Dec 07 2006

Epitome Of Impatient Petulance

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The Iraq Survey Group is the premier example of what is wrong in many parts of America. The ISG’s entire purpose was to generate a story line so Congress could surrender Iraq without paying a political price. It was funded by Congress and staffed by political pros to generate palatible messages for America to accept a devastating defeat – even though we have not lost anything in Iraq. Our progress has slowed, but we have not lost an inch of ground and continue to flush the enclaves of the enemy at great cost to them.

But Congress is afraid to face the voters in 2008 so they outsources their spine and gonads to these spinmeisters to try and come up with acceptable packaging for surrender. Problem is there ain’t enough lipstick on the planet to fix the challenge ahead of us. Failure is not an option because we will see a worsening world if we give up Iraq and let Al Qaeda establish a base of operations astride one of the world’s largest oil reserves. While there is debate about whether the Litvinenko incident is associated with an attempt at a nuclear or dirty bomb, one this is clear is Al Qaeda will be able to ramp up its efforts to get a nuclear or dirty bomb into Europe if it has Iraq as its base of operations.

So the ISG has tried to play to what they think is the problem – insufficient progress. It is playing to the epitome of our self centered, immediate gratification society. Why do adults leave children behind to focus on career and self indulgence? They have no stamina for the long haul. Why are all these people on their nth marriages? They don’t get enough attention and are asked to ‘sacrifice’ for their families too much.

Baker and his liberal ilk look to be stamping their feet and screaming “make it stop, make it stop!”, because they cannot be bothered with these long term efforts. The reason I use the child analogy is because it is useful. Life can test resolve and there are situations you cannot short circuit. There are no magic buttons to get to the end faster. And the best example is raising a child. Each child will take at least 18 years, but better yet 23 years to get on the path of life. There is no shortcuts to this. A new born will sleep through the night when it is good and ready. And all the impatient petulance one can generate ain’t going to mean a thing.

If it takes 18 years to stand up a child, what makes these yo-yo’s think Iraq or the war on Islamo Fascism will take a fraction of that time? When did we get out of Germany? More accurately, when will we? The Bakers of the world want the bad old world to go away and leave them alone. Well it ain’t going to happen. That is what Neville Chamberlain believed when he grasped at even a promise from Hitler to pretend he could bring about peace from a brutal maniac. Sorry folks, there are no short cuts or quick fixes or magic bullets or new strategies. We must wear down our enemy and win. Just like you cannot pretend a 3 year old can magically turn 22 tomorrow. We are raising Iraq up from the ashes of Hussein’s reign. Whining about how hard it is accomplishes nothing. Wishing it would all go away accomplishes nothing. Pretending we can walk away accomplishes nothing. In fact, this entire dumb exercise only extended how much longer we will have to be at this since the left and a spineless Congress just raised the hopes of the enemies. The ISG is truly a new low in naivette and fantasizing the world doesn’t exist. It is truly a stunning and sad commentary on the buffoons who inhabit DC. DC doesn’t control this nation folks. Don’t kid yourselves. Since they will not lead, they can only follow now.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    What is so ironic is that if President Stinky Pants in Iran is tossed out and a more moderate regime allows international nuclear oversight and they stop meddling in Iraq, Bush’s current policy looks like genius.

    So far we haven’t done anything ourselves to really upset the Iranian people or cause any irreparable damage with Iran should there be a change to a more moderate regime. Regine change in Iran could make the world a lot different on many fronts.

    While some complain that the report is comforting to Iran and Syria, it is really most comforting to potential moderate forces there because it tells them that if they could rise to power, we are still willing to talk with them. We rightly can’t talk to Iran while they hide a nuclear program from international inspection but the report and other signals say that we are quite willing to sit down and talk with Iran if they had cooler heads running things.

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Jimmy Carter and Jummy Baker share more than first names in common. Both are known haters of Israel. And, both tried their damnedest to hurt Israel. Carter with Begin. And, Bush #41 (where the ambulance chaster Baker) was Chief of Staff.

    If there ever was a Peter Principle displayed; you’re looking at it.

    You’re also looking at spin. Instead of ideas.

    But let me help you out. Because Israel is NOT Czechesclovakia. Do you know how I know? Israel can defend herself. And, Czecheslovakia had signed papers, where he defense was guaranteed by Britian and France. Some people just never learn a thing from history.

    If the ISG (Iraqi Surrender Group) had hoped to be carried into this thing on the shoulders of donks, to rave reviews. I don’t think so.

    But, yes. Gates’ journey to the HILL for confirmation “met with success.” Good luck to him, buddy.

    Rummy’s out. But Rummy can parlay what he knows to a status where his opinions get heard. Even if CNN doesn’t call him in as an “expert.”

