Dec 29 2006

Berezovsky To Be Questioned

Update: Right on cue, Goldfarb speaks out for Berezovsky:

Alex Goldfarb, who runs Berezovsky’s Foundation for Civil Liberties in New York, told Reuters British police had already questioned Berezovsky and other people who knew Litvinenko.

“It is none of the Russian prosecutors’ business: this is a British investigation and Boris is fully cooperating,” Goldfarb said by telephone.

“This is clearly part of a spin control operation: they are trying to deflect attention from themselves with the different branches of the Russian authoritarian system. They are all part of the big corporation Kremlin Inc. and they are trying to get away with murder,” he said.

The PR war must be slipping for Goldfarb to react so quickly all the time. It is clear from what I am seeing that many people think Putin or Russia tried to assassinate Litvinenko. Those of us who think differently are clearly in the minority. But there must be some cracks showing up in the perception war for Goldfarb to react like this. Where does he get off claiming this is none of Russia’s business? If this is a roque operation then it is incumbent on the administration to get to the bottom of it. If it is some sort of terrorist activity aimed at Russia, then Putin and his government need to find out quickly what is going on in order to protect the people.

The fact is Berezovsky has a Polonium trail leading right to his offices. His people, Litvinenko and Lugovoi, have been poisoned by Polonium-210. Business associates of his, Scaramella and Kovtun, have been poisoned. There is no trail of Polonium leading into the Kremlin right now. It all surrounds Berezovsky and his associates. So Goldfarb sounds pathetically desparate here.

What is interesting is Berezovsky’s claim to have been questioned. When was he questioned? Was he questioned recently after all the Polonium trails over the two weeks in October were discovered leading to his friends Litvinenko and Lugovoi? Was he questioned before Lugovoi and Kovtun arranged their apparent plea deals? Still waiting to see if Berezovsky actually refuses to be questioned again by Scotland Yard. Now that would be a telling turn of events! – end update

The news is just now breaking (here and here) that Russia has requested the UK authorities to question Berezovsky and others in regards to the Litvinenko investigation.

Russian prosecutors have asked Britain to question exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky as part of the investigation into the death of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko, Interfax news agency said on Friday.

Interfax quoted an unidentified source in the prosecutor-general’s office as saying Russia had sent a request to Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service asking for Berezovsky and others to be questioned.

The ‘others’ are going to include Litvinenko’s Chechen leader friend Zakayev, and I would not be surprised if Alex Goldfarb gets caught up in this. I expect we shall see his response (for Berezovsky) in the media within the hour. It will be hard for the UK to resist the request – and I seriously doubt if this has not been coordinated between the two countries anyway. The leak was not possibly intentional, but the fact it was happening behind the scenes tells me the cooperation between Russia and the UK (and Germany and the US) is probably going along just fine.

“There is a request to carry out a series of investigative actions including the questioning of a large number of people, in particular businessman Boris Berezovsky who lives in London,” the source said, according to Interfax.

My guess the “large number of people” may include people here in the US and in many other countries, not just London or the UK. I am still not buying the ‘murder’ plot in terms of someone targetting Litvinenko. He was too marginal for the price that is clearly inherint in this incident. The problem with the leak is it may force the hand of UK authorities before they are ready to interrogate the key witnesses. Berezovsky has been hiding behind Goldfarb since the story started to drift from assassination to other theories. So we may be ready to start the critical power play with Berezovsky and his dominion.

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  1. Lizarde1 says:

    I am sure the British had to agree to reciprocal questioning when they went to Russia to do their investigation – nothing wrong with that either – it is as it should be. The Russians (hatred for Putin not withstanding) have every right to question people in London including Berezovsky and this should be highly entertaining at a minimum – Goldfarb may have to be gagged by Scotland Yard before this is over.

  2. clarice says:

    Of course they’re asking for that–they’ve been trying to push this disinfo from the outset…throwing suspicion off the FSB to Putin’s enemies.

  3. AJStrata says:

    Yeah Clarice,

    The FSB has been out in the press every day – just like Goldfarb!

    There is only one Polonium trail at the moment and it leads to Berezovsky’s offices – not into the Kremlin. You want us to beleive Goldfarb over the Polonium trail? Why should we? Recall, Goldfarb penned Litvinenko’s supposed deathbed claim – and waited until he died to read it to the media.

    Goldfarb is at the head of a PR campaign – no doubt about it.

  4. Adapt says:

    I’m just exited that they are actually going to question Berezovsky, that just shows that this twist in the story is coming to light. I am not saying he is quilty of anything, its just that he is a billionaire (power figure) and he is assosicated with every witness or victim in this case. Even if he has nothing to do with Litvinenko accidentally poisening himself. I hope they catch whoever was funding the smuggling of radioactive material through international borders. This is a bigger problem than the news is reporting it to be, I am hoping that there is a good 10 arrest that come from this, I hope the complete smuggling group is brought to justice. I have nothing against Putin at this point, though I feel sorry for litvinenko’s testimony, Putin focuses on the good of russia, and litvinenko just wants to “blow up russia”. I am for peace not war.

