Oct 19 2006

Killer Ad By GOP

The latest ad out from the GOP is one tough ad. While Democrats and the liberal media fight to tear down our defenses, release our prisoners of war, provide tax-payer funded legal counsel to the mastermind of 9-11, and surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda, it is only logical the GOP would point out the stakes in these suicidal ‘policies’. The country is not wallowing in BDS like the leftward feverswamps. This ad will have an impact. And whining about it will only increase the impact. Here’s to all the useful whiners on the left who are coming out on the left to dismiss ‘the stakes’ of this election. Thanks to your efforts, the Democrats will lose. Somebody get Olberman and Mathews on the air – ASAP.

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13 Responses to “Killer Ad By GOP”

  1. Ken says:

    I’m not whining about Strata’s feverswamp warning against
    “turning over Iraq to Al Qaeda.” I’m just challenging him to
    quote one military strategist who believes al Qaeda has the
    means and is a serious threat to “take over Iraq” when the US
    leaves. And please, no broad brushes which can be interpreted
    a dozen ways. ONE qualified analyist who says, specifically,
    al Qaeda can “take over Iraq.”

  2. Limerick says:

    BIN LADEN: “I now address my speech to the whole of the Islamic nation: Listen and understand. The issue is big and the misfortune is momentous. The most important and serious issue today for the whole world is this Third World War, which the Crusader-Zionist coalition began against the Islamic nation. It is raging in the land of the two rivers. The world’s millstone and pillar is in Baghdad, the capital of the caliphate.”

    ZAWAHIRI: “So we must think for a long time about our next steps and how we want to attain it, and it is my humble opinion that the Jihad in Iraq requires several incremental goals: The first stage: Expel the Americans from Iraq. The second stage: Establish an Islamic authority or amirate, then develop it and support it until it achieves the level of a caliphate – over as much territory as you can to spread its power in Iraq … The third stage: Extend the jihad wave to the secular countries neighboring Iraq.

    Want 1/2 my bagel Ken?

  3. patrick neid says:

    i must have read his statement wrong. i thought aj said

    “surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda”

    the only person who said this:

    ““turning over Iraq to Al Qaeda.” I’m just challenging him to
    quote one military strategist who believes al Qaeda has the
    means and is a serious threat to “take over Iraq” when the US
    leaves. … ONE qualified analyist who says, specifically,
    al Qaeda can “take over Iraq.”

    was you………….”surrender iraq to al qaeda” has no relation to “al qaeda taking over iraq”. while not as cute as the definition of “is” is, it’s much easier to understand.

    as for analysts, they are legion in admitting that if we leave iraq the amount of violence will increase dramatically from all remaining parties. that said, some say we should still leave.

  4. Ken says:


    So bin Laden and Zawahiri qualify as military strategists?
    Try again. The native Sunni cheiftains who oppose al Qaeda’s
    goals, being NATIONALISTS rather than INTERNATIONALISTS
    say they can fight the foreign jihadists better once we
    leave. But you know better than the natives–which is why
    you were probably predicting a short war in 2003.

    Patrick Neid:

    Well if take Strata literally, we could interpret it to mean he
    believes Democrats would summon al Qaeda to a formal
    confabulation at which they would give it the keys to the

  5. Limerick says:

    Gee…..sorry Ken……I should have know better that Bin Ladin and Zawahiri are NOT strategists but KEN IS! Hail Ken!

  6. Mark78 says:

    How about Rohan Gunaratna?
    James Phillips? http://www.heritage.org/Research/MiddleEast/Iraq/Iraq.cfm/
    Jeff White? https://www.washingtoninstitute.org/templateC10.php?CID=17
    Whalid Phares? http://www.counterterrorismblog.com
    Bill Roggio? http://www.billroggio.com
    Brookings has some good estimates on how things would turn out if the U.S. bailed.

    Not turning over ALL over Iraq to al Qaeda’s control but certainly areas where they’d have safehaven would be a setback worse than what is going on now.

    I’d also suggest reading the words of Gen. Caldwell and the others who have laid out the stakes for what al Qaeda would do if we left Iraq.

    Are you arguing that al Qaeda is now neutralized in Iraq because of offensives against them or are you saying they were never there? Can you please clarify?

  7. Ken says:


    Well Limerick, I rely on basic facts -like the military’s wherewithal
    is being sapped in Iraq (above link) after a three year grind in which all facetsof the insurgency have grown. Meaning the US attempt to squash it has failed and the natives can do at least as good a job once we leave.

  8. Mark78 says:

    Can you please explain how a smaller, less experienced military will do “just as well” as the U.S. and coalition military?

  9. Limerick says:

    Hannibal will NEVER make it over the Alps!

  10. Limerick says:

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports this afternoon that a carrier attack group from the 7th fleet and Japanese Defense Force naval units have departed Japan for ‘exercises’ off Korea. Japanese fishing vessels have been ordered away from N. Korea……….

  11. streeter says:

    O.K., AQ can’t take over Iraq, this from the same idiot group who has howled for years that we don’t have enough troops there.
    I can’t wait for the “Bush is trying to scare people” comments. The only people who can be scared by this ad are those who don’t already know who the eneny is. They are hardly likly to start clueing in now.

  12. Snapple says:

    The FBI is looking for people in the US and Germany who may have collaborated with the 9-11 plotters.

    I don’t know, but the date 9-11 is the date of the 1973 coup in Chile that deposed Allende.

    It’s a black day for the left. They blame the CIA even tho’ the Church Committee, not exactly a pro-NIXON bunch, said the CIA didn’t make this coup.

    Sometimes I wonder if that date 9-11 was a bit of a hint.

    Look at this quote:

    Intelligence agencies would like to know “the nature and extent of support the hijackers had while in the United States, not to mention the nature and support in Germany and elsewhere…”—U.S. Intelligence Official


    And this:

    “We continue to examine the contacts between the 19 hijackers and a number of persons”—FBI Assistant Director John Miller


  13. Barbara says:

    Ken started out with a particular mindset and everything, and I mean everything, that happens or is said is turned and twisted to agree with this mindset no matter how bizarre. It is hopeless arguing with him because no one will ever change this guy’s mind. He knows what he knows and facts will never get in the way of his rants. You could quote 100 military experts about the war in Iraq and if 99 out of athe 100 think we should stay in Iraq, he will quote the one person who disagrees. He has shown this path time after time.