Nov 13 2006

Pelosi Thinks Governance Is Like Playing High School

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Pelosi is really screwing up early and often. She inserted herself into the selection of the House Democrat leadership, and then to cover herself claimed Congressional leadership (who speaks for the party, expresses the party’s national views and garners support) is on par with High School politics.

But the dour Republicans and worried Democrats have switched places, however momentarily, now that she has unexpectedly injected herself into the bitter race to be her underling, the House Majority Leader. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a leader insert themselves like this,” said a veteran of many Democratic leadership races. Pelosi’s camp says it’s like a high-school election and won’t be a defining moment for her leadership.

Well, that comment may very well be the defining moment. If Pelosi thinks this is all a game, and there are no serious or dangerous consequences, then we are all in for a really bad two years as Grandma Pelosi gets clued in on reality.

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3 Responses to “Pelosi Thinks Governance Is Like Playing High School”

  1. Squiggler says:

    Pelosi wants Murtha — this is not good — UPDATED…

    This is the first sign of the impending disasters on committee assignments and it could not be worse news. But do I think that even if the worst occurs with Murtha that the President will allow anyone to cut and run? It isn’t going to happen. The best…

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    It’s all about manuevering.

    Pelosi may not feel all that secure without also claiming a “scalp.” So it’s not “high school” exactly. It’s more like claiming “manhood” when you’ve got none.

    There’s also the possibility that “some” of the election, based on such close calls; really gave pelosi 25 seats in Congress; without it being a true reflection of much more than dissatisifaction with congress-critters coming from voters TOWARDS both sides of the aisle!

    During races when horses get all bottled together, the only way out, to lead (to get out front), is to use your whip on other horses. So pelosi thinks if she veers “left” a bit, Murtha will help her jockey forward?

    While all it may do is put much more emphasis on what’s broken about congress. And, while even as Bush has low poll ratings, the congress-critters are thought of as hacks. And, carry lower ratings? The “Ishtar” affect, no?

  3. Barbara says:

    The woman is a flake. Electing her as house majority leader showed the whole country how clueless the dems are. Unfortunately, the whole country didn’t pay any attention. More than likely the never heard of her.