Oct 30 2006

Islamic Sheik Denounces Al Qaeda In Iraq

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Think we are losing the war of hearts and minds in the ME with what is going on in Iraq? Think again.

“Then [after a while,] the [Al-Qaeda in Iraq] organization suddenly and inexplicably began to act in a strange manner. They began to liquidate religious scholars… I do not want to mention names, for they are well known in Iraq…”

“This was followed by acts of persecution against Sunni Muslims, harming their livelihood. They planted explosives in front of homes, schools and hospitals, [or] under electric transformers, without taking any account of the consequences for society, without whose support and help we will become easy prey for the Crusader occupation and its helpers, the vicious Shiites.

Their campaign to cut off all contacts among Muslims is a heinous act, because it [has sometimes led to] sick children dying in their mothers’ arms, and to homes burning down with people inside them. I do not believe that Allah gave them the right to defend themselves against [foreign] agents at the expense of the sick and the needy…

“My dear sheikh, we pray to Allah that our message will reach you, and that it will not be kept away from you by one of the people around you, so you may make the right decision. You [must] revoke your authorization of Al-Qaeda in Iraq – [and I can assure you] that we, your sons, will not fail in leading the war and the jihad here [in Iraq].

“If you keep silent [in the face of their conduct], don’t expect us to wish them well or to keep silent, for [protecting] the life and property of Muslims in Iraq is a responsibility incumbent upon every jihad fighter in Iraq. We will cut them down [i.e. the members of AL-Qaeda in Iraq] and humiliate their mighty ones. The lock and keys of civil war are in your hands. You can either lock it [i.e. stop the war] or open it. We are intrepid, and the fighting tribes… are all behind us, waiting for our signal [to fight].”

That seems like a clear enough warning to me. Desist in Iraq, Bin Laden, or suffer the wrath of the Iraqis. Wonder if the Dems still want to surrender???

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6 Responses to “Islamic Sheik Denounces Al Qaeda In Iraq”

  1. Ken says:

    More bold sophistry from AJ Strata.

    The native Sunni plaintant-shiek clearly opposes, as much as
    Al Qaeda, “the Crusader occupation.” He wishes an anti-American
    Iraqi nationalist government rather than an anti-American
    international caliphate.

    Leave it to Strata to muddy up the waters.

  2. Ken says:


    well, Strata, if your strategy stays firm, al Qaeda might just
    capture a big chunk of Iraq;they’re ranks are growing due to
    US presence , as this piece shows.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    You keep coming here and posting links from places you visit or search for support with on the web.

    The weakness is that you post whatever you think opposes AJ, and somehow you never look to question the underling premise.

    People post all sorts of viewpoints on the web, the run the spectrum.

    However that does not make them gold.

    Critical thinking of composite built up knowledge is the key.

    Aj can tell you that I am working on a little project that involves complex documentation and solid basis of fact to determine the eventual outcome.

    Wishing and hoping and finding a few words that match your view is not a conclusive proof of reality, it is only an image.

  4. Ken says:

    I limit my criticism of Strata cheifly to his misleading and misguided
    statements which usually paint the Iraq War in grandly over optimistic terms.

    The Saudi ambassador yesterday accurately said the US has never
    been more lowly regarded in the Middle East than now, because of its
    actions in Iraq and failure to force Israel off the West Bank.

    Believe him or believe Strata.

  5. AJStrata says:


    Did you try and say something? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention….

  6. Ken says:

    AJ, you obviously haven’t been paying attention…or you wouldn’t
    have missed the implications of the Sunnis’ “Crusader” reference.

    You also ignore the rudimentary fact that Iraqi Shias find
    al Qaeda and the “international caliphate” abominable, but hate
    America nonetheless as do Iranian Shias.

    The Saudi nudge should have been superfluous–you don’t know what you are talking about when you attempt to address US
    stature in the Middle East.