Nov 09 2006

The Power Of Joe Lieberman

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Thank God for Joe Lieberman. He now holds the balance of the Senate in his hands. He was elected an Independent, and even the Democrats understand the stakes by retaining his seniority in the party. There is a very good chance Lieberman has or will set down the law to the dems in the Senate for the next two years. He is pro Iraq war – he alone can stave off any move to pull the troops. If the Dems go to far he can switch power to the Reps and hold them accountable too. I hope he stays good to his word. Right now he is the most powerful man in Washington DC. In fact, he is setting himself up well for a run for the President.

In fact, Joe controls both sides of the aisle and will be key in a lot of conservative and liberal debates. Embryonic Stem Cell research? I am not sure but I believe Lieberman opposes it. Judicial nominations? A Gang of 14 member now controls the Senate. Immigration reform? You name it and Joe Lieberman has the final say (outside of Bush who must sign it). Move over Cheney, Lieberman just became Bush’s right hand man.

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  1. Ken says:

    Yes, Jerusalem Post reports the Israeli government is alarmed about the possible departure of US troops. I’m sure Joe will do everything he can to keep them in harms way.

  2. Could not agree more. This will mirror Bush’s partnership with Democrat Texas Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock. Bullock was clearly far and away the most powerful man in Texas government which at the time was still a Democrat majority. But he and George W. Bush saw eye to eye and had great success in a State where it is hard to get much of anything done. Joe Lieberman will clearly wield more power than Harry Reid will.

    The House, with its rabid investigations to come and the purse strings to the budget is a much bigger worry than the Senate, although I am encouraged that Pelosi is apparently not going to install Alcee Hastings at Intelligence. Still Murtha will be at Appropriations (or that is the rumor) and that could spell big trouble for war funding. My guess is there will be more than one government shutdowns over budget for the troops.

    To get around this problem, expect Bush also to attempt to reach out to key House conservative Dems such as Heath Shuler, and other moderates in Southern states who are not “cut and run” leftists, and whose constituencies would toss them out on their heads if they start voting that way. The House is the place to watch IMHO.

  3. ordi says:

    Ken, you are a fool and a bigot. No I am not name calling. Your posts prove both equally. Your posts are nothing more then left wing drivel and Jew bashing hate.

  4. Limerick says:

    As a certified RINO I have a tremendous amount of trust in Lieberman. His place on Gores ticket was to steer it back to the middle. Damn near worked. He is one of those rare politicians these days who is for America before he is for anything else. I’ll still vote R in 08, but if Joe won, well, I could trust him to keep Americas shield up. Damn I guess I am a RINO.

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:

    PS: please notice the classiness of Senator Allen, and his concession, in the VA Senate race, and compare that, to the “other” side, in any of the various crappy scenario’s that they’ve pulled over the years: Florida 2000, NJ with Toricelli, TX with Delay’s district; even Foley’s seat in FL.

    Republicans = CLASS, and integrity…

    Democrats = Crass, rude, no integrity…

    Sigh….when will electorate learn??

  6. Retired Spook says:

    Texan, don’t know where you heard about Hastings, but if that’s true (and I hope it is) it could be because of articles like this.

    On a lighter note, we have this, although I wasn’t sure, after reading it, whether to laugh or cry. Better laugh now, I guess. I doubt there will be too much to laugh about in the next couple years.

    I liked the way Spook86 at “IN FROM THE COLD” ended his rundown on the election:

    Remember Churchill’s Advice: In Victory, Be magnanimous, in Defeat, Defiant!

  7. CatoRenasci says:

    AJ – I’m here in Connecticut. Don’t put your faith, hope or trust in Joe Lieberman. Except on the war – and all matters involving Israel – Joe is as liberal as they come. He is a Democrat through and through, and made it clear to everyone he would caucus wtih the Democrats. He’s also extremely unlikely to run for president. He is absolutely unelectable, and would not be a good president. He’s better than Lamont, but that’s all you can sy.

  8. Terrye says:

    We forget Ken is no ta left winger, he is a goold old fashioned nazi. A real jew hater.

  9. the good doctor says:

    I saw an interview with Lieberman recently in which discussed how he feels about the Dems. He sounded very upset at their leadership as well as with Dodd for having pushed him to the side for Lament.

