Oct 31 2006

Kerry The Scumbag

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John Kerry – and the Democrats who made him their standard bearer – is scum. Pure, unadulterated and unapologetic scum. John Kerry said things yesterday that are pure hate and bile. He stated that only educated people would know better than to defend and die for this nation. He is not going to fool anyone with his claim his comments were about Bush. Bush went to school already, and he is not at any risk of going to Iraq as a soldier. So forget that lame excuse. Kerry clearly commented on how to not be stupid in the future, and implied only education would allow a person to avoid ending up as some poor smuck dead in Iraq.

There was NOTHING about Bush in those comments because we all know Bush is President. We need only remind people that Kerry voted for these poor uneducated fools to go to Iraq and die, after he voted against the idea. In a month were over 100 brave Americans died for this nation, Kerry just insulted them -many as their broken bodies are still making their way home, draped in the American flag they loved so much they felt it was worth dying for.

Kerry was following in a long line of Democrat dislike for the men and women of our militarty who risk their lives, and lose their lives, defending this great nation. I listened to Laura Ingraham briefly this morning as a mother called in to lay into Kerry since she had just, this weekend, sent her son off to Iraq. She was near tears as the rightful anger and hurt came pooring out of her. It was too much to bear to think her son might pay the ultimate price, and a classic liberal scumbag like Kerry sent him on his way with a ‘screw you, you dumb sap” send off. I swear there should never be a Democrat party in this country if this is how their top idiot speaks.

And he is not alone. Recall Sen Durbin’s claim that our selfless men and women in uniform are like Nazis, the Kmher Rouge, etc. This was not haphazard comment by Durbin because it took him weeks to knuckle under to the pressure to apologize. I feel for any parent or child burying a loved one this week. Kerry’s crass and ugly comments will be there at this time of rememberance. How dare Kerry use these tragic sacrifices for his political machinations! It is criminal.

What Kerry reminded me was not so much Dick Durbin, but Ted Rall. The fanatical liberal (mainstream in media parlance) man who made fun of all those dumb hicks who would die for this lousy country. It also reminded me of the liberal stupidity and ugliness found at DailyKos.

The leftwing was getting all confident in their march to take over the Congress they started blurting out their true feelings. Well it is time this nation expressed their true feelings as well. Kerry’s comment has been out all day and he refuses to apologize – and Dems refuse to call him on it. Fine. The comment will not be challenged or retracted. The window of sincere apology is over. I am not interested in any backpeddling from now on. It will be insincere. If there was an ounce of compassion from the Dems it would have shown itself by now. But the Dems are too busy checking their polls before they make a move.

So America needs to decide right now what kind of party will represent them. Will it be the Democrats who insult those who died in a belief they were sacrificing for us all? If this is a national election then let’s look at the choices. Bush, who honors our soldiers at every opportunity and feels the pain of the losses, or the Democrats who joke about these sacrifices.

This election will end the politics of hate. A Dem loss now will end this sickness because it will not survive the loss. We need to send a message to the left they are being completely and clearly rejected, just as clearly the left dishonor our dead heros.

Realize one thing folks, the reason there was a Democrat heckler at an Allen event was to get Kerry off the news cycle. Trust me, that is why it happened. The Dems needed time to run polls so they tried to distract us. CNN and Mathews and Olberman will dutifully attempt to focus on the Allen heckler instead of the national insult laid on us by a sitting US Senator. That is their job as useful idiots for the left. But we will remember what Kerry said.

There was a great picture after 9-11 of a soldier taking the flag from fire fighter at ground zero. It was a wonderful sentiment and we all knew we would be losing more brave souls as they went off to fight this cruel and determined enemy. What we didn’t realize is how much the Democrats saw that as pure stupidity – as a joke. Now we know. Vote “no” to democrats and their callous, uncaring jokes. Vote “yes” to the heros who died trying to protect us. These men and women were not uneducated, stupid people. They were the best. The absolute best. And they did what they felt was right. Not for the Kerry’s – but for all of us who refuse to be a John Kerry. To all of us non-democrats. No one insults those who laid down their life for me, my family and this country without having to deal with me and millions of others like me. This heinous act is too much. Bring on this election!!

