Jan 02 2007

Al Qaeda Loses Big

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Al Qaeda received a major defeat in Somolia over the last few weeks as the Somoli and Ethiopian armies routed the Islamo-Fascists from just about all corners of the country they once deemed a major haven:

Somalia’s prime minister said Tuesday that rival Islamic fighters have been scattered and he does not expect any more major fighting. His Ethiopian backer said he would withdraw his troops within weeks.

Government forces, backed by Ethiopian troops, were pursuing the remnants of an Islamic militia that until two weeks ago controlled most of southern Somalia and threatened to drive out the internationally backed government.

The Islamic movement’s casualties run into the thousands, Ethiopia said.

As the last remaining stronghold of the Islamic group – the port of Kismayo – was overrun by government troops backed by Ethiopian tanks and MiG fighter jets, attention turned to suspected al-Qaida fighters believed to be sheltered by the hard-line group, including three suspects wanted by the United States in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa.

Somalia’s interim government and its Ethiopian allies have long accused Islamic militias of harboring al-Qaida figures, and foreign Islamic fighters – including Pakistanis, Arabs and Chechens – are believed to have come to Somalia to fight on behalf of the Islamic movement in recent months.

Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and his top deputy Ayman al-Zawahri have said they see Somalia as a battleground in their global war on the West.

It is worthy to note this effort was the result of US support to regional powers solving their regional issues. This is classic Bush foreign policy – basically what he ran on during the 2000 election cycle. The US provided naval support (and I would suspect intelligence) so that the Somali and Ethiopian military could strike quickly and confidently, making the exercise one of weeks instead of months and years. This is not too different from the model used in Afghanistan. Sadly it is not a model that was available in Iraq, but Iraq is actually balancing on a knife edge with the strong potential for the Islamo Fascist insurgency to run out of gas and quit very soon.

Al Qaeda has suffered defeat after defeat. And it is well past time the US begin to communicate the losses they have suffered so that what remaining energy is still in the movement can be exhausted. We may have lost 3,000 people and roughly that number since fighting the war on terrorism, but I am confident the Islamo Fascists have suffered probably many times that number. If it was known the Jihadists had been decimated to the tune of tens of thousands of fighters, with nothing but losses to show for it, the desire to fight could dissipate quickly. No one, not even a martyr, will die for a lost cause. Even the Palestinians had to be brainwashed AND bribed to go their martyrdom.

Al Qaeda is not a military force – it is a collection of emotionally insecure thugs who like to torture people to get their kicks. It is well past time we advertise what happens to these sick and brutal animals – just like Saddam. Enough of the queaziness and political correctness. This is a war and it can end if we play to win. Al Qaeda is losing and the only thing propping them up right now is media generated propaganda. Time to end this.

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  1. Barbara says:

    And did anyone see the 1,000 Somalis here in the US protesting the Ethiopians helping oust Al Quaeda from their former country. They said the country was more peaceful under the Islamic Courts. I wish someone would tell me what we let into this country. They ought to round up these idiots and send them back to Somalia.

  2. Mark78 says:

    Yes, this is a big victory as are the ones that have been had in the Philipines, Indonesia and elsewhere that have had to remain below the radar. One day we will be made aware of all the victories in both Asia and Africa that the media have little to no interest in covering.

    On a related note about Saddam and al Qaeda both being mentioned, looks like Saddam’s top loyalists are admitting that they once Saddam was caught they lined up to follow, none other than one Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Excerpts of the TIME interview here…

  3. erp says:

    Mark78, it’s a credit to We, the People, that Somali’s (or anyone else) can demonstrate peacefully on any issue, no matter how nutso, and they can do so in complete safety.

    It isn’t surprising that few have returned to their native land. Once people live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, they tend to want to stay here … and who can blame them.

  4. Barbara says:


    I think you meant me instead of Mark 78.

    Of course it is good thing that people can demonstrate safely here in this country. I am just saying that I resent it when immigrants demonstrate supporting America’s enemies. It shows they have not assimulated and still regard themselves as Somalians. And some of these demonstrations like the Cindy Sheehan one today are verging on mob rule. She and her followers refused to let anyone speak. That goes beyond peaceful demonstrations. Also the ones she held outside Walter Reed Hospital to heckle the military patients returning to the hospital were horrible.