  5. clarice says:

    Good grief! Now that I see how easy this is I wonder how the USSR was ever crushed.

  6. copydude says:

    While everyone jumps on Boris’ name – and Goldfarb to his defence – the report does indeed read, as AJ states, ‘and others’.

    That list surely has to include the principals of the three security firms. Somehow, not a single journalist has managed to probe their connection or business with the key players.

    The PR campaign fell apart once the sheer quantity of ‘bad stuff’ was discovered along with the number of shady deals, dodgy associates and slanders that Lit was involved in. (The current scandal in Italy isn’t going to go away quickly.)

    I am sure that Goldfarb and the exiles would now like to withdraw from the affair since they are only ‘contaminated’ by further revelations. This is possibly the Russian prosecutor’s ploy. His ‘Nevzlin’ dossier is just a response to ‘Shvets’ dossier – news stories that don’t stand up to a day’s analysis.

    The real story about Polonium and arms dealing, however, is being buried or obfuscated. That happened in London, between terrorists, UK arms dealers and members of organised crime that the UK Government is, for nefarious reasons, sheltering. The UK will shut down this case as the outcome is most likely to embarrass itself.

  7. Enlightened says:

    Oh Brother. The Kremlin does not give a rats ass about Litvinenko’s assassination. Smoke and Mirrors.

    The Kremlin wants and has wanted for years Berezovsky extradited or convicted in absentia so they can legally assassinate him. Sasha was the first high profile defector that vehemently proclaimed Kremlin involvement in the Chechnya apartment bombings, convicted in absentia and assassinated by Russian decree.

    Berezovsky, Trepashkin and a handful of other’s that allege the Kremlin involvement in the bombings are the only ones still alive.

    The list of the dead is enormous. Deny it all you want, but anyone that got close to the situation gets dead so there obviously is a very deep secret that needs to stay deep.

    I am convinced Sasha was assassinated because he knew too much. It is connected to the apartment bombings and Putin’s most likely direct involvement in it.

    And the impending “UK Dirty Bomb” – please. The terrorists have been working on the dirty bombs for at least 5 years since 9/11 and most likely longer. What the hell is taking so long? They don’t know how to construct it. Before now they didn’t know how to trigger it. They don’t know how to test it. If we believe the “PO210 smuggling ring” theory – they don’t know how to transport or handle it. But now we are to believe that within the last 2 months the terrorists have gotten their s–t together, they are now well educated on the “dirty bomb” construction, transportation and detonation, and the impending disaster is not being commented on by the authorities because they have no desire to stop it – just survive it when it happens. Too bad for the public, the poor unsuspecting sots are about to feel some acid rain, and the authorities are not going to warn them in advance to stay away from public gathering areas to limit the damage, and oh, by the way – we bought up all the protective radiation gear so bugger off you fools.

    Why don’t the terrorists just go ahead and drop the bomb/s now? What in tarnation are they waiting for? According to you in Smugglers Gulch – there is PO210 all over the UK right now – what a prime opportunity to drop the bomb, and let Sasha and his cohorts get blamed as the culprits. Why doesn’t the UK press just emblazon headline banners taunting the terrorists to strike? Why aren’t UK citizens out buying up every sophisticated radiation detector around so they can minimilize the effect?

    Anyone can go down Sensationalism and Conspiracy Road. The terrorists are winning just by the power of suggestion.

  8. AJStrata says:


    The ‘big secret’ is the power of the Oligarch’s. They are the ones killing each other and plotting to take over Russia (per their own words). If power corrupts absolutely then the Oligarchs are the ones who have fortunes on the line – not Putin or the Kremlin. They simply pulled the private empires back into government control. They don’t appear to be getting all that much [ersonally for their efforts.

    The people who killed and pillaged the country are indeed the ones who have motive, opportunity and experience in these killings. And that is the oligarchs in exile. Emails I am getting behind the scenes pretty much conclude the deaths are turf wars from the mafia’s and Oligarch’s. Even that Russian reporter, Anna P (can never remember how to spell her last name), seems to have found the source of the bombings – and it was terrorists. And she died for getting too close.

    You can continue to see things through Hollywood tinted glasses. But an objective person would not jump to conclusions either way right now.

  9. AJStrata says:

    BTW Enlightened,

    The obvious reason they may be holding off on using any dirty bomb is the fact the plot was exposed. I mean – Duh! Now that the Polonium trail leads right to Berezovsky’s desk (which it does, stop denying that) it is no wonder they may be doing what they can to suspend operations.

    The concern I have is they put material in the hands of people they cannot control and things will go forward anyway. If this is a Chechen effort aimed at Russia Berezovsky may have no control now.

    But let’s be clear, you cannot explain why so much Polonium was brought into the UK and so little used on Litvinenko. You have never explained that. You have never explained why Polonium and not a 22 caliber bullet to the head! Geez, why go through all the expense and trouble.

    Maybe you should stop posting here as is the only reality is the one in your head. Your tone is getting more than tiresome.

