Oct 24 2006

Fedora Exposes Senate Democrat KGB Spy?

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The recent book that tells the tale of Ted Kennedy trying to assist the USSR in defeating Reagan has brought out a lot of questions about the patriotism (not to mention the oath of office to protect and defend this nation and people from sworn enemies) of the Democrats. Some research by forensic poster Fedora over at Free Republic seems to indicate the Democrat Party had a KGB spy in its Senate ranks, and this spy was with Kennedy as he attempted to undermine our nation:

there was at least one to whom the [KGB’s] Centre attached real importance during the 1970s: a Democratic activist in California recruited as a KGB agent during a visit to Russia. The agent, who is not identified by name in the reports noted by Mitrokhin, had a wide circle of influential contacts in the Democratic Party: among them Governor Jerry Brown of California, Senator Alan Cranston, Senator Eugene McCarthy, Senator Edward Kennedy, Senator Abraham Ribicoff, Senator J. William Fulbright and Congressman John Conyers, Jr. During the 1976 Presidential campaign the agent was able to provide inside information from within the Carter camp and a profile of Carter himself, which were particularly highly valued by the Centre since it had so few high-level American sources.

Those associations alone should worry people. This part is in the KGB records, so there is no doubt there was a spy. It is a fascinating read (which I wil have to complete later myself), and the conclusion is the spy was one Senator Tunney from CA.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Well, unless the donks go and drink the Kool-‘Aides’ there’s not much that’s gonna get Teddy out’da the senate. He’s capable of flying off bridges in vehicles that sink. And, he’s a “survivor.’

    Meanwhile, we’ve been getting some pretty weird “october” gifts from the party that seems to lose, anyway.

    So maybe it’s time to notice what the GOPsters really need to do. And, that’s to stop this “defense” bullshit. We need men like General Patton! And, Vince Lombardi. Who know that winning is about AGGRESSIVENESS. And, then the leaking Leahy’s; and the other assorted trash in the donk’s party would be facing TREASON.

    Ya know, George Washington applied TREASON to a few. They got military trials. And, were dead within ten days.

    While so many GOPsters (with ambitions to reach the White House, yet!), went totally defensive coming into 2006 horse race. Err. I meant elections.

    Ya know Frish was so sure the GOP would fall into the minority, he refused to run. Thinking he had a better shot at the nomination in 2008, by steering clear of “Bush losing Congress.” Which would have “forced” Frist into the minority chair. And, his ass is way too big for that!

    Another defensive player? Guiliani. Also avoided what he thought would be Bush’s train wreck.

    Do these men ever call their advisors on the phone and even complain about the bad advice?

    We know Reagan let Casper Weinberger cancel presidential decisions! And, we also know James Baker arranged for Reagan to visit Bitburg.

    Some people wear “winner tags” for much too long a time.

    By the way, a lot of cash went from stalin, into State. And, ya know how Alger Hiss got caught? He decided to SUE Whitiker Chambers in CIVIL court! And, he had Adeli Stevenson showing up as a character witness! Chambers WON!

    And, that’s why the communists (whenever they could), went after Nixon! Nixon was anti-communist. And, was so bright the donks were terrified of his ability to do strategy. And, Nixon was able to do GRAND STRATEGY even at the bitter end. That’s why the 1970’s, and the fluke of WaterGATE has never really been able to be duplicated successfully by the democraps.

    Now, if only, ahead, the GOP gets serious about politics, and puts together an AGGRESSIVE BENCH! One that can go out on the field; where the democraps keep getting routed; so it’s getting tiring to watch …

    We might gain a better perspective on WINNING.

    General Patton could tell ya that TO WIN you can’t play “defensive” at war manuevers. And, while IKE did not want the competition from Patton; so Patton would be denied fuel for his tanks, for instance, to run through the germans like a knife through butter … the “ideal” general for IKE was “field marshall Montgomery! Son-of-a-bitch kept getting bogged down. And, always was running late.

    Go check the records! For all the wins you see the GOP achieving … up ahead we can really dump the “defensive jerks” like Frist. Who may yet get to see CORKER replace him. And, the “competition” from the democraps, Ford, limping off stage after shooting himself in the foot.

    Anyway, what rides ahead? IF BUSH KEEPS CONGRESS then, like in 2004, his victory is humongous. But because of the media, fat on George Soros’ money, they won’t report a thing.

    But ya can figa this out … all just the same.

    Why Frist was willing to duck a re-election race; and ditto for Guiliani, should have some repercussions, ahead, ya know? Wouldn’t you rather see guys going down fighting? (And, Patton said when you fight hard. And, fast. It’s your enemies that go “down.”) But ya gotta train men to become that tough.