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  1. archtop says:

    And for those who say we’re misinterpreting Kerry’s comment, here it is again:

    “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

    So the subject of the first sentence is supposed to be President Bush? Perhaps it’s the “you” in “..if you make the most of it…” and so forth. So by this logic, we would interpret the first sentence as meaning if President Bush gets an education and does his homework and studies hard, he can do well? Huh? Is the President secretly attending grad school? The present tense of the sentence would rather imply that he is talking about the *** students ***, who in fact are currently attending school. It then follows that the second sentence is an admonishment to the *** students *** (the subject of the first sentence) that they will “get stuck in Iraq” if they don’t “study hard”.
    That is, only the stupid and less capable students will end up in the military…

    See? That wasn’t so hard…

  2. the good doctor says:

    Not hard at all. Tonight when Colmes tried to twist the statement Michael Barone(normally very subdued) lost it and told Comes he was full of bolloney. It got tense for a moment but Barone finally called their spin off. All political campaing appearances have been cancelled by Kerry. I wonder why…..

  3. Concerned says:

    At this point Kerry knows he can get away with saying anything he wants and there never will be accountability. To him it is just campaigning. Rush played a tape from a news program Kerry was on a few weeks ago where he jokingly said something about “killing Bush”. I can’t remember it exactly. But no consequences. Yet a 16 year old girl posted something online regarding the same thing and FBI were at her door in less than 24 hours.

    Who are the stupid ones here? Those constituents that keep these idiots and traitors in office! It is the idiots in Nevada that keep electing Reid, the idiots in Massachusetts who keep electing Kennedy. Lets talk about who are stupid — MEN dying for our country OR constituents that repeatedly vote to keep verifiable IDIOTS in positions of power that they only want to destroy us with!

    These idiots are why there is so much conflict in the world today — because the terrorists see us as weak and divided. Our own leaders are anti-Americans which makes us all look like idiots throughout the world.

  4. gwgirl says:


    Exactly!! I’ve been telling my husband since Lieberman lost the primary to Lamont, that Lieberman would beat the tar out of Lamont in CT. Why? Because, not only will the numbers of D’s, I’s, and R’s go overwhelmingly for Lieberman, but because not everyone in this country, including very Blue CT, have the Bush Derangement Syndrome, like the hardcore liberal moonbats. And, because even in Blue CT, they know that THIS president and this Republican congress will keep them safe from terrorism – and that includes keeping the jihadists VERY occupied in Iraq.

    Let’s look at the reality of where the country is. If truly the country were tired of the Iraq War and hated Pres. Bush as the DBM and moonbats claim (is that redundant?), than wouldn’t one think that CT would be a harbinger of that sentiment for the rest of the country? With Lieberman doing as well as he is, it’s clear that this is not the case!!

    And, now with with John Kerry (Oh by the way, did y’all know that he was in VietNam? I must have missed that in the ’04 election) and his foot-in-mouth disease, I know in my heart of hearts that the Dems will be in for a VERY long night.

    I’ve had many people tell me that I’m crazy, eternal optimist, etc., but I truly believe that we will have gains in the Senate AND House. This country is right of center, and after today, I think there was another silent tectonic shift to the right that will be felt a week from tonight.

    Sorry for the long post. But your post and AJ’s earlier commentary about CT and Lieberman, are right on the mark, and an observation that the DBM ignores, at their peril. I can’t wait for next Tuesday night. It’s like finals, I’m ready for the exam, let me at it!!

  5. Nelle says:

    So Kerry didn’t mean to say our troops were stupid, what he really meant to say was that our President is stupid.
    It’s because we’ve been deluged with the disrespect, bitterness, lack of self-control and ill-will coming from people like him that he is able to think that this is an acceptable excuse. We’re so desensitized to contemptuous treatment of our President and everyone else who liberals despise, that Kerry can reasonably hope we might just shrug and say “Oh, well, the opportunist, enemy-coddling, socialist slanderer only intended to call the decent, infinitely more serious man we elected twice an idiot. That’s ok, then.”
    I remember as a child my Korean veteran father (a Democrat) taught me that the President is “our President”, regardless of party affiliation, and that we should respect the office, whether you agreed with the man or not. I wonder if any liberal has said anything like that to their children in this century.
    I guess you can’t go back to the days of better character. But we should at least kick all moonbat liberals out of office, and see if it helps.

  6. Christoph says:

    MUST see this Kerry video. This is the funniest John F. Kerry video ever (and there have been plenty). On YouTube.

  7. MerryJ1 says:

    I’m going Devil’s Advocate on this one, although I’ve considered Kerry a scumbag since 1971 or ’72, when he starting showing his colors in public.

    In this instance, IF Kerry is completely obsessed with Bush and the 2004 loss, and like most far leftists really believes the election was “stolen” by underhanded Republicans and the evil Karl Rove (Bush doesn’t have a brain of his own, those of Kerry’s ilk are certain), then it’s feasible that Kerry actually was thinking of, and in his own mind referring to, Bush. It’s possible he didn’t even consider the words in his mouth, simply the constant, obsessive thought in his mind.