  10. clarice says:

    Thank you Enlightened..It’s comforting to know there is a spark of intelligence left in the universe.

  11. AJStrata says:


    Are you implying those who disagree are not intelligent?



  12. Enlightened says:

    What a pity AJ- Obviosuly you are not fairminded and capable of debating both sides of an issue as you profess to be.

    Apparently anyone that consistently disagrees with your theory is not welcome here.

    I’ll take your advise.

  13. Ken says:

    “Anyone can go down Sensationalism and Conspiracy Road. The terrorists are winning just by the power of suggestion.”

    This applies to Strata’s continued focus on the modest # of alQaeda in Iraq; they actually win by the Strata/Bush strategy of promoting
    US continued occupation of Iraq. And they are winning, broadly, by Strata’s focus on them in the UK, in that Strata’s impulse is guiltily symptomatic of those who realize the UK/US Anglo-American
    axis has been begging for retaliation by its Iraqi invasion.

    Nevertheless, Strata is on the mark in his description and criticism of the “Russian” oligarchs.

  14. AJStrata says:


    Why would I debate a side of an issue I do not support? I am not arguing with myself. The assassination theory is only supported by the PR products of Goldfarb and Berezovsky. The Polonium trail leads to Berezovsky – not Putin. The amount of Polonium is critical as is how it is spreading. The value of the Polonium is important. The fact it has never been used by an assassin and does not silence its target is important. I can go on and on as to why this barely reflects an assassination effort. If Litvinenko had not died there would be little support to the theory.

    The point is while I post as much fact and supporting reasoning on why this looks like a smuggling ring, I find commentor’s feel free to denigrate those who disagree with them. So, is it OK with you if I challenge snide comments on my site regarding my views? You will find I respond in kind to what people direct towards me. Think of it as a sort of relfection.

    What would you do?

  15. AJStrata says:

    BTW Enlightened,

    I would be grateful if you would keep commenting – seriously.

    I am a bear to deal with at times, just in my nature.


  16. copydude says:

    ‘Enlightened’ wrote:

    “I am convinced Sasha was assassinated because he knew too much. It is connected to the apartment bombings and Putin’s most likely direct involvement in it.”

    Hmmm. Lit wrote a book about the apartment bombings, It was a flop – so much so that a frustrated Boris commissioned another author and pleaded. ‘try to make it scary this time’.

    Nothing in that book nailed Putin at all.

    Remember: Our saintly Sasha gave a TV conference against the FSB – for which Boris allegedly paid him 1.5 million dollars. Still he wasn’t assassinated.

    And now, living in London, he was completely out of the loop, he was trading on old secrets from the Mitrokhin era. Worthless declassified info – except for providing saleable dirt on Prodi.

    Litvinenko knew the square root of fuck all, but pretended to know more for income.

    Get up to speed and the present day, ‘Enlightened’. Litvinenko was dealing with ‘security companies’, Chechen terrorists and arms dealing and money launderers. Now, if it was an assassination, that’s what could have got him killed.

    But I still think it was a smuggling accident. And that’s why the Brits are hushing it. Their people are supposed to know what’s going down in London and it looks like, for all their anti-terrorism squads, they didn’t have a clue.

    I mean, they stop tourists on flights and get mothers to drink babies’ milk to make sure it’s free of liquid explosives. Then it turns out that any old Russian going to a football match can pitch up with a consignment of ‘smoky bomb’ material and no questions asked?

    This whole affair has embarrassed the UK Government and security guys far more than the Russians. That’s why the story is being buried and that Scaramella was packed off to Naples on an ‘unrelated charge’.

  17. jerry says:

    copydude, I’ve wondered why it is that AJ (and now you) feel such resentment toward Litvinenko – “our saintly Sasha,” AJ tends toward descriptions like ‘that insignificant little sh*t Sasha’… (not an exact quote, but close). I can see vigorous argument over a smuggling ring vs assassination, but why the negative feelings for Litvinenko? I don’t get that.

  18. AJStrata says:


    I don’t dislike Litvinenko and my heart goes out to his family. But he was a marginal bit player. Sadly, being accurate can sometimes be confused with being harsh.

    Oh well.

  19. Adapt says:

    Ok ok, AJ, Copydude, and Enlightened stop attacking each other, wow these KGB guys are good, they got us americans fighting each other too. We need to keep seeing every possible option, Goldfarb made some pretty firm statements against russia, with that kind of public assertion it really makes you think that this was KGB hit afterall. The quiet ones are usually the guilty ones. If Goldfarb is talking a lot, its probably because the Berezovsky camp is innocent. Russia sits back quietly and points the finger at all thier enemies. At the end of the day, the evidence will shine, my assumption is that someone will give in and rat out his boss for a good plea bargain. Thank god for good ol fashin plea bargains, works everytime.

  20. Barbara says:


    Goldfarb made some pretty firm statements against russia, with that kind of public assertion it really makes you think that this was KGB hit afterall. The quiet ones are usually the guilty ones. If Goldfarb is talking a lot, its probably because the Berezovsky camp is innocent.

    I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.