Dec 29 2006

Terror Attack Thwarted In Russia

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Interfax is reporting on a major terror attack being thwarted in Russia:

“The captured militant admitted that preparations were underway for a terrorist attack in Grozny ahead of the holidays,” the spokesman said.

“Acting on the militant’s tip-off, police found explosives equivalent to 320 kilograms of TNT under a bridge over the Sunzha River,” he said.

I suspect we will see a host of attacks and thwarted attacks in the coming days. All the “chatter” that was reported about early this month could hardly be about nothing. More here on the incident:

“The police arrested during a search operation Aslan Kurkayev, born in 1979, an active member of illegal armed groups. It is Kurkayev who showed the place where the explosive device had been laid – under a bridge across the Sunzha River. Its capacity was 320 kilograms in TNT equivalent,” the police officer said.

According to his information, “the explosive device consisted of a gas cylinder with saltpetre, two metal pipes with trotyl and two artillery shells of 155 and 120 millimetres. Detonators were connected to it. The explosive device was ready to be set off.”

This would seem to be an isolated area with minimal casualties. I can’t help but wonder what other operations are currently in their final stages.

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