Jan 17 2007

Silly Democrats

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I am definitely in one of my “are there any sane politicians left in the world” moods today. But of course with so many people say so many incredibly silly things it is hard not to be. All the 2008 Presidential contenders seem to be on the ‘who can say the dumbest thing” tour this week. And not to be out done by losers-at-the-gate Boy Obama and the Angry Tancredo, Hillary has decided to shove her foot in her mouth as well.

he United States should set a limit on the number of US troops in Iraq but increase numbers in Afghanistan, Senator Hillary Clinton has said.

Troop limits? Like how her husband imposed troop limits in action in Mogadishu in 1993 and created the now historic Black Hawk Down incident? You don’t put artificial limits on the military when they are in the heat of battle. It is either give them all they need to win or pull them out. No in between. This is the kind of ignorant thinking that gave us Vietnam as well as Mogadishu. When will Pols realize that a career in the military never implies the ability to wage a successful military campaign, but that never even being in the military is a sure fire way to guarantee defeat? I am not saying that civilian leadership cannot be used without personal military experience. But the farther one is from that experience the more they need to rely on the military to support their decision process. The Powell doctrine is true to this day – clear objectives and decidely overwhelming resources to carry them out. No half measures. These are people’s lives we are dealing with.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    The democraps are not in charge!

    And, given the crap they’ve fielded into majority slots, there’s not going to be a hell of a lot of education for them to absorb, ahead, either.

    The Constitution hands the War Powers to the President.

    And, as far as this Congress goes, I’ll venture a guess that “you’ve seen nothing, yet.”

    Turns out, Beldar IS blogging again! And, just for sport, instead of New Year’s Resolutions, he made predictions. The stuff we usually have to leave to fate, to see results as time passes us all by.

    And, Beldar PREDICTS that Bush will use his veto pen on this congress more than 16 times (within the next two years). And, congress won’t be able to “over-ride.”

    Worth considering, ya know?

    Because when businesses make bad predictions, in time they do not grow so big they can frighten Bush into bailing them out. Ken Lay had to kill himself to avoid the guilty charges landing on his estate. Doesn’t make me weep.

    That an election fiasco happened in November? How so? The GOP needed to get a minor correction set on the course of corruption many in congress (who get elected anyway), still don’t “get.” So they sit there NOW, more worried about the Internet. And, much more worried about Americans who communicate through blogs. And, have discovered Porkbuster reports. Where the names of the bad guys just stick up there.

    By the way, when pelosi flew out of the showroom window, to occupy her seat; never held by a woman, before. What did you notice? Well, for one, she still can’t pee standing up.

    And, the way she’s peppered the committees in the HOUSE, are you really expecting anything besides dysfunction? Christmas decorations, and other hoopla, never turn families who are nuts, around.

    And, the donks haven’t got enough leadership; that if you handed them the keys to NASCAR’s, that they’d be able to stay on course, and race.

    And, you imagine pelosi in the lead vehicle? Well? She’s in one! Turns out, here, the whole kit and caboodle of them would have been better off with paul newman in the lead.

    But paul newman is probably still too good looking to make it in politics.

    As to the show? That’s why microwaving popcorn was invented. (Ask paul newman. He put his products in the market because he’s a wise guy. He wants to sell his stuff to lots of Americans. You see any “pelosi sauce” next to his jars?)

    By the way. Please don’t worry. The budget for the military is HUGE. And, it was set LAST YEAR.

    Up on Captain’s Quarters, on a thread about Iraq, Steven Den Beste posted that he’s worried because the bad guys have chosen to run. And, he thinks the ploy will be “just to wait us out.”

    That might work with anybody else, but not Bush. He’s the best “waiter” in town. No matter the chaos in the kitchen. He’s got his veto pen ready. And, every day we just get closer to 2008. Have you noticed the clowns aren’t fielding much of a home team, either? Just re-treads.

  2. crosspatch says:

    The more time that passes the more I come to the conclusion that we aren’t serious in Iraq. In the latest folly, we announce our security plans for Baghdad a month in advance. Now we have the bad guys scattering like roaches from a light and an increase in bombings.

  3. crosspatch says:

    I found this article linked to from Instapundit:

    The cold, hard truth about the Bush administration’s strategy of “surging” additional U.S. forces into Iraq is that it could work. Insurgencies are rarely as strong or successful as the public has come to believe. Iraq’s various insurgent groups have succeeded in creating a lot of chaos. But they’re likely not strong enough to succeed in the long term. Sending more American troops into Iraq with the aim of pacifying Baghdad could provide a foundation for their ultimate defeat, but only if the United States does not repeat its previous mistakes.

