Oct 06 2006

Little To No Lasting Damage In Foleygate

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The public learned a long time ago, through RaThergate and all the other false media hyperventilations, to never give an ounce of credibility to the media when they are shrill and in their feeding frenzy. So now one of the first polls out since the scandal broke (from a Democrat polling firm) shows little to no impact against the Reps because Foley was a bad person – as it should be.

Bush is 43-53 Approve-Disapprove, which is better than he has been for a while! Dem-Rep Senate selection is 53-42, again not out of the norm. Dem-Rep Congressional selection is 51-41, right where it has been and not bad for Reps any year. Surprisingly, when comparing ACTUAL Congressional candidate the Dem-Rep split shrinks to a 50-44 split, which would not signal a takeover of the House.

Now for the really bad news for dems. Family Values it is Rep-Dem 43-38. That means no Foley fallout. Keeping America Safe it is Rep-Dem 45-33. Clearly people do not trust the Dems to protect us. National Security it is Rep-Dem 45-38. All the rest are about the same – no major movement.

But when the news comes out the original emails on that faux website were forgeries, the media, which has no credibility at all, will be the ones explaining themselves. And all those shrill dems throwing out baseless charges against gay men around young men, and the charges about House leadership will be seen for what they are. Worn out, empty, idea-less partisan hacks.

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  1. kathie says:

    I heard a woman on Rush say that she wasn’t going to vote because she is mad about immigration, but changed her mind after Foleygate.

  2. G says:

    HELP …. I have found forgeries of the Foley emails online. This brings into question the validity of the emails to begin with. Who should I contact with this information?

  3. perdogg says:

    I wonder what the American people are going to think once this whole episode explodes in Nancy Pelosi’s lap.

  4. G says:

    HELP! I have proof of a forged set of the emails on the web. Who do I contact?

  5. AJ- Actually “The New Editor” broke down the poll and it’s worse for Dems than you think.

    I am hoping you can help with new questions about Tyson Vivyan:


  6. I commented earlier but it did not post up.

    The New Editor has more on the poll.
    It is even worse for the dems than originally thought.

    I was hoping you could help here:


  7. Limerick says:

    I just hope that the American public will pay attention to the details. This looks like it is going to be more confusing to the public then the Enron trials.

    The dem/MSM strategy has always been ‘If you can’t dazzle them with brillance, then baffle them with bull****! They know that the average Joe/Jane Public only reads the headlines.

    If PelosiRangleConley get the chairs then the nightly news will fill every American home with the Dem’s version of the Jerry Springer show.

    GET OUT THE VOTE. DON’T LET YOUR FRIENDS SIT HOME. Hell, I’m in Texas, Red-State Central, but I’m taking nothing for granted. If Kinky Freidman ended up in the Governor’s mansion here I think I would have to move to Oklahoma so y’all help me out here! VOTE. VOTE TWICE.

  8. Limerick says:

    From the Drudge site: Edmund lawyer has demanded that Passionate America take down the web site with Edmund name. He refers to ABC news as making mistakes and claims that ABC and Passionate America are subject to civil action.

    Here come the dogs.

  9. RBMN says:

    I think ABC hired a forensic document expert, but he never showed up. His seeing-eye dog was sick that day, and he had to cancel.

  10. Carol_Herman says:

    Another give-away, today. Drudge had up Nancy Pelosi’s “victory speech.” Since there must be polling now, telling her she’s not the majority chair come November 8th. She threw the speech at the media.

    While I think Jordan Edmund’s lawyer is threatening lawsuits. So you know what that means? Edmund’s a rich kid. And, the lawyer KNOWS that law suits bring income into his pocket.

    At some point, somebody’s gonna get sued. I’m sure George Soros will claim to be a foreigner. And, the “worst punishment” will be that CREW loses its tax status.

    But an ADULT pulling a prank like this can probably be sued. Heck, even FOLEY can show damages! What knuckle heads.

    2004: Dan Blather
    2005: Fitzmas
    2006: MasturGATE

    See the pattern? I also notice no one is suggesting Patrick Fitzgerald for the role of prosecutor in this matter. While the donks don’t want it to be Freeh. (And, I wonder why?)

  11. Terrye says:

    Democracy Corps is a Democrat poll so that is pretty good really. Now Time came out with a poll that has B ush’s numbers down to 36. I wonder about these polls sometimes. They are all over the place. Bush can go from 39 to 44 to 36 to 43 in a week or two with a couple of different polling outfits.

    So it is hard to tell.


    If Nancy wants to help the Republicans with their get out the vote effort, she just needs to keep yapping.