    It’s like looking at all the empty suits. And, KNOWING Rumsfeld can PLAY GRANT. Even though Bush 2 did not play Lincoln.

    Israel’s been hunkered down since March 2006. When Baker first came into Bush-2’s circle. And, Henry Kissenger also joined the circle of old fogies. That’s the ticket. O’Connor, fresh off her bench, where she did nothing at all. Has lent her voice (and her mickey mouse clout), to the 10 little dwarves. Who think giving Israel away is just the ticket to appease the arabs.

    But not quite so fast. Just because Israel didn’t bite, doesn’t mean she’s clueless. This summer? Did you see how Israeli citizens reacted with both Olmert, and the IDF? But now? Olmert’s not out of a job. And, the diplomatic pants dancers are “doing a number.”

    While now it’s America’s turn to get distressed.

    By the way, Cheney going into the tent in Riyadh didn’t get ya upset? You didn’t hear the COMMAND. To tell Bush to stop the Israelis from engaging in gaza. (What a “just say no” campaign). As if I haven’t heard all that dreck during a different presidency. On a different campaign.

    Can this Congress impeach both Bush-2 and Cheney? Double-dunk? And, then have Senator Byrd “lock the door.” And forbid a “deal” where resignations are ubtained? Yeah. Worthy of a good laugh. Or two. And, not likely to happen. Because Pelosi would be next in line into the White House. With her “rag,” to Casablanca. Hillary would shift gears. Just as Israel does today.

  3. Ken says:


    Ironic you use the “child” analogy when your view of the Iraq War, besides being amoral is childlike in the extreme.

    “Our progress has slowed, but we have not lost an inch of ground and continue to flush the enclaves of the enemy at great cost to them.”

    You’re wrong on the facts-e.g. Anbar Province is now controlled by the insurgency to a much greater degree than at various whack-a-mole stages in the past. And it is amoral to use the word “progress” in any way when referring to the bloody anarchy prevailing in Iraq.

    Governmentally, the Iraqi government, for what it’s worth, represents also regress not progress from the Allawis Bush initially had manipulated into positions of power. You refuse to accept if
    America left today and those in power miraculously were left with a peaceful nation, the government policy would NOT be pro-American but pro-Iranian.

    Finally your al Qaeda straw man is ineffectually used, as per the course. When the US leaves the Iraqis themselves can clean out foreigners better than your neighbors can instill peace in the
    lawless streets of Eastern seaboard metropoli. That’s the lawless
    muliticultural ghetto that “won’t go away” and which you wish
    via American imperialism, to inflict on the Middle East.

  4. Ken says:


    You and several others on thei site seem to be totally oblivious to the
    fact the vast majority of Iranian citizens , even those opposed to the government ,approve of the nuclear program. Any US blusterings against it only increase the symapthy for that government.

  5. Ken says:


    I could say much but will content myself with, many of Carter’s key policies are generally agreed to by 40-50% of the Israeli public.

  6. crosspatch says:

    “You and several others on thei site seem to be totally oblivious to the
    fact the vast majority of Iranian citizens , even those opposed to the government ,approve of the nuclear program. Any US blusterings against it only increase the symapthy”

    Ken, you seem totally oblivious to that fact that half of the population of Iran doesn’t even speak Persian. A quarter of the population speaks Azeri and have more cultural ties to Azerbaijan than to Iran. Many in the country detest the “Islamic Republic” where the clerics in many cases are nothing more than common crooks. Want a hooker for the afternoon? Go visit the local mosque, get a temporary marriage for the afternoon, and pay the imam. He’s the local pimp. Drug abuse and prostitution are soaring. Poverty and unemployment are soaring.

    The “vast majority” of Iranians don’t give a rat’s pair of hips about the nuclear project.

  7. Ken says:


    Polls cited include all ethnic groups. And whatever apathetic
    Iranians there are (50 % of Americans tend to be politically apathetic
    as well, voting-wise)–they will not lead a revolution to your hoped-for starry-eyed “moderate” regime.

  8. The Macker says:

    Good Post!
    ” Our progress has slowed, but we have not lost an inch of ground and continue to flush the enclaves of the enemy at great cost to them.”
    And Iraq has a freely elected government and significant portions of the country functioning very well.

    The ISG commision is the the 911 Comission all over again. Both had marginal appointees. And this one had a staff with an agenda and primarily took testimony from War opponents.

    Bush should use the innocuous parts of the report to get media support for what he is and needs to do.

  9. Carol_Herman says:

    Persian? I thought the language was called “Farsi.”

    And Iran is a mixed enthic population. Since we know they now have about 500,000 form Iraqi sunnis, who have fled, to all places, Iran’s oil fields. And, they have (unhappy) Kurds.