    There’s also a very well written report by the guy who went to Iraq with Michelle Malkin. It doesn’t sugar coat the situation. I wish the pros would produce such honest and thoughtful reporting. The amateurs (

  4. crosspatch says:

    Oops, accidently posted before I was done.

    The amateurs (amateur in this case meaning in the sense of someone who isn’t doing something professionally, not as a judgement of quality or skill) are beating the pants off the pros in the quality of reporting from Iraq.


  5. Terrye says:


    I think maybe they wanted them to scatter.

  6. Carol J says:

    Anybody catch Hillary’s presser on “HER NEW IRAQ POLICY” To cut the security detail on the Iraqi government and send them to Afganistan…or at least threaten to! The Democrats plan to be tough alright…on our allies…NOT the enemy!

    This wasn’t just a statement folks. This was an opening speech in her campaign to take the White House away from President Bush, and not in ’08 either! Look, it’s one thing for her to make statments to the press (hell it is STILL -for the time being anyway) a free country. However, Hillary, like her husband continues to give speeches overseas that our enemy uses as propaganda. Her “suggestions” to DOD Secretary Gates to move a battalion from Iraq to Afganistan is nothing more than MEDDLING and micromanaging which, apparently she can’t wait until she actually in the White House to do.

  7. crosspatch says:

    “I think maybe they wanted them to scatter.”

    For what purpose? The current commander of Al Qaida in Iraq actually has military training. He isn’t a fanatic like Zarqawi was. He is conserving his forces. He has engaged in a tactical retreat and we apparently have allowed him to escape, at least for now. This means that he and his forces will live to fight another day.

  8. crosspatch says:

    There is, however, an interesting angle that could be played. The Iranian President is having some difficulties of his own at home in Iran. If Ahmadinejad appears that he is provoking a confrontation with the Americans in Iraq, he may be put under domestic pressure to scale things back. In other words, his own people and indeed even the religious leadership may not be so keen to start a military confrontation that could set their “revolution” back as their previous war with Iraq did.

    Sure, the people will rally around him if he is seen as defending Iran against the US, but if he is seen as deliberately provoking the US through actions in Iraq that lead to the killing of Americans, he may not have a lot of support.

    Have a look at this recent press release from Iraq:

    Multi-National Division – Baghdad PAO

    BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers captured six suspected insurgents and recovered a large weapons cache Jan. 15 during a security operation in East Baghdad.

    Also recovered were $1,400, 13 million Iraqi dinar, and 100,000 Iranian riyals

    Hmmm … now why would 100,000 Iranian riyals be found in an Iraqi weapons cache?

  9. The Macker says:

    Those focussing on the “surge” component of the Bush Plan have already missed the point.

    His plan calls for dividing Baghdad into 9 districts, to be secured and held by coalition forces with American troops imbedded down to the NCO level. A large contingent of Kurdish troops is also coming. And there are other components to the plan. I suspect, US added ,border security is an unannounced component.

    Hillary’s military expertise must be a negative quantity.

    If Baghdad can be secured , the terrorists lose.

  10. crosspatch says:

    We might not get a chance. We are a month out from even BEGINING to secure Baghdad. The AP now has 4 weeks to convince people that the “suge” has failed before it even starts. As far as the mindless masses are concerned, they are under the impression that the “surge” has already started. The clock starts ticking in people’s minds when it is announced, not when it really starts.

    Keep in mind that MOST people in this country don’t get much news at all aside from what they might hear on the traffic station on their way in to work in the morning. They generally listen to their iPod and surf porn sites in their free time. They have no idea what is really going on.

  11. crosspatch says:

    Some of my co-workers do read blogs, though. They get their “news” from Greenwald. They think he is the best thing since Walter Cronkite.

  12. For Enforcement says:

    Crosspatch, I never read Greenwald, but isn’t everybody in the whole world better than Cronkite? well, except Kos.

    They think he is the best thing since Walter Cronkite.

  13. For Enforcement says:

    Crosspatch, one thing you are dead on about. People don’t listen to news or keep up with the world events (in general) Did you see Hannity when he showed several people on the street a picture of Nancy Pelosi and none of them knew who she is. When he gave a hint’ nancy’ they said “Reagan?” That is the state of the average citizen.
    Most people can’t pick out any state or country on a globe. They are uninformed and remind me of Alfred E. Newman, “what, me worry?”

    Most of them have no clue as to what’s going on in Iraq, but the formerly MSM says it’s bad, so it must be. And these people elect politicians.