    To an obsessive, it isn’t necessary to take facts, such as “W’s” (compared to Kerry’s academics) superior intelligence quotient, superior grades, and superior ability, into consideration; everyone “knows” Bush is stupid, so it must be so.

    Of course, if the above is in play, that would indicate that Kerry is not fully of sound mind so I’m not sure it’s a real good defense for him to run with. But, like I said, I’ve seen him as a scumbag for more than thirty years. When I saw his photo hanging in the Ho Chi Minh War Museum in Hanoi (on the Swiftboat web site, in 2004 — it was reportedly taken down before the election, but the Swifties had photos of the full wall), it made me physically sick.

    On the darkest side, there was an interview on Fox (Cavuto’s show, but guest hosted, Aspin, I think) with Brigetta Gabrial, author of “Because They Hate.” Gabrial speaks Arabic, numerous dialects, and she says Al Jazerra and El Arabia (or whatever it is) will be running this Kerry thing wall-to-wall and getting all kinds of milage out of it for the enemy.

  8. Christoph says:

    It’s interesting to watch John Kerry defending himself: “RESPONDING TO REPUBLICAN DISTORTIONS” (video) that he’s now leading with on his own website.

    The press interviewing him are respectful, but it’s obvious they never buy it, not once, throughout his entire 10 minute “riding to his own defense” press conference. He walks off with them still shouting questions at him because of the inadequacy of his response and the offensiveness/stupidity (take your pick) of his insult.

    And this is the video Kerry posted on his website. It makes him look bad, but there isn’t a whole lot he could do about it unless he edited out the reporters’ voices.

    I think holding a press conference where he comes off like the reporters are stupid for thinking Kerry meant what they say doesn’t go over well. Reporters generally want him (well, maybe not him personally any more, but the Democratic Party) to win, but treating them like they are idiots must rub them the wrong way.

  9. Carol J says:

    Oh, Mr. “reporting for duty”, take that statement and everything else that you’ve tried to do to show contempt for this country and shove it where the sun don’t shine! What a WORTHLESS piece of crap!!

    Midterm elections? BRING IT ON!!! This country and those brave souls who truly love this country enough to defend it, DO NOT deserve to be insulted and betrayed…but that’s EXACTLY what you’ve been doing for the past 35 years. You can kiss your ambition to be their Commander-in-Chief goodbye! You are nothing but a liar and a scumbag! The only “botched joke” here is YOU!!


  10. Retired Spook says:

    I ran across this post on another blog and thought it deserved repeating here:

    From a friend of mine sent to our News Letter –
    News & Views for publication. Not onlt was Don a Green Beret in Vietnam, but now hos first son has earned his Green Beret and his second son is enduring honorable pain to earn his.

    Please, if you can, help make Don’s wish to debate Kerry come to life.

    An Open Letter To Hanoi John Kerry

    Dear Senator Kerry;

    On your website http://www.johnkerry.com you closed your recent attack on the Administration with “Bottom line, these Republicans want to debate straw men because they’re afraid to debate real men. And this time it won’t work because we’re going to stay in their face with the truth and deny them even a sliver of light for their distortions. No Democrat will be bullied by an administration that has a cut and run policy in Afghanistan and a stand still and lose strategy in Iraq.”

    Further, you wrote: “It disgusts me that these Republican hacks, who have never worn the uniform of our country lie and distort so blatantly and carelessly about those who have.”

    Mr. Senator; I wore the uniform of our country in Vietnam, as well as the Green Beret that I earned, and I am a Republican hack, and will gladly debate you anywhere, anytime, anyplace. To me, you are a despicable, liar, coward, and traitor. You asked one person in the audience during the 2004 Presidential race if he was questioning your patriotism. I am. You are all about “Me,” and have never been about “We.”