    In all probability there are opportunities out there that we don’t see. I can’t imagine the Chinese “want to wait to have a war with the USA in 2040. And, they don’t see that the OIL FIELDS THEY NEED are within easy enough reach. Tha Japanese need it too. But they don’t have the population on a “warrior footing” since the disasterous outcome (for them) of WW2.

    On the other hand, for the Japanese PEOPLE, WW2 was a Godsent. In defeat the PEOPLE became free of their foolish leadership. That had imprisionad them all for 700 years.

    I know the world keeps spinning. But once upon a time, people tried to logically seek the TRUTH. And, there’s not much of it these days, going around.

    While for a country being tossed to the wolves (Israel), she’s actually quite calm. Czecheslovakia’s leadership, when Neville Chamberlain tossed off any responsibility for their security, WERE NOT CALM. And, they had no place to go.

    When Rummy was fired, I’m sure Bush-2 believed he was UNPOPULAR. Maybe? HE’s the last guy who believes what the NY Times “reports.” I do not know. But Rummy has better credentials and a higher public approval rating than the president.

    And, what an old fogies group, including Sandra Day O’Connor and her forks. For those boobs to think they just had to “massage” the story.

    I guess we will be kicking around, either the people who wrote the report? Or George Bush -2. Until better targets come along? We’re not gonna be hitting iran. Or syria. And, why would Israel NOW pick up the slack?

    What if iran’s nuclear stew looks like the crap cooked up by the ISG, The Iraqi Surrender Group. I’ll bet ya, Karl Rove didn’t think the brilliant idea of giving this “class” by calling it a “study” would move so fast to the monkey realm. Meanwhile, Jimmy Baker was shown today’s New York Post. And, he replied “goody.” IF they don’t like it I must be doing something right.”

    No. That’s not how you brush off good information that’s “in-coming.” Sorry.

    Yeah. Easy for Bush-2 to break. Alas, ain’t gonna be easy in the pit. Putting the gloss back on this wreck. What color do you think they’ll paint it?

  10. Ken says:


    ” Our progress has slowed, but we have not lost an inch of ground and continue to flush the enclaves of the enemy at great cost to them.”
    And Iraq has a freely elected government and significant portions of the country functioning very well”

    Two of eighteen provinces does not represent “significant portions”
    of the country-even more so when they are Kurdish-dominant and not really enthused about remaining “Iraqi.”

  11. Ken says:


    CIA funding involved? At any rate, 2,000 isn’t many. And most of those want Iran to go nuke too.

  12. For Enforcement says:

    Almost all schools, hospitals, etc are in full operation in Iraq. Even in Baghdad. Does that sound like a country that is not taking shape?
    The latest poll that I heard results from said everybody is happy over there. I understand that the poll included everyone that was employed and making a good living and hadn’t been shot at in a week. They didn’t poll the others, they were hiding. I understand this is considered to be the most accurate poll taken over there this month.
    It is even more accurate than the number of totally innocent people that had been killed over there. According to some unnamed source on this blog that number is 650,000. I heard these were all buried in a mass grave so they could keep the true number low. They polled all the next of kin and were assured they were all completely innocent and didn’t even know what an insurgent was.

    All those intelligent people on this blog should ignore my poll numbers, they are all pulled out of the air, but there is an unnamed source, on this blog, that believes all the crap he reads so I’m sure he will believe these poll numbers without question.

  13. Ken says:

    For Enforcement

    It’s nice to finally read some actual “facts” from you so as to be
    dispute them, rather than inanities.

    The latest reportscite an average 30% attendance rate across Iraq at the schools of which you boast. Why, inner city American schools might do better than that. Oh, and FE, the Brits have CEDED the Basra region to SHIA miliias, and the peace more or less reigning there, disturbed by occasional inter-militia killings, is the peace of anti-American, pro-Iranian Shariah Law which has put Christian women behind the veil for the first time in recent Iraqi history.

    Enjoy the victory!

    Since you discount all polls published in the MSM, I’ll not bother to link to any which show, for example, the average Iraq has lost faith in the Maliki government. But I will mention you’re an amoral ass who
    has no recognition nor will to take any of the fact that thousands of
    Iraqi educators have either left Iraq for good or been assassinated-due to America’s failure to observe the terms of Geneva.

  14. For Enforcement says:

    See, I told you that unnamed source would buy those numbers, I knew you intelligent people would realize I pulled them out of the air, AS I CLEARLY SAID I DID.

  15. Ken says:

    Glad you didn’t bother to speficy the “goals” of the war in the Baker
    thread. Would have been demoralizing to see how they are all
    either formally abandoned or languishing with only 27% of the
    populace willing to continue the “languishing” stage before exiting.