Oct 02 2006

Democrats Out Of Gas

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There have been a couple of stories out about how the Democrats are not only bereft of ideas and proposal, but are also running out of money as well. Here is one example in VA, my home state, where Sen Allen is blanketing the state with powerful ads and his challenger is scraping together ad buys in two cities down state.

Both Webb’s and Allen’s advertisements are powerful, but far more Virginians are likely to see the senator’s than the challenger’s. That’s because Webb is spending just $65,000 on a one-week buy, primarily in the Norfolk and Roanoke broadcast markets. In contrast, Allen is paying $650,000 per week to blanket the state with his ads.

Which prompts the question: Where are Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, and others who control the purse of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee? Despite all of Allen’s missteps in recent weeks, do they still think Virginia is a lost cause?

“They just have not gone that extra step [of writing checks for previously committed funds],” said Webb spokeswoman Kristian Denny Todd late last week. “We have confidence that we will get them.”

I am not so sure. Webb has a serious problem with the women voters because of his callous and sexist comments when he was younger. They were way over the top and, rightfully, caused many women to stand up and give Webb notice. Too which he responded in the worst way possible.

Responding to the women graduates of the United States Naval Academy (USNA) who came forward to denounce Jim Webb’s demoralizing and disrespectful attitude toward women in a new series of ads, the Webb campaign launched a full broadside telling reporters, “These women need to re-examine their priorities.” (Bob Lewis, “Female Naval Academy grads target Webb in new Allen ads,” Associated Press; September 27, 2006).

Well, that answers the question of whether the Webb campaign has learned to respect woman and their views. I doubt the DNC or anyone sees much worth investing in this race.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    “Their is nothing I can find credible or laudable about the Democrats anymore. And this does pain me since my family has deep political roots in the Democrat Party. My grandfather – a good, respected man – was the image of the Democrat party”

    Being a descendant of the Democrat party, you realize of course that the current Dem party is not really related to the Dem party of your grandfather.

    I was born and raised in the deep south (Georgia) and there was nothing in that state back then but Dems. So everybody was one.
    As you well know, beginning in the late ’40s when it was getting much more unpopular to be a communist, they had to find a place to go. They started to hide out in the Dem party and slowly worked to take it over. Of course that was completed in 1972 when the leader of the Progressive(formerly communists and radicals) wing, George McGovern, got the presidential nomination. It has been all downhill for the donkeys since. The old Dems in the south recognized this early on and started to flee (remaining conservative) to the Republicans. It has been a slow realignment, but Ronald Reagan pretty well was the leader that completed the transition. More Americans recognized that Reagan more closely represented their values than Jimmy Carter. Of course these Progressives are now realizing that their big conspiracy to get power by consuming the Dems has failed miserably and they are screaming “it’s not fair”.
    So be aware, as I know you are, You didn’t leave the Democrat Party. They are the ones that left reality.

  2. opinionsarefree says:

    I suspect that the dem’s are writing off the VA race. Capt. Ed noted in a post last week, (sorry, no link), that they are having to spend more than anticipated on just keeping some of their current seats. This could explain the tightening of the purse strings.