Oct 02 2006

Mike Rogers Knew Of Gay Intern In Foley Office

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Update: Gateway Pundit has found evidence the Dems had known about this for a long, long, long time – and if they knew about the potential child abuse they should be charged with aiding and abetting and covering up a crime. – End Update

Up front let me say this: I could care less if Foley is gay. If he went after children that is something for law enforcement to deal with. And I think whoever this Mike Rogers “outs” could be gay or not – Rogers sees gays everywhere he looks. Why he is so obsessed is beyond me. Maybe he needs it to fight back his internal insecurities. Whatever. Many others have been doing excellent reporting on this, and we need to know if this was a setup piece by people in Foley’s office on personal agendas. That is my interest. Were children abused and/or was this story planted. I agree with Michelle and have said the same from day one – if Foley was a child predator then lock him up. I do disagree with Michelle on one point – if dems hid this for political gain they allowed a predator to run loose and risked children. My previous posts are here and here and here.

Mike Rogers has tried to cover his tracks and what he knew about Rep Foley – and how long ago. A lot of his posts have seemed to have disappeared. Seemed to have – but on the internet nothing is really lost. I have found a June 14th, 2005 post where Rogers notes he has a lead on a Gay intern in Foley’s office:

Well, B., I know one place you might start looking. Here’s a picture of the intern crowd at a Florida House Member’s office and I can tell you that at least one of the men in this picture, like you, is gay. Welcome to Washington, B!

The picture is of Mark Foley’s staff – with Folely. “B” is supposedly in the picture – which means those who want to investigate this have a starting point.

And if I had to lay odds, the Senator in Mike Roger’s new sights is possible Rick Santorum (and actually his staff). Update: Rogers leaves hints in posts month’s later which make it impossible to be Santorum.

More on Rogers as I peruse his “Lost Posts”.

Addendum: Mac Ranger’s instincts were probably right about Rogers. His strategy is to ‘out’ reps and cons who are secretly gay.

I am sure it’s no surprise that the Washington political establishment has little interest in helping the work of blogACTIVE.com. The right wing is too busy protecting closet cases who are anti-gay and many on the left are too busy blaming our community’s desire for equality (e.g. civil marriage equality) for its losses over the past few years. Because of this, blogACTIVE.com counts on the contributions of visitors and subscribers to blogACTIVE Confidential to make this work possible.
In addition to the thirty cases already reported on, my blog, I have hundreds of tips, many in the highest levels of the government.

Since Foley has only been caught talking with young, male adults this fits the Rogers MO.

Update: OK, Mike Rogers is now on the record saying in December 2005 he has tips on people in or associated with Congress and we should wait 6 months (to about the time that mystery site came into being) for the news to hit.

Not only did I receive a nice number of tips, but I have also been put in contact with a number of new sources of information. Let’s just say, 2006 is going to be a busy year on the site.

I’ve been able to dedicate all of your support to blogACTIVE to the research of hypocrites. In one case, I even had to buy two last minute tickets to fly to sources — meetings I could not mention at the time — (you’ll have to trust me, six months time will prove one of those trips was worth every penny).

Now all we need to know is where were these trips and who was in on the tips.

Update: Well, if the media comes out with a story about a Rep Senator in the next few days – we will know who the source was – in Rogers own words. Interestingly, Rogers claims the Senator in question is not up for election this year, but is up either in 2008 or 2010 (he’s not sure).

Update: Interesting. In April ’06 Rogers goes from outing those who are trying to hide their sexual orientation to wanting to out those who harm society. Wonder why the change in thrust?

Summary: Honestly, no way to tell from the posts on the site. There are hints on possibilities, but nothing concrete. Maybe Mac Ranger will have more success one way or the other.

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  1. pagar says:

    ´”””The Sorosites/clintonistas are using information to upset republicans. “”””””
    A great post. Not one single American who cares about America
    can risk the damage the left can do to America during the next two years if they are voted into power this November. Vote Republican
    Save America.

  2. Terrye says:

    And the IM’s were exchanged with a guy old enough to be in college. That is not a child. sheesh.

  3. patrick neid says:

    everybody, and i mean, everybody in DC knew foley was gay and very friendly with the pages–friendly meaning he always said hello, doted on them, asked their names and generally, probably, acted like a congressional “queen”. in fact his goodbye speeches at the podium on the floor brought him to tears and the pages to laugher. what he never did, as far as anyone knew or knows to date, is actually touch or molest anyone. there is no knowledge of him actually having sex as some others have in the past. knowing that as background, five years ago was hastert supposed to start a witch hunt into foley’s background because he was gay–based on “you know, all gays are predatory pedofiles or statutory rapists”. give me a break. today the IM’s change everything. however they don’t indicate pedofilia–they do indicate trolling for pages aged 16-18. no matter how despicable it may be it may not even be illegal. either way foley has been shamed out of congress by republicans. studds got re-elected five more times. there’s the difference.

    the only thing i’m certain of is that the dems could care less about the pages–that’s why one of their operatives hid the IM’s until now, to try to get a house seat. i can only hope that the FBI agents on this case are bi-partisan so that the truth comes out about this horrible affair.

