set in! Otherwise? They’d be more laid back. And, let things develop, better.

    Anyway, go ahead. Think what you want.

    But arabs? Look at all the stalls you see when you look at Lebanon. And, you see pretty good business flying out the window, because the leadership hasn’t discovered a way to bring down nasrallah’s tents. As businessmen deal with CLOSURES to their businesses. (Which is cheaper than trying to keep stores and restaurants open.) While the morons stay in their tents. Writing banners.

    When banner-writing brings success call me.

    That we have to wait?

    Look how long Libby’s been waiting!

    While we just wonder how far off track blacks can fall? DC is as much their town as anybody’s. But foisting Libby up to be hung out to dry, doesn’t speak well of the movers and shakers of DC.

    No wonder pelosi drove her new majority sports model straight through the showroom’s plate glass window.

    Just in case you ever wondered WHY women needed affirmative action, displayed in front of your eyes are the facts that people like pelosi can’t drive. And, they’ll never make it at NASCAR.

    If you can’t make it at NASCAR you might as well forget about “being successful” working for all the jerks whose businesses are being bled dry. (You thought it was only ENRON?)

    America, as Winston Churchill said back in October 1929, cannot ever stop greed and stupidity. But she sure has the laws necessary in place to clean up the messes that happen when greed and stupidity rule.

    Today, Fox wins with “24.” And, Borat keeps on winning, fart jokes and all. Shows ya. ONE MAN CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ROUTINE FAILURE. And, making hits.

    The donks are desperate! So desperate, in fact, Geffen is trying to derail Hillary! By telling her she won’t get any money from the holly-weirdies. And, if you don’t think Drudge made headline news, you don’t know real news from the fake stuff you get out of all the Compost Heaps.