Oct 24 2006

Bush Kept His Powder Dry, And Now He Uses It

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President George Bush is on a royal tear hammering the Democrats and mocking them senseless. He is sounding more like Clinton with his sharp tongue and biting wit to paint a party that is basically a joke. The Special Report snippets of his speech today was just amazing. He established the difference between Reps and Dems by noting Dems want a date certain and Reps want to bring the troops home victorious. And the news that Iraq is signing up to critical milestones to get all of us (Iraq and the American led coalition) a success is well timed. And the mocking of the Dems genetic need to raise taxe, and noting their dire predictions of economic doom proved to be nonsense, was a crushing act. Not to mention how he noted that after all their predictions of doom and gloom and disaster, their predictions of a Congressional win are just good news for the Reps. The Dem track record on predictions is unique in that they are never, ever right.

Bush slaughtered the left today and he will do so for 14 straight days now. And he is going to get maximum impact from this effort because for 6 years the man has been keeping his powder dry and waiting for when he would most need it – the 6 year itch election. I listened this morning to Laura Ingraham and JP O’Rourke whine and moan about having to vote for Republicans – it was pathetic. Knock two more conservative talking heads of my list. They were echoed by a local talk radio host Chris Corr (sp?) who is always talking about what he never gets from politicians. This pity party from the right about not getting all they want is just another version of the ‘what about me’ garbage I could never stand with the Liberals. Politics is NOT about getting all you want, it is about working together in a common direction. You may not like every step of the path, but the choice is either right path or wrong path. “Quickest” and “Purest” don’t exist in politics. The sooner people realize this the sooner conservatives can govern and create ‘momentum’ instead of pouting every two years and giving themselves to thoughts of payback and revenge to their side. It really is getting old.

So Bush is out showing why all these amatuers aren’t winning elections. All the calls to get out and do something earlier were tactically a disaster. The maximum impact of any force is to deliver it quickly, over a short time period. With two weeks left the Dems will not be able to respond or deflect the onslaught. And since Bush has never been this energetic and stinging, he has maximized the surprise effect. It will be a real head turner. A glib and sharp Clinton was old news in his sixth year. On Bush we see a new, strong, dominating side. He kept this under wraps until he really needed to push the Democrats back. All those years of bluffing Mr. Too-Nice, of feigning the bungling fool, of wearing the facade of someone who would never open an attack, have shown Bush to be the most patient of poker players to play the game. I could see at once that the Bush October surprise was going to be “Bush Unleashed” – and now the Dems will see what they are up against. And the Dems will complain and whine and say life is unfair, and once again demonstrate why they do not have what it takes to lead this nation in this time of great threat. What, are they going to whine about how unfair Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are? Are they going to complain the terrorists don’t fight fair? Of course they don’t. But Bush is fighting fair – he is just outmaneuvering the Dems once again.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Don’t you just love it. Even old Dick Morris is now saying the Repubs are back in the fight. I’ve been more optimistic, like the host, that the Repubs might not have been doing everything right, but there was no alternative. Not voting is not an alternative because that is a vote for the other side. There is just no way we can let the America Haters get in by default. Today is the first day in a while that the Dems haven’t come out with the “October Surprise de jure’ ” Boy, I bet they weren’t expecting Pres to start his Surprise today. Read the other day where one Dem said he was absolutely giddy at the Dems prospects. He sure is gonna be hanging his head late Tues night in two weeks.
    Go get ’em G Dub.

  2. aj4erj says:

    “President George Bush is on a royal tear hammering the Democrats and mocking them senseless.”

    Great, but who will tell the masses who only get news from the MSM?

  3. Nelle says:

    Geez, I wish you wouldn’t tell them what he’s doing. I want to see them try to fit the attack bush into their “lying incompetent diabolical moron” brain cell without any help.
    Doesn’t matter though. Even if they were capable of grasping the plain truth, it’s too late for a co-ordinated response. They’ll all start shooting from the hip and hitting each other. This should be fun.

  4. Christoph says:

    Bush is always outmaneuvering the Democrats.

    Seriously, he has done this from day one. The idiot-President and most highly educated President in U.S. history has done nothing but increase seat counts in elections where this was supposedly impossible (or not predicted by history) and he may well do it again.

    At any rate, it’s entertaining as hell to see the Democrats scratching their heads wondering how the hell someone so stupid does this to them again and again and not quite asking themselves if, maybe, they’re the morons who have been played by an American political master.

    Bill Clinton gets it: He’s long said George W. Bush is a great politician (a far better one than his father: he grew up watching Reagan’s success and his father’s political failure and decided to emulate the former while using his own skills and intellect), but the average Democrat politician these days has nowhere near the insight of slick Will.

    This is going to be fun.

  5. Christoph says:

    Adding to my previous, this is a man who is a teetotaler, faithful husband, fanatically physically fit (consistently top 1% of men his age) who treats the office he holds with respect and love and who works hard.

