Dec 05 2006

Scaramella Modifies His Story

In an interview with CNN Scaramella implies that the threats to him and Litvinenko were not from the Russian government, but simply Russian by background – which really challenges (again) the Putin assissination theory:

“I received several e-mails from another source he [Litvinenko] introduced to me some years before, saying that him and me were under the special attention of hostile people, so to take care,” said Mario Scaramella.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Scaramella told of the November 1 meeting he had with Litvinenko.

“The problem for me was these mails were so full of details, so specific that they didn’t seem genuine.”

In an interview from his hospital room, he said he tried to warn Litvinenko that they were being targeted by “people linked with some clandestine organizations, not directly under control of Russian establishment but from Russia … generally retired people from the security service.”

In addition, Scaramella dismisses the idea Litvinenko was poisoned at his meeting at the Sushi Bar, confirming theories that Litvinenko was contaminated prior to the meeting:

But he said he does not believe his associate could have been poisoned at the London sushi restaurant Itsu, where they met — “simply because there were no other people, any strange situation.”

“Alexander was always on alert,” said Scaramella, who did not eat during the meeting. “And considering that I survived and I feel well, I don’t think I was a target as well, it’s important to underline that.”

I think that this is a big development in the story because the next opportunity for contamination is at the Millenium Hotel and a meeting with Lugovoi or at Berezovsky’s office – which ever preceded the meeting with Scaramella.

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  1. Lizarde1 says:

    We still have the mysterious window of 1 pm (the newspaper) to 3…..and not a peep about it either from leaks. Official Secrets Act?

  2. clarice says:

    I think there is a credible report that he met with Lugovoi at the Millenium for tea then.
    BTW AJ, I am not sure the earlier report about what was in the docs Scaramella schowed Litvinenko ever was directly from Scaramella before, so I wouldn’t say he changed his story–more like we now have his version of the story.

  3. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    Refresher … February 26, 2004

    …But she says the danger remains that black market networks could enable terrorist groups to pursue at least one way to produce a nuclear bomb. She notes that if terrorists were to buy the kind of weapons blueprints Khan’s group sold to Libya, and then could also obtain a stock of already enriched uranium or plutonium, they could conceivably produce a nuclear device by themselves.

    So far, there is no evidence that terrorist groups have been able to do that. Nuclear experts say there is no known case to date of someone stealing the amounts of enriched uranium or plutonium required to make a nuclear weapon and no state possessing such materials is known to have offered such amounts for illicit sale. But security at storage sites for nuclear materials in the former Soviet Union and at research reactors in some parts of the world remains a cause for concern, and the IAEA has often called for it to be tightened.

  4. crosspatch says:

    “I think there is a credible report that he met with Lugovoi at the Millenium for tea then.”

    The first, at 10am, was at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel in central London with Sergei Lugovoy, a former KGB bodyguard and businessman who runs a security company in Moscow. Mr Lugovoy said he had been in London to watch a football match between Arsenal and CSKA Moscow. Also at the meeting were two other people unknown to Mr Litvinenko ­ Dmitry Kovtun, the business partner of Mr Lugovoy, and another friend and partner named as Vyacheslav Sokolenko. Friends of Mr Litvinenko insist that he drank tea during the meeting.

    Then this:

    By 3pm, Mr Litvinenko had moved from Mayfair to the elegant façades of Piccadilly, where he met Mario Scaramella, another long-standing contact who had called him out of the blue saying he wanted to bring forward a meeting planned for 10 November to discuss important documents

    So there is undocumented time between the meeting for tea and the meeting for sushi.

  5. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    See…I am between both CPatch and Clarice…

    I think Putin is the bad guy, I think the “friends” have nothing to do with Litvinenko’s demise, they are just friends that aided him. But Putin ordering him dead and the actual “death” means don’t add up…he accidently exposed himself BEFORE they were able to get to him — not the he intentionally killed himself, and he really was in Putin’s cross-hairs.

    I just can’t get why people aren’t considering Litvinenko was/would try and expose Russia – the Russian Govt’ but AIMED at Putin- as the chief traders in illicit weapons.- and hell conventional too.

  6. Christoph says:

    I usually lean Clarice, but this time I gotta lean AJ. In a platonic sense.

    Otherwise, definitely lean Clarice.

  7. Lizarde1 says:

    ROME, December 6 (Itar-Tass) — Italian police searched for traces of radioactive polonium 210 at the Naples office of security expert Mario Scaramella on Tuesday.

    The search was part of the investigation into Scaramella’s suspected illegal disposal of industrial waste.

    A special unit of the radioactive, chemical and bacteriological defense department was sent on the mission.

    Other places near Naples visited by Scaramella were also checked for polonium 210.

    Results of the examinations were negative.

  8. Lizarde1 says:

    Another article says that the Italians seized his computer and documents and then there is this
    06/12/2006 09:13 – (SA)

    Rome – Italian police have raided the home and offices of Mario Scaramella, an Italian contact of poisoned former spy Alexander Litvinenko, suspecting him of violating Italian waste management laws, the ANSA news agency said on Tuesday.

    Scaramella is allegedly connected to a scheme involving the illegal use of building site waste.

    The raids targeted Scaramella’s home and several offices in Naples, as well as offices he regularly used in Torre del Greco, Marigliano and San Sebastiano in the Naples region.,,2-10-1462_2040707,00.html

  9. Barbara says:

    Well, the fact that Scaramella said that Prodi might be a KGB agent might have something to do with this seizure. Italians are great on revenge.

  10. Barbara says:

    Since Scaramella was also poisoned to some extent Litvinenko had to have been poisoned before this meeting. Scaramella might not have 5x fatal dose but he did have enough to cause concern. Litvinenko went somewhere we don’t know about from 12 to 3 and had to have been poisoned at that time. Whether it was an accident or murder, we don’t know. I think he met Lugovoi or Kovrun or Solenko during this period. I read somewhere that Litvinenko said the Solenko was insisting theyhave tea. The Russians are great at diversion. They put someone in the group nobody would suspect because they have no motive. Lugovoi was spreading polonium all around town but so was Litvinenko. So maybe whatever happened happened when the two of them were together. They could have been partners in smuggling the polonium to the Chechens or some other terrorist group. The news says Lugovoi was rich but some people never have enough money. Lugovoi is between a rock and a hard place. In Britain he might be charged with smuggling or murder and in Russia he might be charged with smuggling. I would wonder where his money is stashed. That might give us a clue. The old adage of follow the money is absolutely true.