Jan 17 2007

Note To Democrats: Get Serious

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I was perusing RCP headlines and noticed this comment from a liberal “Note to Obama Skeptics: This Is Not a Fad”. Well note to Democrats, get serious. “Boy Obama”, as I referred to him in a previous post, is not a candidate to be taken seriously. We live in very dangerous times with blood thirsty madmen trying to kill as many of us at every opporunity, and these nutcases are willing to die trying. Sadly for Obama one probably outcome of his inexperience and niavete is playing out on the show “24” right now as the young President Palmer tries to negotiate with terrorists and ends up missing their most deadly attacks.

Boy Obama won his Senate seat because his party unsealed personal divorce proceedings of his opponent, over the objection of wife and husband both. Turns out the husband had a wierd sexual preference, and that is why Obama is in the Senate. Sorry, but an act of personal blackmail is not sufficient credentials for Commander In Chief. Obama will not be able to use an army of PI’s and Political Hitmen to take on Al Qaeda.

And to compound his image as an nothing more than a pretty facade (and trust me, men are not going to fall for that one) he goes out for President with only one third of his boring and results barren first term in the Senate under his belt. The man talks in PR BS. The American people are not looking for the next “American Idle”. They want a serious and intelligent and, yes, wiley leader who will be forcing our enemies back on their heels at every opportunity. Not someone who spends his time pruning and sitting for photo ops and making videos of his vacuous dreams.

If this is no fad, the Democrats are clueless and should give up now. Either take the threats to our nation seriously or just be honest – you have no answers and not a clue what to do. Even smallness of ideas is better than vacant platitudes. Obama is a joke right now. A bad one at that.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Obama is very inexperianced. He might be a media darling but I really feel the Democrats would be handing the Presidency to the Republicans if they run him. They will have to run someone with more of a track record if they are serious.

  2. Barbara says:

    I doubt that Obama thinks he can get the nomination for the presidency but what about vice president? He may be angling for that. A lot of times these guys go into the #1 race so they can get #2.
    And four or eight years down the road then they can run for president as an incumbent. That’s kind of like winning the presidency by the back door. However, the only thing I can see that running him in any capacity is the black vote and the dems have that anyway so what’s the point.