Oct 12 2006

Liberal Fascists On The March

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Al Gore is an idiot when it comes to science. The man who ‘invented the internet’ probably can’t deal with his TV remote. But his total lack of any scientific ability doesn’t stop him from speaking out about Global Warming (which exists) and man’s participation in the phenomena (which has no scientific fact established to date). And Bill Moyers, scientifically, probably makes Gore look like Einstein. He too believes with all his heart Global Warming is caused by man. But they are nothing compared to the nuts they hang around with. One of these whackos is proposing to round up all of us who demand solid scientific evidence for their arguments to have merit and try us for crimes against humanity. Since when was it a crime to be skeptical of claims without solid science behind them?

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  1. Limerick says:

    Al Gore’s primary ‘source’ is Dr. Stephen Schenider (Ph.D Columbia, NASA, Stanford). He was invited to the White House to discuss climate change by President Clinton and VP Gore and has had Mr. Gore’s ear ever since. The following is from George Landrith at Frontiers of Freedom.

    ‘Only two decades ago Schneider was not sounding the alarm on warming, but warned of an impending Ice Age. Simply stated the man who today gives panicked warnings about global warming, was at the forefront of the global cooling hysteria in the 1970s. He published a book entitled “The Genesis Strategy,” warning of the coming glaciation. He wrote a testimonial for Lowell Ponte’s “The Cooling.” Schneider also co-authored a paper on carbon dioxide and aerosols in which he argued that the impact of aerosols “is to reduce the surface temperature of Earth. [I]f sustained over a period of several years, such a temperature decrease over the whole globe is believed to be sufficient to trigger an ice age.”

  2. granitroc says:

    Sadly, the global warming debate is seriously effecting public policy decisions. Our California governator has become a true believer and has instituted policies to reduce green house gases coming from future electric generation. This type of social engineering will be costly, but he can get away with it because the costs will be paid in the future, when he is long gone.

    I read too that Oregon is now fighting over new coal plants proposed for Utah! Again the reason given is global warming. Junk science will eventually be exposed, but the costs will be very, very high. Thank you Al Gore, et al.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    Is global warming real? Depends on ‘when’ is being discussed. If you are talking the last 20 years, probably yes. the period from 1920 to 1975, the answer would be no. This same scenario would apply to many periods in the history of the planet. From the beginning of time(of the globe) to now. the answer would be ……. no. Does anybody doubt the world was hundreds of degrees hotter back when it was formed vs now.

    It appears to me that any objective study of Earth’s temps would reveal that there are not many factors that affect the temp. The only serious factor seems to be the relationship of the Sun and Earth. If the Sun gets hotter, the Earth gets hotter. If the sun cools (lack of sunspots) the Earth gets cooler. Mankind would have to be very conceited to believe that their actions seriously or long term affect the Earth’s temperature. Look at the impact of one major volcanic eruption on the upper atmosphere. Even that is very short lived, but it would take the actions of humans many years to put the pollution into the atmosphere that the one volcanic eruption did in just hours.

    Is any action of Global Warming enthusiacs going to affect Earth’s temp. Not one bit.

  4. The Macker says:

    Good post!
    The fascist lobby rules Europe and is infecting the US. In the EU, a fool isn’t free to deny the Holocaust and in the US, “hate crime” laws have criminalized thought. The thought police can’t win in an open market of ideas, so they resort to coertion. “Global Warming” is just one of their enthusiasms.

    If we are not free to be wrong, we are not free to be right!

  5. Limerick says:


    Off topic but looks like the Soro’s/Dems are preparing for another 2000 election scam.

    They have sent petition to all 50 governors DEMANDING paper back up ballots for 06……gee that gives the snail governments what, 29 days to write the election rules?

    PDF is posted on bradblog. Along with list it’s signatories (kerry/boxer/move-on…etc etc)

    Sounds like they are hedging their bet if they don’t win the house.

  6. Barbara says:

    To the libs “crimes against humanity” is when everybody doesn’t agree with them.

    Global warming is bunk. I’ve said before this is academia getting grants and donations from the gullible.