Oct 24 2006

As Rush Predicted, Liberal Media Defends Fox Ad

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The liberal media do exist and they tip their hands when someone pushes the right button (no pun intended). The last two days Rush Limbaugh was tearing into the tissue of lies that are the Michael Fox ad, and noted Fox himself admits to stopping his medication when trying to generate public sympathy for Parkinson’s sufferers. The media is beginning their indefensible defense.

When Fox is trying to win support to research he is on solid ground with this move. When he is lying about a Republican’s position on curing Parkinson’s then he is being duplicitous. As I pointed out in two posts already (here and here), the embryonic stem cell research angle from Fox is pure snake oil, and in violent opposition to one of the leading researchers Fox funds. That researcher is the one who noted Embryonic Stem Cell treatments for Parkinson’s – the supposed research Fox claims Republicans are trying to outlaw – cause tumors. The adult stem cell therapies by the same doctor avoid embryonic cells all together and use the patients own cells to correct the damage. This is the kind of research everyone supports and hopes works. So Fox is either being fooled or playing us as fools. Given he is an actor without a science background I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was sold the snake oil like so many others. But in the end the ads are pure misinformation and lies. This is all the Democrats have to offer America it seems. More disgusting lies here. Too bad the democrats can’t show the same campassion for a 6 month old human being (not a six month old human baby – though one has doubts about that too at times) as they do for an ailing Hollywood star.

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  1. Mark78 says:

    And the media is distorting the story, as usual, against the conservative corner, Rush.


    Let MSNBC know what you think of their avoidance of substance of the comments/issue and desire to smear by emailing them at

    The very same MSNBC show, Nightly News, is preempting the election with “voting problem” stories as well. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15401435/

    Predictable liberal storyline from our “mainstream” media.

  2. radioone says:

    I’ll bet Ann Coulter is snickering about this. The Reps won’t let the Dems get away using “victims” anymore. Those days are Gone Forever.

    And, the Pres has been playing “Texas-Holdum(sp?)” for 6 years? The Dems say he’s not smart enough to play that game. What’s the deal???