    There is very little George W. Bush does that is an accident.

  6. Concerned says:

    President Bush is class. He is a real man. My concern is there is no one out there prepared to fill his shoes.

    AJ, could you please post an update on Harry Reid story? The point to the story just might be that it has dropped. Where is the outcry from Republicans? From Rush? From conservative bloggers? From his constituents?

    I would also like to get SBD’s attention! He should continue his research going to Maricopa County, Arizona. If you want it big and now the evidence is sitting there.

  7. owl says:

    I listened this morning to Laura Ingraham and JP O’Rourke whine and moan about having to vote for Republicans – it was pathetic.

    I can believe it. Laura is like Malkin…..she can be the very best or the very worst when she is wrong. No one dislikes some of the good Congressmen more than me, but I will cheerfully vote a straight Pub ticket. It is beyond foolish and stupid to think that one section of our party has the bootstraps to win an election. All they do is kill any undecided voters who live in the middle.

    Great, but who will tell the masses who only get news from the MSM?

    Unfortunately, this is also true. Each morning while I have my coffee, my spouse has the TV on ABC. I am sitting in the middle of red country watching my local news channel, but also cussing a blue streak while watching an hour of news manipulated by GMA. They can’t help themselves……after all…..they are ALL Democrats. It is amazing how they can screw each situation. Blondie Dianne doing her best Judy Woodruff imitation. Oh they have the ‘soft touch’ with it, but the public is getting FREE 24/7 Democratic (ads) News……even in redland. One morning they put up pictures of 4 supposely corrupt Pubs and then added 1 quickie Dem. Which morning? A couple of days into Reid. So was Reid the Dem they put up for a nanosec? Of course NOT. Not even mentioned……nada, zip, zero. All the millions that Pubs spend on ads will not be a drop in the bucket compared to the solid free ads given by the media. It is like comparing pennies to millions.

    Bush unleashed is our very best. The networks (except FOX) will not air it, but they will manage to distort what he says. Like magic, they will find some quotes. That’s okay…..he is our glue and secret bullet, since they still have not figured him out. After all, how long did it take all those smart people to figure out he meant what he said? GET ‘EM, Mr President.

  8. For Enforcement says:

    For those that don’t feel like we need a fence on the border and it will take forever, look at this story. China knew how to get it done. They’ve built one SINCE that nuke explosion a couple weeks ago.


  9. Ken says:

    Strata knows politics better than , for example, rightist republicans who despise Bush’s sellout on immigration! But then AJ goes on to express his confidence that the guy with the dismal approval ratings is a brilliant politician on a tear who merely lured his opponents
    into a mirage of an advantage!

    Travel on, AJ! And pine away about the fact that the GOP will lose
    big because of a failed no-win war based on willful Bush lies!

  10. The Macker says:

    Good perspective!
    The White House has been slow to explain and defend its positions. Maybe, the timing is by design (think Rove).

    I fault the Republicans in Congress for failure to engage our internal enemies and hold them accountable. So, Bush to the rescue!

  11. Barbara says:

    The democratic party has never thought Bush was stupid. They have just worked unceaseingly to convince the electorate that this is so. But, he keeps making them eat crow and they still adhere to this stance . Talk about stupid. But, as everybody knows, the Dems have no new ideas.

  12. Ken says:

    Bush’s botched war, based on prevarications about WMDs, is the
    defining issue of the campaign. The more hapless the Democrats
    objectively are, the more pitiful it makes Bush’s inept rule, empowering the undeserving former.

  13. Barbara says:

    Bush’s rule? On the same page as Bush’s empire. Your BDS is getting worse. Maybe you should check your meds. And the defining issue in this election is GWOT and national security of which dems have no plans whatsoever. And in fact deny there is a GWOT and assert that there is no need for national security at all.

  14. Ken says:

    I agree with Barbara that the Democrats are little better than the GOP in opposing terror. This was proven yesterday when many went public in their opposition to Jimmy Carter’s new book criticising Israel for its oppression of Palestinians. If the US doesn’t bring
    Israel in line, it is doomed to generations of terror.

  15. The Macker says:

    The Palestinians’ squalor and death wish is of their own making. Their leadership has stolen and misdirected their resources. The UN and Europe have poured money into their coffers.

    Their children are educated to hate Israel. Israel’s right to exist is well established and the drumbeat of misinformation has inflamed Muslems throughout the ME and confused the uninformed in the Western world.

  16. Ken says:


    Israel is slaughtering Palestinians in Gaza and American oblivious to it
    will bring more reaction to our shores and stiffen the anti-American
    attitudes of both Sunni and Shia Iraqis.

  17. The Macker says:

    P. Seale is an Arabist with close ties to Syria, and hardly objective.

    Above link shows dysfunction of Palestinian leadership and unremitting opposition to Israel.

    Fences, checkpoints, occupation etc are for Israel’s self protection. The Palestinians still won’t acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and continue to terrorize it.