    How dare you write: “afraid to debate real men.” You have no clue what it is like to be a real man. You are simply a Gigolo in a Brooks Brothers suit, who dated the Hollywood elite until you finally landed a cash cow. You’re a male whore, Senator, and every move you have made since you were a naval reserve officer (who consorted with the enemy during war in 1972 in Paris ) has been on the backs and lives of others. The doctor who, using tweezers, removed the tiny steel sliver from your skin for one of your Purple Hearts, compared the wound to being less severe than “the prick of a rose thorn.” And where did the shrapnel come from, Kerry? You shooting your own M79 grenade round too close at some rocks and getting a blow-back. You got another for embedding rice in your ass with your own grenade blowing up a pile of rice. By your standards, I qualified for 2 dozen Purple Hearts in Vietnam , but my sense of self-worth as a “real man” would never let me consider denigrating the medal in such a manner. As chairman of the host committee of the Senate, you killed HR1633, the Vietnam Human Rights Act which had passed in the House with over 100 votes and only 1 dissenting vote. While you let this bill die in committee, more innocent Montagnards, Cham, and some Buddhists sects in Vietnam were tortured, executed, and falsely accused and imprisoned in Vietnam, while your assets in your blind trusts continued to make more money for you in Hanoi. You know, Senator, like that 1 billion dollar deep sea port deal your first cousin C. Stewart Forbes made with Hanoi back in 1992, while you quashed 42,000 pieces of evidence about American MIA/POW’s as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on MIA/POW Affairs, which I testified for. Tell, me Senator, wasn’t that same cousin also the Administrator of your blind trusts? I had friends, Senator, who were POW’s who were tortured listening to your anti-war rhetoric, all so you could gain political office some day. When the Swift Boat Veterans and POW’s for the Truth publicly-exposed your phony lying sorry ass, how did you respond? Even though you are the wealthiest member of Congress (Thanks Terreza), you started a publicly-funded legal fund, so you could file suit against a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, and a large group of noble, decorated Vietnam veterans. Your brothers in arms, right? You called our soldiers in Iraq “terrorists” and one of them was my son? You labeled my fellow Vietnam veterans and me as loose cannons and the misfits of American society with your words and antics, as a self-created war hero turned pacifist, all for political expedience, yours. We unfairly suffered for decades while you selfishly grew your career, fertilizing it with the blood of real heroes, Senator.

    You’re a real piece of work, John Kerry. And you want to be my President? Commander in chief of my offspring? I will debate you, argue with you face-to-face, or you can simply file suit against me, too. Please do. I would love to get you on the stand.

    By the way, one last question, back during the good old Jimmy Carter amnesty for draft dodger days, wasn’t Senator John Warner Secretary of the Navy? You know, someone who might sign a newer, nicer more politically-correct discharge instead of an undesirable discharge. Now let’s fast forward to 2004. If you were the Democratic candidate for President, why was Senator Warner, a longtime Republican on your short list for your Secretary of Defense? Sure helped him develop amnesia about signing discharges, didn’t it?

    Anytime, anywhere, Senator.

    De Oppresso Liber,

    Don Bendell

    Bendell Enterprises PO Box 276
    Canon City, Colorado 81215-0276

    Isaiah 6:8

    Please visit: http://www.donbendell.com and http://www.bendellkarate.com

    Buy Don’s new novel now, a modern day military thriller, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DETACHMENT, released worldwide by Berkley (Penguin) and available everywhere, and watch for the exciting sequel BROKEN BORDERS being released worldwide later this year!

    “Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam.”

    Posted by: Joe Oliver at November 1, 2006 12:55 AM

  11. Carol J says:

    Thanks for posting that Retired. I agree with EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.


  12. For Enforcement says:

    Just watched that video. Do you suppose Kerry hasn’t gone back and watched it, heard what he actually said? I would like to know what the “joke” was that he botched. Was he saying Pres Bush is uneducated. Everyone knows that Pres Bush has more education at the very same school that Kerry went to than Kerry does. How could that be a joke?
    We shouldn’t demand an apology from Kerry.

    As the old saying goes, when your opponent is self destructing, stand back and watch.

    In that video, Kerry says, referencing Swift boaters, he will debate them anywhere on the issues. Truth is, he won’t. He knows that the “truth” can never come out and be verified. That’s the last thing he wants.

    Ok, Ken, come on back with some more of your drivel.

  13. Ken says:

    So many sites so little time… FE ,the only retort to my concise points was a feeble reference to the Senator from, as Ernst Hollings might put it, Tel Aviv, (Hollings vs. Metzenbaum ,years ago) and his
    apparent lead over Lamont.

    Lamont, however , has assured his voters he will continue to stand with Israel’s interests and ignore entreaties from such as the Saudi ambassador who warned America Monday it must force Israel to settle fairly with the Palestinians, or continue to lose influence and respect in the Mideast.

    So I really can’t get enthused about a Lamont victory except to
    point out one race does not refute what countless polls have
    established: Americans have turned resolutely against the Iraq War.

  14. For Enforcement says:

    Lamont, however , has assured his voters he will continue to stand with Israel’s interests

    Lamont has no scruples, he will say anything and everything if it will get him a vote.