Oct 14 2006

Speaking Of Foley, If His Staff Did Not Know…?

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The media frenzy over Foley has created the worst case of herd mentality I have ever seen in the liberal media. The analogy to cows just followin the tail in front of them is apt in this case, because the media has lost all perspective. For example, if Foley’s staff was unaware of Foley’s acts and the so called warning signs (except Kirk Fordham of course, who has now admitted he ‘broke’ with Foley to get him to stop doing what he was doing after covering for him for 10 years), then how is it anyone would expect Hastert and the Leadership to know about Foley? These people worked with him for years on a day-to-day basis, and yet the FBI is finding no one had an inkling about his predatory behavior?

One former Foley staffer said the agents are attempting to determine if Foley’s contact with underage pages went beyond exchanges of sexually explicit e-mails and instant messages to actual physical encounters.

Several former staffers have told ABC News they were unaware of Foley’s activities

If no one but Fordham and Trandahl knew about Foley’s actions, then it is abundantly clear they were covering up for him and trying to get him back on track. And I hate to say it, but Fordham sounds more and more like the jilted lover. He covered for the man for 10 years, then leaves and decides to ‘break’ with him to get him to stop? [One can only imagine the ‘break’ was the leak]. But yet he tried to intervene with ABC News right up to the end? That is a strange thing to do if you are trying to get the person to stop misbehaving.

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  1. Terrye says:


    If you don’t pay any attention to the media people they go away.

    That is what I have noticed. I read the internet for news and I just pretty much ignore the yammering idiots on TV. Really cuts down on the nonsense.

  2. Barbara says:

    It seems that every event where the media can score off the republicans, they exhibit mass hysteria, witness Katrina, Plamegate, etc. Yet no news about Reid’s land deals. No reports on William Jefferson. You don’t hear about Mollohan (spelling?) anymore. And Murtha has crawled back into the woodwork. The dems culture of corruption has fizzled, but the media is still covering the dems butts.

  3. Barbara says:

    And what about the Barrett report?