    He basically got elected by Reps and independents so it will be interesting how he sides in the upcoming battles.

  10. Carol J says:


    In the “for what it’s worth department”, I just heard on FOX that John Conyers is taking “impeachment of President Bush” off the table! Wha…! Whoa.

    Nancy Pelosi said its not going to happen and Conyers agreed. Like I said…for what it is worth.


    Boy are they gonna catch absolute HECK from you know who! Giggle.

  11. Carol_Herman says:

    The “gang of 14?” There were 7 democrats. And, there still are. But of the 7 republicans haven’t some been tossed? Wasn’t DeWine one of the “gang of 14?”

    Joe Lieberman, a republican? NEVER.

    And, who knows who is gonna control the agenda?

    I think Rummy got fired because Bush wants to give the democrats PAUSE. In other words, the President comes out to play, as long as you can find moderate and conservative democrats. Whom, you might ask, are they? NEWCOMERS to the chambers. Elected on campaign promises.

    While the “new seating arrangement” exists because of a few seats won in very close elections?

    In the “old days,” we knew cats and dogs were on the voter’s rolls. Along with names from the cementary. And, that’s going back to the days of all paper ballots. Even before women got the right to vote.

    Today? There’s DATA MINING. If there’s discrepancies; they might not show up for awhile. But it doesn’t mean that “errors” can’t be found. And, outright theft? Exposed. Down the road. WE JUST DON’T KNOW.

    We do know, however, that the president is moving James Baker in as BAIT. (To cut-and-run.) Just like he did for this President’s father. So in two years, what will be left? Versions of stalemate, fer shur.

    How will the public count moderates and conservative promises?

    What will be left? To argue about abortion rights? Seems like a waste of time.

    Stem cell research? People with enough money go to India now to “buy” kidneys. And, body parts. Stolen from living “doners.” On a sea of blackmarketeers. (Hardly likely that we’re gonna increase the living AGE.

    The living wage? As soon as that happens do you know what grows? The answer is THE BLACK MARKET. (Which already exists, in terms of illegals getting jobs.)

    And, something tells me that Bush KNEW, in advance, that the turnout would not favor republicans at this time! Call it “history repeating itself.” What he won’t repeat? Nixon’s mistakes.

    What the donks might due? They don’t have enough troops to “get their agenda past square one. NOTHING MOVES WITHOUT COOPERATION.

    And, by putting James Baker in play? And, taking Rummy out? It’s up to the democraps to function OR FUMBLE THE BALL.

    And, the president can look as “cooperative” as he wants; IF the GOP in CONGRESS act like they’re there to condend with? They’ll be contenders. Americans who don’t want a repeat of vietham, will be watching.

    By the way, except for the money on K-Street, what do either Henry Kissinger OR James Baker got to show for themselves? Bush #1, lost his presidency after ONE-TERM. Thanks to James Baker.

    Bush #2? He can exit the white house in ’08; and he’ll receive a hat. He can wear it around his dad. But how influencial is the elder Bush these days?

    Terrye, Jerusalem has been down the “James Baker” Block, before. Shamir was FORCED into the Madrid Peace Conference. Now? The Likud Party is GONE. And, Olmert, “announced” ahead of time, a “special meting he was gonna get with Siniora, of Lebanon. Do you know this freaked James Baker OUT? He’s now telling Olmert he can’t visit Bush in the White House, this November 13th. Because “Olmert put Siniora’s life on the line.”

    Olmert’s NOT Shamir! And, Israel’s been studying this James Baker “lean towards the muzzies,” since Bush #1 was in the White House.

    Sure. There’s STRATEGY in play, now. Bush tossed Rummy under the bus! (You think this makes our military IN Iraq happy? Or just the buzzards who sit in swivel chairs?)

    Iraq produced problems! Miliki/Milarky just forced American troops away, yet again, from Sadr.

    Maybe, diplomacy is a dance? Two steps forward? One back?

    But the “old” idea that you get what you want by forcing Israel to “give something up?” I don’t think the Israelis will play. And, James Baker hasn’t really met resistence, yet. But up ahead? Perhaps, he could?