  2. Retired Spook says:

    What Carol said!!

    You literally have to wonder what’s in the water in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts that would cause them to return such a scumbag to the Senate term after term.

    I hope I live long enough to see two things happen: Ted Kennedy assuming room temperature and the GOP coming to the realization that you CAN play hardball without being lying and being nasty.

  3. clarice says:

    Great minds, AJ–http://americanthinker.com/comments.php?comments_id=6425

  4. Good News From Iraq Part #2…

    Seems that people almost “like” the bad news they keep hearing from the left media about Iraq, it justifies their anti-war philosophy, yet when I post some of the good news coming out of Iraq they get up in arms (no pun intended).
    Now, as promised,…

  5. Barbara says:

    I have always resented the way the republicans back down every time. Why can’t they come out fighting? They don’t have to get nasty to fight back. All these people in congress have been there too long. There needs to be term limits. When people stay in power too long it goes to their heads and some become crooked. The temptation to take bribes, etc. is tremendous, and if we had term limits these people could not stay in Washington long enough to enrich themselves at the cost of the electorate.

  6. highcotton63 says:

    I am not a huge fan of Bill Frist. However, in the interest of fairness, I certainly have to come to his defense this time. When he first ran for the Senate in 1994, he told the voters of TN that he believed strongly in the concept of term limits, and he pledged to support legislation establishing it as law. He also said that, as a matter of principle, he would run for re-election only once even if term-limit legislation had not been passed in the meantime. Well, it hasn’t been — but you’ll notice that he kept his promise to his constituents. I’m sure you’re aware of how many sleazy politicians have made the same campaign promise….and then come up with pathetic excuses for breaking their oath.

    Now that you are better-informed, Carol, I trust you will retract your reckless and unfair characterization of Dr. Frist as cowardly and too high-and-mighty to risk being in the minority. He might be a little out of his political depth as Senate Majority Leader. However, he is clearly a man of his word. That’s so rare among elected officials that it should elicit accolades rather than cheap shots, don’t you think?

  7. Snapple says:

    The books by Andrews and Mitrokin are interesting. Mitrokin was an archivist in the KGB. He would copy papers and hide them at his cottage I think.

    The thing is, sometimes the KGB overstates its influence or control over people when describing things to party officials.

    You would really have to be careful how you use KGB sources.
    They try to make themselves look good and they have to be careful about presenting accurate information if it might not jive with the biases of the politicians.

    The KGB “cooks” the intelligence sometimes, I think.

    Not that I am any big expert, but I have read that.

  8. For Enforcement says:

    Carol_herman, gosh, put me on the list of your admirers. Anybody that feels that way about the impact George Patton would have had, has to be well informed. If George Patton had been in Ike’s place, this would have been a much different world. The Soviets would never have dominated all eastern Europe. Oh well.
    You were not all wrong on Frist as High Cotton says. Yes, he was a man of his word and didn’t run again for that reason, rather than being afraid to lose the Senate, but he was not a good senate leader, he was too intimidated. He had to have a sure thing and didn’t do a good enough job of intimidating the rogues, like Graham. The dems always support the dems. The Repubs “do the right thing” including being stupid at time and not following the Repubs when they should.
    For example, why did he ever push that comprehensive border bill? It didn’t have a chance in hell. But the dems wanted it, because they knew it would never get by the House, and would give Pres Bush a loss, as it did. (Thankfully by signing the House version,a little victory will be realized)
    I, like you, believe that winning is the name of the game.
    An example, I’m not happen with the ways things are going in Iraq, but that doesn’t mean I want to lose. It means we need to get aggressive and WIN.

    Nothing will ever come of Teddy the Treasoner, the MSM won’t allow it.
    On O’Reilly last night, Gen (dumb ass) Wesley Clark said George Soros was a great Philosopher and he had no problem accepting $75000 from him. O’Reilly said he was a bad man and that he wanted Clark to come back next week and discuss it. I’m looking forward to that.

  9. Barbara says:

    Teddy just keeps swaying drunkenly along. If the fact that he was instrumental in the death of one of his campaign workers did not do him in, I doubt if the KGB story would either. I remember when that death occured. Kennedy mania was at its height. There was something said about the girl being pregnant. Everything about the incident was hushed up. Kennedyland, you know. I always wondered how, if he opened the door and got out, why could she not get out also? Why did not the water inundate the car when the door was opened and yet she was found trying breathe in the last air space? I have wondered (considering the Kennedy sexual reputation) if he got this girl pregnant and got rid of her by pushing the car off the wharf with the girl drunk and/or asleep inside. And just pretending to swim to safety. The eight hour lag has always bothered me because perhaps he could have saved her if he had reported the accident to the authorities. Just a theory.