  4. Snapple says:

    Drudge has a siren and says that tomorrow’s Washington Times will ask for Hastert to resign.

  5. sbd says:

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Mark Foley: Another closeted anti-gay GOPer

    blogACTIVE.com has confirmed with three separate sources that, in fact, US Rep. Mark Foley is a gay man. Foley has voted to support discrimination against gay men and lesbians on more than one occasion.

    In addition to the hypocrisy of Foley’s vote for the Defense of Marriage Act, Foley also refuses to acknowledge the role his being in the closet played in his lack of support for his run for the US Senate. Equating being gay with some disgusting secret, Foley said it was ‘repulsive’ to talk about sexual oritentation.

    A source has confirmed with blogACTIVE.com that Foley lives a practically an out life at his Florida residence, often seen entertaining gay men, some of whom the source described as “close to underage.”

    “Well entertaining men does not make someone gay,” I said. “Mike, please, I lived across from his house, I watch his parties, he’s gay, gay, gay.” Since I know the source and his work in the community quite well, I am going to give him full faith.

    Another source has told me about his being approached on two occasions in what was “definitely an approach in a sexual way,” a 27 year-old man told me. “Once it was at a large poltiical event and once at a party in Florida.”

    I’ve thought hard about what kind of TAKE ACTION would work, but there is really is none right now. Everyone already knows Foley’s a self hating closet case. When we get closer to the mid-term elections, I am sure more will surface.


  6. MerlinOS2 says:


    Multiple blogs independently have surfaced the blogactive link as being part of this situation and documented it fairly well.

    Reading that blog for background purposes shows that all there is credible due to corresponding outings they have participated in and it balances with real world events and press coverage contemporary to the events.

    It is well that the blogs have picked up this information with there efforts.

    The burning question is why all the MSM with the reporters and research staff could not surface any of this even though some high traffic high profile blogs have had massive discussion and rigid proof presented.

  7. DubiousD says:

    Apparently Ed Schultz interviewed Mike Rogers on Sept. 29 about Foley. I don’t have the stomach to listen Schultz by himself, let alone Schultz AND Rogers, so I haven’t heard the clip, but it’s available here if anyone’s interested:


  8. MerlinOS2 says:

    The bottom line here is that Rodgers who went ballistic at the Alito vote date has jumped the shark from then on.

    This is a one man agenda to overide the will of the people as expressed by their votes.

    I am surprised that this linkage has not surfaced earlier.

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    Rodgers by his own personal vendetta has chosen to attack all that do not meet his objective standard.

    Despite Foley’s choice of sexuality issues, it has been lost that he fairly represented the overall will of the people in his district as to their sense of which bill positions and votes should be cast.

    This very concept is why he was on the radar of Rodgers.

    So Rodgers independently chose to invalidate the will of Foley’s voters and substitue his own choice.

    The gall of this man must be self consuming.

    George Soros could not even aspire to this, but he has emerged as a useful tool of the dems. How nice of him to bend over an volunteer. No pun intended but factually correct.

  10. MerlinOS2 says:

    Just another furthur nugget before I move on tonight, Rodgers was not alone, there was another gay activist whose name I do not recall at the moment that loosely coordinateded with him who was attached to a gay oriented publication by the name of the Washington Blade.

    Sorry that I don’t have the name at the moment, will look back and comment later if I can find it again.

  11. MerlinOS2 says:


    I noted your link.

    I am still in the decide mode to follow it.

    However my initial impression is one of should I barf before, during or after.

    From having read all to much on blogactive today, I will chose to procrastenate on that till later.

  12. MerlinOS2 says:


    I demand a spell checker! God man have a heart! This is embarresing.

    Do you or I have no shame?

    The dems will crusify you for you shortcomings, you must compley.

    Your chances of hitting on Maddona are gone , your wife can rest easy.

    But rember , Bush got your mars rover stuck in the sand and doesn’t have a withdrawal strategy. So don’t you forget it!

    I recommend we deploy over the horizon to the moon!

  13. Terrye says:

    That spell checker thing might not be a bad idea.

  14. carol johnson says:

    We gotta spell checker? : )


  15. AJStrata says:

    Oh please, stop your whinging (spelled correctly BTW). I have tried spell checkers and they break the site. They are just misplaced letters!