    While the “moderates” are gonna look like leftist freaks if the only thing that passes the senate comes at the expense of American self-interest. (That one doesn’t sit with the Muzzies!)

    IN OTHER WORDS: BUSH JUST GOT CLOBBERED. He got clobbered because the GOP didn’t “like the job he is doing.”

    Now, for strategy, he dumps Rumsfeld.

    Let me remind you folks, Eisenhower allowed the dump on PATTON!

    Check out outcomes, by seeing where these two dudes have their reputations, now?

    I have no idea if Bush has picked an “easy road.” Or a hard one. But I still do think he’s clever. And, he’s stuck James Baker out there as BAIT. Time will tell.

    I also wonder who is going to do the DATA MINING on election results? And, what’s likely to spill out?

  12. CATO: The War is THE overriding issue; it is the one thing we cannot walk away from. The tax cuts won’t expire until 2010–there will be another election between now and then. But with Iran about to get nukes, this is a critical point in the War–the nation has survived many social programs, but it has never had to endure one of its cities going up in a mushroom cloud or a bioterror disaster. We are very fortunate that things worked out the way they did with Lieberman.

    I know Lieberman is Liberal in many cases, but he is a Hawk, and he stuck by those principles during the campaign. He also won with strong Republican support, and the Dems stabbed him in the back repeatedly during and after the primaries; Lieberman may caucus with the Dems, but he is a principled, moral man—and he owes the Republicans. I truly think the Bush-Bullock model that was so successful in Texas can be replicated here.

  13. One more thought: better Lieberman than Chafee. I did not wish for a Democrat Senate, but I am glad Chafee is history.

  14. Ken says:


    “Except on matters involving Israel, Joe is a real liberal” comes
    from a Connecticut poster.

    You oughta be concerned about dual loyalty and quit heaving
    epithets at those who oppose it.

  15. crosspatch says:

    In the “for what it’s worth department”, I just heard on FOX that John Conyers is taking “impeachment of President Bush” off the table! Wha…! Whoa.

    I was expecting to hear that. The impeachment talk was mostly coming from the nutroots. Now that the Dems have control, I expect the talk of impeachment to go away. The Dems don’t need the nutroots at this point and besides, maybe there was a behind the scene agreement reached … Rumsfeld in exchange for slamming the lid on the impeachment talk.

  16. the good doctor says:

    Het Lincoln Chafee is leaving the Rep party. He looks like barber shop quartet singer. Good Ridance!!

  17. ordi says:

    In the “for what it’s worth department”, I just heard on FOX that John Conyers is taking “impeachment of President Bush” off the table! Wha…! Whoa.

    Sorry folks I don’t believe them for one minute. They will be chairing one investigation after another after another stacked on top of the other. Don’t forget Conyer’s book. We are talking about the “Conspiracy Theory Party”. You cannot convince me they are taking it off the table. Somewhere in all of the investigations they WILL come up with some conspiracy theory and place the so-called wrong doing in the MSM and drum it up to beat the band.

    Mark my words, someday in the future you will be hearing this talking point out of the Dems,

    “We know we had taken impeachment off the table but we found this and this…. during our investigation. America is governed by the rule of law and no man is above the law. Laws were broken. They have to be held accountable.”

    Remember Rathergate, Plamegate, et….. They will not stop. They have been salivating to take Bush down! For those who believe them I will say one word, Watergate!

  18. CatoRenasci says:

    Discerning Texan: I absolutely agree with you that the war is the overriding issue – I was just cautioning people that they should not have any expectations of Lieberman on any other issue.

  19. Limerick says:

    Cato….I agree with you about the other issues. I respect him because he is principled. I do not support his abortion issues in the least. But I would never question his resolve in protecting America or supporting Israel. I don’t agree with my neighbor much, but we both play a pretty good game of horseshoes.

  20. Christoph says:

    I totally agree.

    I especially like your take on Lieberman setting himself up well for a run for the Presidency — and entirely ethically so, I might ad.

    It would be friggin’ hilarious to have Lieberman and McCain pitted against each other. A liberal and quasi-conservative, both pro strong national defense.

    It would almost be like olden times where the person running for the Presidency on behalf of Democrats wasn’t a troop hating traitor.